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Join the Constitutional Petition for Protecting our Fundamental Rights Online

Blocked Internet in PakistanFor quite sometime Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has been blocking websites in Pakistan on the instructions of the Government, or otherwise, other than in accordance with the law. As per the constitution of Pakistan such blocking infringes upon the fundamental rights, of the people of Pakistan as well as that of the owner of the website:

  1. The Freedom of Expression as protected by Article 19 of the Constitution of Pakistan;
  2. The Right to Information as guaranteed by Article 19-A of the Constitution of Pakistan.

We are in the process of taking the PTA to court in an effort to seek an interim injunction restraining the PTA from blocking access to any website without following due diligence and fair hearing from the aggrieved persons (as out lined in Section 6 of the PTA Act, 1996)

A summary of the petition to be presented in the Honorable High Court of Sindh is as follows. If you agree and would like to be a party to this petition, then please FILL THIS FORM before Wednesday 11th April 2012.

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