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Don Tapscott – Blockchain Revolution

Pleasure to’ve met Don Tapscott who shared some great insights on the Blockchain and I’ve already gotten hold of his book Blockchain Revolution — his must read book #TEDSummit

After the workshop with some great insights from all three TED speakers — some issues still remain — maybe after I get done reading this book and a number of articles I’ve been referred to by the TED speakers — I might have a more comprehensive position to share – for now I’m still 50-50 a great technology but it is still is a longways away from being the ultimate

August 9th 2016
Have enjoyed reading Don Tapscott’s book on the Blockchain Revolution — Its an amazing concept and has tremendous potential.  The idea is in its stage of infancy but sky is the limit – akin to being in 1995 of the computer / Internet revolution and then as they say it’s all historyQuestion remains, how can each industry or person customise the Blockchain concept for his / her own arena. FYI keep in mind Bitcoin is “an implementation” of the Blockchain – the fundamental basis is the Blockchain

Thanks to Faisal Khan for being my sounding board

Bow River at Banff — Canoing

Bow River — Banff — just before setting off on a 3 mile canoe ride up the river – Serene and breathtakingly beautiful with TEDFellows at #TEDSummit
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Congratulations to Team Pakistan

Boom Boom Afridi does these innings once every 50 at-starts – but when he does it, it gives him a longer lease of life :) but we all enjoy it nevertheless – but I just hope and pray he goes ballistic on saturday vs India as well – until then Congrats #TeamPakistan #PakvBan ICC T20 World Cup

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Brioche French Toast at Côte Rôtie is to die for

Brunch at the new restaurant Côte Rôtie which has opened up in Alliance Francaise – the Brioche French Toast is … to die for – a must have delicacy for Karachiites

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