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Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf: 7-Point Demands

PTI DemandsThe points presented by Imran Khan today 15th January at the Press Conference were as follows

  • We understand the bitterness of the people who are standing against these governments. This was inevitable as the performance of these incompetent and corrupt governments has made life miserable and has brought us to a point of desperation. We strongly support these people who want change. We condemn the use of force on them, and warn the government not to use force as this is a peaceful protest that includes women children.
  • We demand immediate elections and announcement of the date forthwith.
  • The spirit of the constitution demands a neutral caretaker set up which is impossible under Mr Asif Zardari therefore we demand immediate resignation of Asif Zardari as under him a free and fair election cannot take place.
  • We strongly believe that elections should be held on time as no reform agenda can come without an elected government that has a public mandate. We shall oppose any move that leads to delay in the election process.
  • A neutral caretaker setup should be announced for which all parties should be consulted and this Muk Maka drama should end.
  • The Chief Election Commissioner is a respectable person however the Election Commission has completely failed to implement the electoral laws that are being blatantly violated by both the Federal and Provincial Governments.
  • We demand the immediate implementation of the Supreme Court order in the Raja Rental Power case.
  • We demand the immediate arrest of the killers of the innocent citizens in Quetta and their swift punishment.

With the changing situation PTI workers should be ready and wait for my call.

Imran’s Jehad for Peace

In the battle of Badr there was a boy of fifteen ‘Umayr who stood amongst the ranks of the believers. His heart was full of fear as he stood amongst the taller, broader, stronger and more experienced soldiers. But this fear was not of war nor of death. It was the fear of being asked to turn back to Medina because he was too young to fight.

This was the love and devotion that was deserved by the character of the Prophet Muhammed (PBUH).  When the Prophet inspected the ranks he discovered this young man and as expected asked him to turn back. With tears the boy begged until the Prophet resigned to allow him to come. The young community of Muslims were after all outnumbered disproportionately 313 against over a thousand with armed superiority.

The love of the people is one of the qualities that defines a true leader. This is where we can appreciate Heaven’s role because not every one is destined to be a leader; let alone a true leader. This is a quality that in our time Imran Khan is blessed with. He is not a shrewd politician, nor is he cunning but what he has is the will and the heart to deserve the love of his people.

On saturday morning when my father woke me up for us to join Khan for the Waziristan rally my heart was in it but my self-preserving mind was against it. Along with my own back injury and an unrelenting chest congestion; my one year old first born son Isa had been ill all night with high fever and vomiting. At 6 am after not having slept all night I was told by my father that I should stay with Isa and not proceed to Waziristan. At first my mind gave in but in my heart I remembered little ‘Umayr who fought bravely at Badr. I trembled with fear that what if one day that boy was Isa fighting for the independence of our nation that his father had not stood up for. I leapt to my feet kissed my son and wife goodbye and with my mothers prayers set sail for Waziristan with Abu.

Is it not unusual for a young man of 28 with all the luxuries of a rich upper class background to be willing to; with full knowledge of the consequences; be prepared to give his life for a leader he believes in? This is the love that Imran commands. I have no reason or desire to give my life for anything; but I know very well that all my luxuries would be of no satisfaction without the dignity of freedom. I sent an SMS to my elder brother with my will written in it and decided to join the protest against the drones and boycotting our government’s silent licensing of it.
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PTI Mails possibly being monitored by the Government of Pakistan

With the political situation heating up in Pakistan it seems every effort is being made by the establishment to monitor and track the Pakistani political Cyber Space – As off today some active PTI Social Media team members were shocked to log into their Insaf.pk / Gmail accounts to be presented with an alarming warning that it might be possible that the Govt of Pakistan / agencies might be monitoring their activities

WARNING: We Believe State-Sponsored Attackers may be attempting to compromise your account or computer

WARNING: We Believe State-Sponsored Attackers may be attempting to compromise your account or computer

Google immeditely directs the user to a help file “Your account could be at risk of state-sponsored attacks” which helps explain that that state-sponsored attackers might actually be attempting to compromise the account or computer. They outline detailed steps on how to secure the respective accounts, but what is worrying that all these accounts that were being flagged by Google to be potentially compromised already use Google 2-Step SMS Verification system and take all the necessary precautions to ensure that their accounts are extensively secure

Digging a little further we came across a Google Online Security blog where an entry was posted as latest as June 5th 2012  “Security warnings for suspected state-sponsored attacks” it is when Google has started to warn any of its users where they suspect the system might actually be compromised – the blog entry further explains the reasoning behind this red-warning displayed on top of their google accounts

We are constantly on the lookout for malicious activity on our systems, in particular attempts by third parties to log into users’ accounts unauthorized. When we have specific intelligence—either directly from users or from our own monitoring efforts—we show clear warning signs and put in place extra roadblocks to thwart these bad actors.  We believe may be the target of state-sponsored attacks.

You might ask how we know this activity is state-sponsored. We can’t go into the details without giving away information that would be helpful to these bad actors, but our detailed analysis—as well as victim reports—strongly suggest the involvement of states or groups that are state-sponsored.

What this means?

This actually goes to show that it might be possible that the Govt of Pakistan is slowly and very determinedly edging closer to compromising personal security of all Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf communications. Possibly in an effort to compromise the political process as and when needed.  Exposing this at this time is essential to bring to notice to the general public that such activities are being used.  These warnings come despite the fact that the compromised accounts already have 2-step verification and are forcibly asked to change their passwords repeatedly.

PTI is fully aware of these threats and continues to take necessary precautions, but its important to document this incident which only goes to re-enforce the suspicion where we previously thought it was being done to more sound facts that they are doing it as a matter of fact

Why PTI Peace March Matters

Malik Amin Aslam Khan writes an op-ed in The News on 2nd October titled Why PTI Peace March Matters — [EXTRACT] — The ‘peace march’ to Waziristan is intended to bring world focus on the innocent victims of drone terrorism who now consistently live under constant threat from the sky. It aims to speak for the silent but shattered families and scores of voiceless victims of imperialist terror. It endeavours to express grief and solidarity with the brave and unsung sufferers of the drone war in an earnest effort to comfort them that they are not alone, isolated and forgotten by Pakistanis.

Against all warnings, Imran Khan is daring to follow up the politically symbolic political gathering in Quetta by now leading the peace march to Waziristan. By doing so he is courageously going where no political party or political leader of any stature has dared to go before, hoping to redraw the rules of this unjust war. It is time to own up to this travesty of justice within our own country before the war-torn region gets irreparably engulfed with the air of revenge. The PTI peace march will aim to revive hope before it becomes too late for Waziristan – and for Pakistan. READ THE ENTIRE ARTICLE HERE

Cheema’s Keyword Antics from Benami to Charge

Today The News published an article by Umar Cheema titled PTI changes constitution to open gates for those accused of corruption where he argues that a portion of the PTI constitution was modified to give immunity to some favored individuals.

The Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) has revised its constitution, introducing a radical change that would grant immunity to the office-bearers facing corruption charges, a major amendment that could open PTI gates for anyone tainted with corruption charges, even those powerful people who are in the government.

The clause governing the qualification criteria for the PTI office-bearers in the previous constitution had stated: “…who has not been convicted or charged with an offence of moral turpitude.” In the constitution revised after October 30 mammoth gathering in Lahore, the word ‘charged’ has been removed and now it only says: “…who has not been convicted with an offence of moral turpitude.

It is quite easy for a writer to play with words and use them out of context for framing his own argument, I believe this is the second time where Umar Cheema has written an op-ed and has chosen to confuse the public merely based on the confusing play of a word.

If we were to merely analyse Umar Cheemas argument – He alleges that the word “charged” had been removed in a attempt to give immunity to various office bearers, lets take a closer look to see the implications of such a modification.

Charge, is defined as “to make a claim of wrongdoing against; accuse or blame” which can easily be baseless allegation on upon someone and can remain unsubstantiated, akin to being condemned “guilty until proven innocent“. With such a myriad of potential mudslinging accusations I believe PTI deliberated hard to avoid getting sucked into a spiraling endless debate on their potential candidates being held hostage to unsubstantiated accusations or charges, they instead choose to focus on a more robust word which did in fact remain in PTI’s constitution even after the revision “Convicted” which means a verdict of guilty given by a court of law.

In both statements original & revised, the term “Moral Turpitude” did not change, for those searching for its definition can simply understand it as “the candidates reputation in society” but it can be precisely defined as “a concept which refers to conduct that is considered contrary to community standards of justice, honesty or good morals

So in full context the PTI constitution will now select candidates who do not have an outstanding court verdict and were of good reputation within society, moving away from basing their rejection upon unsubstantiated allegations

Had if, this been the only clause in the selection of a candidate, then one might have to seriously wonder about the selection criteria of PTI candidates, but it is not, Umar Cheema conveniently forgot to mention or take into consideration the other SEVEN clauses. I reproduce here the relevant portion of the PTI constitution that is important to the discussion and can confidently challenge the readers to see if such an elaborate constitutional section can pave the way to grant immunity to any favored individuals – I let you be the judge.
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Documenting Samjhota Express

For quite sometime the political grapevine has been brewing with the news that there might be a covert pact between Zardari and Nawaz Sharif to soften their political punches upon each other so as to mildly join forces leading upto the elections and also in the process counter the political rise of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf.

The infamous Go-Zardari-Go slogan that was the main-stay of PML-N’s political rally immediately after the 30th October rally was significantly softened down, morphing into a verbal diarrhea on Imran Khan. Quite interestingly Imran Khan has been exposing this covert alliance between PPP and PML by coining the word “Samjhota (partnership) Express”.

The Samjhota “partnership” is exposed by Nawaz Sharif himself during a rally in Dadu, where he desperately tries to pacify the crowd from chanting the “Go-Zardari-Go” slogan, not once, twice but three time and then jokes that we should actually be talking about “Come-Come”

This should be the start of the expose on how the crooks of the status quo are joining hands to take another swing at ruining this country – People of Pakistan stay alert