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Rally to Stop the Massacre of Civilians in Bajour

Rally held today at 4:00pm at Regal Chowk, Karachi protesting against the ruthless massacre of civilians in Bajour.

Credit for images albelarahi on Flickr

P@SHA ICT 2008 Awards

Last night P@SHA held its annual ICT Awards 2008 Ceremony in Karachi recognizing Pakistan top leading IT companies for their excellence in promoting the ICT Sector in Pakistan.  The event was held at the Karachi Marriott and was attended by a large crowd quite a few of which had flown in specially from around the country to attend this ceremony.  The impressive ceremony was conducted by the Pakistan IT sectors super personality Jehan Ara who in her typical style kept the ceremony light hearted and entertaining in stride.

The event kicked off with the Quranic recitation followed by a short address by the President of P@SHA, Jehan Ara and also by the Chairman P@SHA Imran Zia.   Jehan Ara in her speech also launched the P@SHA Earthquake relief collection drive from Lahore and Karachi.  Dr. Qasim Sheikh of the National ICT R&D fund who highlighted opportunities for innovators to tap into some funds available to many qualifying projects

The award ceremony was followed by a lavish dinner where many executives of the IT sector were seen to be networking amongst their colleagues and the evening wrapped up with a musical evening as well

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FAST Relief – urges for Immediate help in Baluchistan

The early morning of 29th October marks yet another tragedy in Pakistan mainly in the vicinity of Zairat, Baluchistan where a masive earthquake of 6.2 intensity shook the earth. The death count after approximately 24 hours stands roughly around 175 dead while there are thousands injured. A large number of relief agencies have rushed to the area to help in the relief.

FAST University in Karachi quickly came into action to setup a FAST Relief program urging volunteers to quickly collect the following items
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Karachi University Seminar about the Military Operation in Bajaur, Waziristan, Kurram Agency & Swat

On 25th October, Saturday an event was organized in Karachi University organized by Karachi University Teachers Society, (KUTs) in collaboration of Peoples Resistance (PR).

The main speakers were, Mr. Kak Kahil a Peshawar based AJ TV Journalist and Mr. Wali Haider who has just recently returned from the Bajaur region. Both speakers spoke at length about the situation in the region and following their speeches were later peppered with some very interesting questions by the students about Imperialistic war in tribal & the settled areas of Pakistan, both speakers extensively criticized Taliban’s activities while also took the Pakistan Army to task for playing second fiddle to the NATO and US agenda which are leading towards a collapse of the sovereignty of Pakistan. The News reported on the event as follows
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I Clean Karachi – Sunday 12th October

Faisal Qureshi the host of Ankahi talk show on Samaa TV has initiated a a day long cleanliness drive in Karachi on Sunday 12th October 2008 in collaboration with Loose Ends Pakistan, Ankahi, CDGK and Samaa TV

The objective of the day long campaign is to bring conscientious people together to take ownership of Karachi and play a part in letting it breath again. The project is to clean the clutter created by excessive advertising messages in the form of graffiti painted all over the city. We will begin this project by taking on a section of such an area and completely repainting it.

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[MiniLinks] Cowasjee responds to Zardari’s God/Gaad Blooper

Ardeshir Cowasjee responds to the spelling mistake controversy – September 12 when I went to the Mazar and asked the keepers to let me have photocopies of what had been written by the September 11 visiting ‘dignitaries’ in the visitors’ book. I was given copies of remarks recorded by the president, the Sindh governor and the Sindh chief minister. – continuing “The spooks sprang into action. They removed from the 100-page book the double-page on which Zardari’s message and that of the Karachi station commander were recorded, leaving 98 pages in the book in which visitors will now record their views, and on a fresh page rewrote Zardari’s message correcting the two misspelled words.”

Tell me Sahar Ali

Guest Post by temporal of Baithak Blog

In the nearly 800,000 sq kms of land that covers all the vistas – from the parched deserts of Balochistan and Sind in the south to the peaks of K2 and Nanga Parbat in the north – from the (negroid) Makrani fishermen of the south to the blue eyed beauties of Kailash and Hunza – from the chattering elites, net journos and the do-gooders of Karachi, Lahore and other urban centers to the rural villages bereft of basic utilities – 97 % of the 160-170 million Pakistanis are united by their religion (Islam) and divided by the many gods they follow.

Did I utter a blasphemy?

Would you blame me for questioning when one group praising the Beneficent (Rehman) kills the other who believe in the Merciful (ar Rahim) ? How can the killer and the killed invoke the same Allah?
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Misspelling controversy rehashed: God or Gaad, does it really matter?

On 11th September the newly elected President Asif Ali Zardari paid homage to the Mausoleum of the Father of the Nation in Karachi, all seemed well until reports started trickling in from various sources of a juicy controversy, where our new President had accidentally misspelled a few words here ‘n there. The message that appeared in the on the Guest Book placed at the Quaid’ Mazar read “May gaad give us the strent to save Pakistan” — Asif Ali Zardari, President, Islamic Republic of Pakistan. This email was also supported by a picture which showed his signature.

Since the past few days the Ministry of Information has been issuing a strong statement to condemn hidden forces in the media to have launched a smear campaign against Asif Ali Zardari, this specific incident took place over 20 days back and the Ministry has suddenly woken up to issue a condemnation, I feel this was pushed through after the global blooper our President committed when he met Republican VP nominee Sarah Palin and had some interesting comments to share which were seen to have been a little awkward and poorly timed for the occasion.

In regards to the misspelling fiasco, a fellow blogger, Farhan, questioned bloggers in general to have been a part of the malicious campaign, in a small way I too must take the blame as my blog did carry a guest post by Silence who humorously poked fun at the English Cracy (sic) of the incident. This could have been a follow up from my own rant which I made on 12th of September where I joked on another twist to the message.
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Peoples Resistance: Seminar on Military Action in FATA

The Peoples Resistance, a civil society group advocating for an independent judiciary and the Supremacy of Law is organizing a Seminar in Karachi on Sunday titled Military Action in FATA; Reality, Myths and Implications.

Basically Pakistan is at war and the US is attacking our borders while the Pakistan military is endlessly engaged in a relentless operation with over 2,000 civilians dead in the last year alone and about 800,000 have been displaced in the Northern areas.

Why is this happening? Who is responsible? What is the real story? What can ordinary citizens do to end this violence?

Seminar: Military Action in FATA; Reality, Myths and Implications
Date: Sunday September 28th, 2008
Time: 2:00 PM
Venue: National Law University, Street 3, Block 4, 26th Streeet, Clifton Karachi

  • Hamid Mir (Geo)
  • Rahimullah Yousufzai
  • Mohammad Arif (Refugee from Swat)

For more information call 0333-3464403

KHI: Demonstration against attacks on People in Wazirstan, Bajour, Swat, Kurram Agency

Peoples Resistance, a group of civil society activists and organizations based in Karachi, is organizing a demonstration today against the attacks on Waziristan, Bajour, Seat, Kurrum Agency and other areas in NWFP. These attacks have killed and maimed thousands and displaced hundreds of thousands of people. Aurat Foundation and other citizen organizations are also taking part in this jointly organized demonstration.

Location: Karachi Press Club
Date: Saturday 20th September 2008
Time: 4:30pm

Join in and be the voice for all innocent Pakistanis being killed in those regions

Sick of Musharraf lovers – a factual rant

Guest Post by Saira Ansari

I’m very disturbed, disappointed and sick to death to see the amount of facebook’ers on my list who think Musharraf’s leaving has been a catastrophe for Pakistan. Just because a new evil, a.k.a Zardari, is in the house does not mean that the previous evil is now a good man. A “leader” as some say. That’s our problem – as an entire nation. We forget and we repeat our mistakes over and over again.

People left right and centre have been levelling accusations at me, and countless others like myself, that we support Zardari. Unfortunately no one takes out 5 minutes to ask if that is so. Let me save you the time…we don’t. And no, he is NOT democratically elected. Hierarchic / Monarchic rule within the party does not ensure a democratic candidate, so stop ranting that its democracy that’s bad. We, the people, have been cheated again. The actual institution has been wronged.

I will get hate messages and mail after this because I get them often for my stance. Those who know me well know my passion for this country and its welfare so at least I can’t be labelled for propaganda as my other friends and colleagues are. But I must have my say – whether or not you bother to read the entire note.

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The President prayed ‘May God give us strength to save Pakistan’

Today our newly elected President Mr. Asif Ali Zardari came to Karachi for his first official trip since being elected into office. His arrival did lead to the usual ruckus of traffic mayhem on Shahrah-e-Faisal, but thats beside the point. Our leader did choose to pay homage to the father of the nation by visiting Quaid-e-Azam’s Mazar where he laid a wreath to commemorate the 60th death anniversary which falls on September 11th. Mr Zardari also signed the guest book at the mausoleum

APP published a news report which said

President Asif Zardari laid a floral wreath at the Quaid’s mazar. Recording his impressions, in the Visitors Book placed at the mausoleum, the President prayed ‘May God give us strength to save Pakistan

The funny bone within me some how laughs at the minor omission in the report, when signing the book I am damn sure he must have also signed his name – and I suppose that the message must have actually been

May God give us strength to save Pakistan — From Asif Ali Zardari

Im glad he was being very honest, to my pro-PPP critics I think you are right Mr. Zardari is indeed a changed man, at least he is being honest with us – LOL [Humor]

Pictures of Dharna in Karachi on 28th August

Pictures of the Dharna in Karachi which was organized by the Karachi Bar Association in conjunction with various political parties and civil society activists. The Dharna started around 12pm noon on M A Jinnah Road and lasted for two hours till 2:00pm. The event was entirely peaceful and various leaders addressed the crowd.

Pictures courtesy of Abira

Nationwide Dharnas on 28th from 12:00-2:00pm

We apologize for any inconvenience in advance. as the judicial movement has exhausted all avenues for a amicable resolution and with the numerous broken promises by Asif Zardari in regards to Restoration of Judiciary, we feel its important to peacefully send a message and have decided to hold a Dharna for a period of two hours which might result in traffic being disrupted in certain section around the country at the following locations

For now our message is directed towards the ex-President Musharraf and the new incoming Presidential nominee Asif Zardari to undo the actions of 2nd November and restore that Judiciary as it stood then. Our message is strong enough to urge you to join us also if you do not want Zardari as President, you MUST join us today to fight for rule of law. Chaudhry Iftikhar did put a stay order on the illegal NRO which has sadly opened the door for the return of Asif Ali Zardari poised to make a mess out of our country
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More on Dr Shahid Masood

Guest Blog by RedKazim

Few people know that the journalistic career of Dr Shahid Masood began at the Karachi-based, pro-MQM Quami Akhbar. In those days Dr Shahid Masood used to practice at Jinnah Hospital. He would regularly visit the office of Qaumi Akhbar situated in a street adjacent to I I Chundrigar Road and urge the editors to place his single column nuggets, which he filed as a health reporter from Jinnah Hospital, prominently in the newspaper.

When Dr Shahid Masood was about to move to London (as a medical practitioner) he pestered the editor, Ilyas Shakir, for a letter stating that he was the ‘London bureau chief’ of Qaumi Akhbar. Ilyas Shakir avoided him for quite long apprehending that the doctor wanted to get a visa on the basis of his association with a newspaper. He bothered the news editor, Mr Khusnood, tirelessly who finally issued him an official letter.
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