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  • HEC “Fed on Ideology” by Bina Shah

    HEC “Fed on Ideology” by Bina Shah

    An op-ed by Bina Shah spilling the beans as to what triggered the HEC directive to silence – primarily started from the Islamic University UN Model Conference where students smashed the Israeli stall – but typical bureaucracy, they stretched their imagination to ordering the censorship of all/any voice of political reasoning “The state has no…

  • HEC Fatwa – Letter by Isa Daudpota to HEC

    HEC Fatwa – Letter by Isa Daudpota to HEC

    A letter sent by Isa Daudpota to the Executive Director of HEC regarding the HEC notification silencing anti-Govt discussion and debate ———— Dr Mansoor A Kundi Executive Director Higher Education Commission Islamabad. Dear Dr Kundi (cc Chairman HEC and some academics), Dr Abdullah Sadiq and I received a query about the attached note — circulated by…

  • HEC silencing Students from having Political opinions

    HEC silencing Students from having Political opinions

      In a shocking notice to Universities across Pakistan the Higher Education Commission has instructed all students enrolled in universities to refrain from raising any objections or opinions against the Government of Pakistan. HEC Directive (No.10-1/A&C/HEC/2013/869) instructing all degree awarding institutions to “remain vigilant and forestall any activity that in any manner challenge(s) the ideology…

  • Sindh quietly makes law to de-fang HEC

    With parliament and the ECP at loggerheads over the issue of fake degrees, the Sindh Assembly has passed a new law to make the federal Higher Education Commission totally irrelevant in relation to the Sindh province by setting up its own provincial HEC that has been given all the powers, including the authority to verify…

  • ISF Report: Classic red-tape coup at HEC

    Insaf Students Federation [ISF] has published a detailed fact finding report on the HEC Classic red-tape coup at HEC – shared on Facebook by Awab Alvi

  • Saving HEC = Saving Pakistan

    Saving HEC is akin to Saving Pakistan Facebook

  • ISF will Challenge the appointment of Director HEC in Islamabad High Court

    Insaf Students Federation [ISF] has decided to challenge the appointment of new Executive Director Higher Education Commission before the Islamabad High Court. Farrukh Habib the President “The government has political motives behind this appointment as it wanted to control the autonomous commission for its vested political interests, wanting to grab the funds allocated for higher…

  • Open Letter to HEC Chairman

    Dear Javaid Laghari, One can not pass through the Karachi and Lahore airports without noticing those colonial and discriminating special “parliamentarian” check-in counters. One can also not help wondering if this country was made to honour the men and women who cheated, forged, acquired dual nationalities, never paid taxes and made false declaration of their…