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Chambaili – The Fragrance of Freedom

ChambeiliChambaili is a new upcoming movie to hit theaters in Pakistan on 23rd March 2013, the story & screenplay is by Shahzad Nawaz and the movie is Directed by Ismail Jilani which will be released in Pakistan courtesy Geo Films – I was fortunate enough to have watched a very brief trailer and assure you we are in for a treat, the theme of the story without any spoilers hovers around Liberation of a nation from corrupt leaders & oppressors running it …. need I say more

That said, I also await the release of a few musical scores specially “DugDugi” which tries to spark the community to stand up for their rights, and carry a strong message of liberation & freedom… 23rd March …

Pakistan Media Revolution: Chambaili – The Fragrance of Freedom, A Spark threatening to Ignite! writes a short fleeting review “Chambaili, a Drama/Thriller releasing on 23rd March 2013, revolves around a group of individuals and follows them as the events in their lives take a fascinating turn. With a star studded cast boasting the likes of Salman Peerzada, Myra Khan and Shafqat Cheema along with a special guest appearance to top it off from Ghulam Mohiuddin, Chambaili is already sending a few vibes down the stagnated film industry. Directed by Ismail Jilani, it is produced by Coup films in association with Geo production network, which is already apt at providing quality films to the mainstream society. The remarkably gifted Shahzad Nawaz is the man behind the script, besides being the co-producer with Abdullah Kadwani. The film seems to have covered all the prerequisites to be a great venture, and with the starving market, promises to deliver the much needed boost”

From Arab Spring to European Autumn

London Riots 3rd Dayby Engr. Sharique Naeem

This year witnessed mass protests by Muslims in the Arab world, against despotic dictators. For years the voices of people had been suppressed by oppressive tyrants. However, with a stunning display of bravery the Muslims took to streets to protest against the regime. The people came out in their thousands, the likes of which the Arab world, had never seen before. These Muslims were met with brute force unleashed upon them by the Dictators. Inspite of this, the protesters did not resort to vandalism, thefts and destruction of public property at large. The very dictators, whom the western democracies had backed for decades, became the object of critique and condemnation once it was clear that they would no longer be able to continue to rule, in face of growing protests.

The governments of western democracies had hailed these uprising as a yearning for a democracy. Indeed some countries in the west, had used all the arsenal at their disposal to export democracy in Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia and lately in Libya.

However, even a cursory glance at the chants of the protesters in the Arab world, shows that they wanted a regime change, and replace despotic tyrants with a system of governance from Islam. In arrogance however, the west had continued to maintain, that democracy is the only alternative, for the Arabs, and the people at large, who seek to progress, want justice and prosperous economies, accountability and rule of law.
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