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[PICTURES] Justice for Shahzeb Khan Peace Walk

Friends and Family members of Shahzeb Khan held a peace walk today in Karachi from Seaview to Shahzeb’s house to sustain the pressure on the investigation to capture the murderers

Picture credit Imran Ghazali

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Pictures from the Cargo Plane Crash Site in Karachi, the Day After

Pictures from the crash site of the Russian Cargo Plane in Karachi on 28th November 2010 at 1:00am within the confines of the Pakistan Naval Base Bahadur. The plane luckily / unluckily crashed in a sparely dense area of Karachi, had it been a few hundred yards either way would have meant far more severe devastation and loss of life on the ground, prayers go out to each and every person who lost their lives in this disaster.

Pictures have been shared by Capt Shahid Hasan who lives close to the site of the crash within the confines of the Naval base.

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