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Clean drinking water at Rs 1.5/ltr in Lahore by Pharmagen

I share with you a short introduction about Pharmagen Health Limited a project supported by Acumen Fund which believes in investing in entrepreneurs who are working to help the poor; they believe that social enterprises which offer people the dignity of choice are the solution to poverty vs the needless impact of handing out charity . These in turn provide critical goods and services to the poor in a completely sustainable manner. The short introduction of Acumen

Pharmagen Health a community water systems company which has set up water purification plants across dense low-income communities around Lahore. It provides safe, clean drinking water to low-income communities through a Reverse Osmosis and UV filtration process. Pharmagen currently has five water filtration plants; two RO plants with capacities of 3,000 liters per hour (LPH) and 10,000 LPH respectively; and three ultra-violet (UV) treatment plants.
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