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Knocked Out

We have heard of electrical outages and have often heard of no water supply, but this week we add another item to the list, NO INTERNET ACCESS. On Monday afternoon the SMW-2 cable suffered a critical power loss about 30 odd miles from Karachi, to make matters worse PTCL sadly tried to save up money and signed with an inferior company instead of the original contractors SingTel and hence the repair ship was now located a days sail in Dubai. Rumors have it that things would be fixed by Saturday.

We all know problems can occur with any mechanical device but when critical national issues are concerned there should be a exceptional back-up plan not a measly 34Mb Satellite uplink for the entire Pakistan. Internet technology is now also of national importance as numerous tax-paying revenue generating companies depend on it solely to normally funciton. Sadly it is not the first time the SMW cable has gone down and the industry has repeatedly complained to the PTA to shape up. Unfortunately PTA enforces a PTCL monoploy where it gives them a free hand to exhorbitantly charge 300-400 times the actual cost.

The computer industry has suffered a tremendous heart attack with this outage, and if damages were totalled would result in losses to the tune of a couple million dollars if not more. Damages would just not end there as investor confidence would also plumet surely a perfect scenario where India stands to gain from this govt. orchestrated disaster. Someone better wake-up and beat these shit holes into shape its about time we start to compete with India and China on at least a level playing atleast on the Internet. Pakistan Internet is down for the count 1-2-3-4-5…… (Lets hope it stops here).

A Miandad Googly


A few visitors wanted to hear my reaction on the proposed marriage of Mahrukh binte Dawood Ibrahim and Junaid bin Javed Miandad. Initially I had nothing significant to report other then what was widely reported in the Print media. A week has passed and I now bring you my twist into this affair.

In the twists and turns of India-Pakistan relations comes one more difficult spin. What should India do, or how should New Delhi react, when news is confirmed that the daughter of India’s most-wanted criminal Dawood Ibrahim is set to marry the son of one of Pakistan’s greatest cricketers, Javed Miandad? This is as difficult as it can get when India and Pakistan are trying to sort out issues and move toward lasting peace, and Miandad remains a cricketing icon.
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An Aalim-like Encounter

Fingers Crossed

People ask me, why are you so dead set against Aamir Liaquat Hussain who commonly referred to as Aalim Online by his stage name. Reasons are innumerable, starting off with his set of fake degrees, his outlandish dress code, his fake humble attitude and the biggest reason of my animosity against him is that he belongs to a party that has destroyed Karachi from within and its leader lives in a luxurious mansion in London after ripping us all dry and he as a parting gift leaves behind a reckless bunch of cronies who contiune to be a menace to us. Dr. Aalim ul Momenen belongs to a corrupt group of people who have overtime not yet produced a decent leader, why should this character be any different.

I narrate a story of last night when I casually met Dr. Jahil. While on a casual late night drive around the city of Karachi, I invariably land @ Motaa’s (for those not living in Karachi this is one of the posh late night hangouts where you invariably meet the rich and famous of Karachi busy either eating pan or induldged in ‘supporting terrorism – [ Counterfeit DVDs and cigarettes may be funding terrorists – Homeland Security ]’ by buying pirated DVD’s) After my usual stroll grabbing a pan and a couple of DVD’s I sit in my car (which sadly does not happen to be a Porsche) all of a sudden catch a glimpse of His reverand Dr. Aalim ul Momeneen entering a DVD store along with the a few family members.
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Sweet Revenge for Pakistan Cricket team

I write this post while our cricket team is on the brink of a historic win in India. They have tumbled out 7 indian batsmen and stand 100 runs. It would mean a 4-2 series win for Pakistan. Amid some crowd troubles but the moral of our team is high and it should rightly be so. It is sweet revenge for the defeat the Indians handed to us in the last series in Pakistan

We should give them a hero’s welcome on their return home. Pakistan Zindabad

UPDATE (2-hrs later) Pakistan has nailed the series 4-2 and has won the Series on the Indian soil by 159 runs. BRAVO!!

Pakistan Clobbers India in 5th One Day

For all Pakistani supporters it was a delight to see Afridi lighten up the skies in India with his 102 runs off 45 balls. His blazing innings was the founding stone for a certain win and the run chase was then more of a formality for the rest of the batting line-up to nail a win with a comfortable margin. We probably won’t see an innings like this anywhere in the near future but will always remember the clobbering served by Afridi to our friends across the border. Just like the famous Miandad Sharjah innings…

You live only once for a chance to watch Kumble being hit for 22 runs off his first over. Together we now look forward to the 6th and final One day match to see how the series goes, we are at least assured of a draw if we accidently happen to loose the last game – Pakistan Zindabad

R I P – Pakistan Cricket Team

Passionate cricket fans must have seen the funeral march of the Pakistani Cricket team in Sydney on Sunday. Bowling staff perfomed well again restricting the Aussies to a fragile 239 and mind you without the so-called heart throb Shoaib Akhtar whose presence is not dearly missed. Infact we could do India without him.

The batsmen on the other hand flashed and flashed hard to end up again short of the total. It sure has been a disappointing tour, losses upon losses and to top it off the Shoaib Akhtar controversy. When the team left Pakistan on its tour of Australia we did not expect miracles and almost had anticipated this result, but it gives me hope that our batsmen might have gotten used to the bouncy pitches to be prime ready to meet India surely a more critical tour for all supporters out here. Don’t loose hope we are known to be fighters, Are we?

Pak vs West Indies Game Plan

Hey call me a coach or whatever but every Pakistani has a theory on how to handle the cricket team to make it a winning combination.

Teeth Masters Winning team – Stick with the present lineup Afridi way down the order and Shoaib Akhtar as replacement second line of attack bowler, he does not know how to handle the used ball let alone the shinny one and bowls all over the pitch. Rumors have it that our Mr. Ego (Shoaib Akhtar) Is pissed at Inzi and Woolmer for demoting him. Dear Coach – Let him stay there and allow his nuts (EGO) to cool down. Now back on to cricket – Inzi should attack the new batsman like when R. Gavaskar and M. Kaif came in during the last ICC Pak vs India game, the spinners were in action but Inzi did not employ an attacking silly point which could have exerted more pressure on the new batsman and maybe a wicket for us to celebrate, in effect Inzi cooled down and let the new batsmen settle – Ganguly on the other hand had a pressing field each time for new player.

Good Luck Pakistan we are rooting for you.

We Will – We Will Rock you – Pak beats India

Hey pakis out there – we finally did insert the nail in the coffin – India all out for 200 should have been a walk in the park BUT NOOO India vs Pakistan match needs to be a thriller.

Finally we barely made it but was fun to see Afridi belt two sixes on Irfan Pathan – before the start of his 8th over his average was amazing and lo behold three balls and two sixes later afridi had balanced the equation – on to the Semi’s