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Sindhi Number plates – Bhej Pagara – 1

Sindhi number plates “Bhej Pagara – 1” I’m told there are a number of cars (30-35) with the same identical number plates roaming around in Sindh – presumably by devout followers of Pir Pagara in some sense it provides them the unlimited access to exploit the administrative system with no one to catch them on

Being a non-Sindhi speaking individual (know only very little sindhi) I have always wondered what Bhej actually stands for – upon asking on twitter I was told, please clarify if there is some other / alternate meaning to Bhej

  ہرکارہ یا پیامبر پگارا
Hrkara ya Paimbar [sic] Pagara

The devout followers of Pir Pagara do place him and his lineage in a high degree of respect, its their choice, but to impose that right to safe passage all across Sindh …. I have my own reservations.  By any sense of the law this is wrong.