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Zardari threatens: I will deal with Lawyers

Zardari CaricaturePresident Zardari has categorically said “You will see how I deal with the lawyers,” in a way threatening the lawyers long march due to hit Islamabad on March 9th. This comes from a democratically elected president who dishonored several written agreements regarding the restoration of entire deposed judiciary and even used the lawyers movement to uproot Musharraf is now ready to deal with the lawyers on a different playing field.

On the other hand the Prime Minister has said that the Long March is the right of Lawyers and he will try to facilitate their Long March in Islamabad. It does go to show a high level of miscommunication within the ruling elite, a constitutionally ceremonious President giving orders to a democratically elected Prime Minister, who should have been a shoo over when initially appointed in 2008

The month of March is critical for this government as a show down is definitely on the cards, the upcoming senate elections holds the key combined with the Lawyers upsurge to push for their broken promises, all these and more events can really twist the fate of a certain widowed husband and his cronies, the question is, will he fall into the elaborate trap that is being carefully planned from the drawing rooms of Raiwand all the way to London. PML-N with PML-Q is lobbying to get control of the Upper House, which might set into motion some floor crossing within the Lower House, I must agree there is a lot of speculations, but for now lets assume the first check has been served to Mr. Zardari, more are likely to come

Credit: PkPolitics