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Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf: 7-Point Demands

PTI DemandsThe points presented by Imran Khan today 15th January at the Press Conference were as follows

  • We understand the bitterness of the people who are standing against these governments. This was inevitable as the performance of these incompetent and corrupt governments has made life miserable and has brought us to a point of desperation. We strongly support these people who want change. We condemn the use of force on them, and warn the government not to use force as this is a peaceful protest that includes women children.
  • We demand immediate elections and announcement of the date forthwith.
  • The spirit of the constitution demands a neutral caretaker set up which is impossible under Mr Asif Zardari therefore we demand immediate resignation of Asif Zardari as under him a free and fair election cannot take place.
  • We strongly believe that elections should be held on time as no reform agenda can come without an elected government that has a public mandate. We shall oppose any move that leads to delay in the election process.
  • A neutral caretaker setup should be announced for which all parties should be consulted and this Muk Maka drama should end.
  • The Chief Election Commissioner is a respectable person however the Election Commission has completely failed to implement the electoral laws that are being blatantly violated by both the Federal and Provincial Governments.
  • We demand the immediate implementation of the Supreme Court order in the Raja Rental Power case.
  • We demand the immediate arrest of the killers of the innocent citizens in Quetta and their swift punishment.

With the changing situation PTI workers should be ready and wait for my call.

Karachi: Press Conference for the Air Blue Crash Affectees Group [Sat 13 Nov]

Families, friends and loved ones of the Air Blue Crash Victims have formed the ‘AirBlue Crash Affectees Group’ with the following objectives:

  1. Provide a platform for all affected to gather, raise their concerns and share their pain
  2. Urge the Government, Air Blue, Air Bus and Civil Aviation to clearly identify the causes of the crash
  3. Highlight the atrocious experience witnessed by the affected in the aftermath of the crisis
  4. Formation of an independent judicial commission which will study the aftermath of the disaster and design standard operating procedures for dealing with any such disaster in the future
  5. Provide compensation for the affected families based on international standard
  6. To formation a benevolent fund to providing short term and long term assistance to deserving victim families

A Press Conference is being held at Karachi Press Club on Saturday 13 November 2010 do join in to support the group’s first press conference and peaceful protest to raise awareness about lack of resolve and intent from Air Blue and the Government

Venue: Karachi Press Club
Date: Saturday, 13 November 2010
Time: 2:30-4:30pm
Facebook Group: Air Blue Crash Affectees Group

Bring placards and black armband to register your protest.

Facebook Censorship Press Conference, My Position

I think a clarification is needed regarding my Press Conference on the Facebook issue on 20th May in Karachi.

My position at the Press Conference was to vehemently condemn the blasphemous cartoons. There is absolutely no compromise on this issue.

What was being argued by us and is open for debate was to question the effectiveness of a full ban. When PTA decides to throw 2 million Pakistanis all out by blocking the entire platform of facebook.com it has in turn left it open for non-Muslims to do as they please. We 2 million Pakistanis would have found ways to handle and protest from inside and cripple Facebook through our protests.

During the press conference I said that by banning the entire Facebook you have blown a small issue out of proportion and it has become a bigger public issue with Facebook gaining much more popularity. The word ‘small’ was immediately mistaken by one journalist and he responded “How could you suggest that these cartoons are small, they are a big issue concerning our Prophet”, that very moment I told him to not mistake the context of the word, my point was not to belittle the issue but the fact that small technical measures could have nipped it in the bud. Now Facebook is getting undeserved attention throughout the world which defeats our purpose. The person was still furious and felt offended. I continuously clarified the issue that the cartoons were a big issue but the problem if we could have handled it would have remained small. Banning has been counter productive.

Some mischievous people stated that I was supporting Facebook which was totally against what I had said. But emotions in Pakistan see no reason. The police was there to avoid any untoward incident in the area and after a little while I left the Press Club quietly to avoid any confrontation.

Lessons learnt: We could not communicate this scientific issue clearly, and emotions took better of the discussion

I assure you we are an equal part of the same battle, lets focus our efforts on how to stop this cartoon menace now and also in the future but as civilized, technically savvy people working in the world of technology, not by old world methods of court orders.

Solidarity Day 1st January 2010 – Karachi Press Conference

At 3:00pm today representatives of the Aman Ittehad namely Justice Majida Rizwi, Senator Iqbal Haider, Anis Haroon, Bishop Ijaz Inayat, Uzma Noorani, Mumtaz Tanoli, Uzma Aslam, Barrister Zain and a few more people addressed the media at the Karachi Press Club today. The Aman Ittehad leaders shared with the media plans for the peace rally in Karachi on 1st January 2010 at 3:00pm at Karachi Press Club.

The drafted press statement was read by Justice Majida Rivwi and then it was released to the media, following which brief statements were made by the participants to finally open the floor for questions. The most questions revolved around the security impact of the Karachi-wide strike announced by political and religious leaders, might have on the peace rally. In response the Aman Ittehad leaders reassured the media that this rally which calls for peace was a befitting response in tandem with the day long strike maybe culminating to a resounding message of Peace in Pakistan which is the heartfelt demand of the 180 millions people of Pakistan

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