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Riots in Karachi

There are reports of wide spread ethnic riots in Karachi – the clash started of in Lasbella area where three people have been reported as dead, Rangers have been seen in certain areas

best way to keep an eye on the situation is to sign up on Twitter and follow #Karachi or #PEN my Twitter updates can be found on http://twitter.com/DrAwab

Instructions have been given to police authorities to resort to Shoot-to-kill orders – thats a dangerous order as the ethnic parties involved will misuse it for their own advantage

Stay safe Karachi

When Justice does not prevail…..

robbers burnt alive in KarachiYesterday an Urdu daily Khabrian published this shocking image which showed three people being burnt alive whilst a large crowd stood watching. A Daily Times reporter wrote a story without the gruesome image. For the record I must fully condemn this incident and my sharing this story is only to highlight the failing morals of our society, when none of its people expect any form of justice they are inadvertenly (willingly or unwillingly) forced to take matters into their own hands.

A group of incensed residents of the Nishtar Road neighbourhood beat and burnt three robbers so badly on Wednesday that two died on the spot and another died at hospital.

The three men (according to some reports there was one more) were caught trying to escape after robbing flat No. 303 of Samia Kalam Building during which its resident Akbar was injured, said DSP Malik Mazar Hussain. There were reports that the men of the area got together to grab the men who were beaten with whatever they could lay their hands on, including sticks and blades. Some type of oil was sprinkled on them and a match was lit.

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Altaf Hussain Steps Down as MQM Chief

Don’t know if its good news or bad news but Altaf Hussain Steps Down as MQM Chief

He is at the moment addeasing a jalsa on TV right now and is blaming yesterdays riots and the killing of 5 lawyers who were either workers or sympathizers of the party for his resignation

Its more then a simple check mate on the lawyers and their movement to restore the judiciary

More to follow

Karachi Riots: MQM & The Establishment – To Blame

I would like to share with you an analysis shared by a lawyer who claims that MQM deliberately started the fight and then took the battle onto the streets if Karachi

So far as I have been able to ascertain, the turmoil started around 12.00 in the Karachi Bar Association when a group of lawyers belonging to the Legal Aid Committee (an MQM-backed organisation comprising lawyers working in the CDGK, KESC and other state owned organisations) accompanied by a number of non-lawyers marched into the general body meeting of the Karachi Bar chanting slogans in favour of Musharraf and condemning the Sher Afgan incident. At this point, the lawyers of the Legal Aid Committee claimed that one of their number had been assaulted and injured by some other lawyers and chaos erupted.

Within minutes, the City Courts were cordoned off by hundreds of MQM activists who started firing at lawyers and setting fire to their vehicles. Around this time, news started coming in that the Malir Bar Association building had been burned. Then they started attacking the buildings around the City Courts (which are predominantly occupied by lawyers chambers) and set fire to them. It was clearly a pre-planned action. Lawyers’ offices and residences as far afield as Zamzama, PECHS and Gulistan-e-Jauhar were attacked.
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Karachi Riots: Call for Pictures, Videos and Personal Experiences

Yesterday Karachi faced yet another gloomy day, last count was that around eight people have been killed in the riots that broke off starting from the City Courts and then engulfed the rest of the city. A few dozen cars were torched and hundreds of vehicles damaged. Whosoever is to blame to yesterdays carnage must be brought to justice at all costs. So if you have any story to narrate, a picture or a video to share please do so.

If in case you are worried about protecting your anonymity I can offer some solutions or read extensively on Global Voices Advocacy Website or use the WITNESS Human Rights Video Hub to upload your videos anonymously [Submission Guidelines]
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Geert Wilders uploads Fitna, but host forced to delete video a day later

Geert WildersThe Dutch right-wing politician Geert Wilders has posted his controversial film critical of Islam’s holy book, the Koran, on the Internet. I personally have not seen this video and do not plan to watch it simply in protest of his deliberate attempt to spark hatred along religious lines. Generally when reading the description of the video from a number of reports I must confess it does not apparently appear to be ‘that offensive’ as compared to what was hyped globally, that said I still refuse to patronize this video under any circumstances.

The video was hosted yesterday on LiveLeak.com defended its decision to host this controversial film by stating “LiveLeak.com has a strict stance on remaining unbiased and allowing freedom of speech so far as the law and our rules allow,” but barely a day later [today] it has pulled the plug after receiving a number of threats to its staff members, they have this statement posted on their website right now

Following threats to our staff of a very serious nature, and some ill informed reports from certain corners of the British media that could directly lead to the harm of some of our staff, Liveleak.com has been left with no other choice but to remove Fitna from our servers. This is a sad day for freedom of speech on the net but we have to place the safety and well being of our staff above all else. We would like to thank the thousands of people, from all backgrounds and religions, who gave us their support. They realized LiveLeak.com is a vehicle for many opinions and not just for the support of one. Perhaps there is still hope that this situation may produce a discussion that could benefit and educate all of us as to how we can accept one anothers culture. We stood for what we believe in, the ability to be heard, but in the end the price was too high.

Further on the film, the Dutch PM Jan Peter Balkenende said the film wrongly equated Islam with violence. “We believe it serves no purpose other than to offend,” he said in a statement. Its is good to note that the Dutch broadcasters have declined to show this movie. While Brahim Bourzik, a spokesman for a Dutch Moroccan group, said that he did not believe Mr Wilders’ film would spark fury from Muslims in Holland. “It is not a film, it is propaganda,” he said. “All the elements have been seen before, there is nothing new in it.”

The video has been described by various media outlets as follows:
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A New World Order

Guest Blog by Faisal KDeadpan Thoughts

In the last 10 years or so we have all watched in horror as disaster after disaster has struck the world. The events I am referring to are mostly man made ones which have left an indelible mark on our history and our conscience, they have also lead to a change in the very thought patterns and perceptions of the world.

This is not the only time in worlds history where a chain of events has happened resulting in wars, famine, destabilization of countries and then their destruction. It has happened before..for instance in the French revolution and the world wars. However If we consider, most of the calamities in the last 10 years have been attributed to militants and militancy in one form or the other. Al Qaeda claims responsibility for many of these events. The 9/11 disaster, the Gulf War, the Invasion of Afghanistan, The London Bombings, wide spread suicide attacks all over the world. Each one of these events has had a damaging impact on our collective trust in our people, our religions and our leaders.

Obviously with the amount of media coverage it has received, by those who control such things, Al Qaeda has been built up to be everyones Bogeyman. We must think clearly as to how and why Al Qaeda came into being to reveal many startling facts. Everyone knows that it happened at the end of an Afghan war when militants were established and were left with no cause to fight for, so they chose a religious one right? However a strange fact is that the Afghan people were getting support from the U.S even before the Russians moved in. In fact several theories exist that the Red Army made its move only because of tacit American involvement and support for the Afghans. Was the whole soviet Invasion made to happen? As a result of which militancy took root in this region? Is Al Qaeda a front?
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Sindh is angry and Punjab is not helping – Shaheen Shehbai

Call me paranoid, call me crazy, but the way things have been unfolding for the past few months indicate that the top leadership aka General Pervaiz Musharraf and his party of thugs will do anything and everything to hold onto that seat of power. In the recent past there seems to be a deliberate attempt to exploit the differences between Punjab and Sindh to which even Altaf Hussain has fully responded in no small terms with his letter being published across the countries newspapers. A word of advise for everyone, let us not get sucked into an ethnicity issue here as Musharraf and PML-Q see this as a prime opportunity to divert peoples attention and retain their seat of power

I share with you the article by Shaheen Shehbai, just to get an idea of his own experience following the post Dec 27 situation, it can then be linked to the 200,000 arrests that have taken place throughout out Sindh. It must be remembered that Shaheen Shahbai has been a staunch PPP supporter and had to flee Pakistan for ‘the better world’ a few years back, he then ran a very hard hitting Anti-Musharraf website called SA Tribune [Offline] (archives still available here) which he claims to have shut down due to ‘health and family circumstances’ and also desired to ‘exit while he was on top’, apparently he did not cite any bureaucratic pressures, but one could only suspect that it might have been a contributing factor if not the prime reason to wrap up such a booming online venture, as the grind did leave its rough marks on the Government of Pakistan which had to resort to blocking the website in Pakistan back in 2004, in the days when I had barely started blogging.

By Shaheen Sehbai
The News, January 6, 2008

Deeply aggrieved, full of anger and passionately in mourning, Sindhis are baffled and confused at the strange reaction in Punjab, specially the ruling elite which has adopted an aggressively parochial attitude, not just against the PPP but against entire Sindh, after the death of Benazir Bhutto.

The accusations that large numbers of Punjabis have been forced to flee Sindh and become refugees in their province may help the PML-Q leaders rebuild their shattered election campaign but it is certainly not helping national unity and the cause of the federation of Pakistan.
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About 200,000 people Arrested in Sindh

There are reports which are coming in for the past few days that a major crackdown is underway in Sindh specially targeting the workers of Pakistan People Party to an extent that there are official reports of around 0.2 million people that have been arrested for their involvement and activities in the rioting following the 27th Dec assassination of Benazir Bhutto. The estimates as reported in Dawn today narrate the official figure to hover somewhere around 200,000.

  • 227 FIRs have been registered for 91,571 people in Thatta
  • 167 FIRs have been registered for 81,840 people in Hyderabad
  • 264 FIRs have been registered for 1,232 people in Khairpur
  • 500 FIRs have been registered for 474 people in Nawabshah

Its is surprising that even a week after the incident the police has been able to identify the culprits of the crime, the ‘official’ reason for these mass arrests happens to be their involvement in riots and looting that took place throughout the country in the days after the assassination of Benazir Bhutto. A number of Human Rights Activists working in these areas say that these mass arrests have nothing to do with those riots but instead are geared towards rounding up all opposition in an attempt to defuse their activities in the upcoming elections.

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Report: ISI was diverting US aid to Rig the Elections

This news report to many does not come as a surprise, as many independent observers including this scribe have been screaming all along that these elections are no where near the notion of being free and fair – these elections were being carefully heavily rigged and the results planned in the favor of the ruling coalition, Jeremy Page has come out with some interesting discussions but I hope for the sake of transparency that the original document does finally make it into the free world

Published in Times Online written by Jeremy Page in Naudero excerpts of the article quoted here while the rest can be read on TIMES ONLINE

On the day she was assassinated, Benazir Bhutto was due to meet two senior American politicians to show them a confidential report alleging that Pakistans intelligence service was using US money to rig parliamentary elections, officials in her party said yesterday.

The report was compiled by the former Prime Ministers own contacts within the security services and alleged that the Inter-Services Intelligence agency was running the election operation from a safe house in the capital, Islamabad, they said. The operations aim was to undermine Ms Bhuttos Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) and to ensure victory for the Pakistan Muslim League (Q) party, which supports President Musharraf, in the elections scheduled for January 8.
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Review of the Political Situation at the Dawn of a New Year

With Sunday’s decision by the Pakistan People’s Party to contest the elections, it instantly threw the PML-Q and the ruling elite into a frenzy, the PML-Q had predicted this move and a day before had announced a complete stoppage of their election camping taking the excuse of deteriorating unrest in the country following the assassination of Benazir Bhutto.

PML-Q had the perfect plan the entire elections were rigged to ensure a clear majority but the events on the 27th December would exude a definite wave of sympathy for the PPP enough to place them closer to a ruling majority. The election commission met today morning behind closed doors to make a decision but at the conclusion they had a decision but delayed the announcement for one more day. This in itself should expose the ‘independence‘ of the election commission which was being trumpeted as the upholder of free and fair election. Sadly it goes to prove that its nothing less then a nurtured organization installed to rig the upcoming elections for those toeing a Pro-Musharraf sentiment namely PML-Q, JUI-F & MQM. Free and Fair how truly breathtaking

A the start of a New Year I think its a good time to do a party-by-party analysis of the present political situation, it must be noted that things are changing dramatically in Pakistan on a moment to moment basis but on the morning of Jan 1st 2008 my understanding of the overall scenario is. But sadly in my analysis there are just one too many conspiracies going on to mean us any good
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The only Good Thing said in the Press Conference

Zardari and BilawalSince the Press Conference in Larkana this blog has been a witness to my discontent on watching Asif Ali Zardari assuming control of Pakistan Peoples Party, not that he did not have control but simply watching him at the helm scares the shit out of me. The thought of one day Pakistan will be ruled by this ruthless feudal lord who reeks of corruption. Appointing Bilawal might on the other hand been a party saving decision, dictatorship no doubt but in from the perspective of PPP he can potentially keep the sinking ship afloat. Though Zardari’s direct involvement will most likely lead to a shattering of this dynasty.

All said there is one said one good thing that Asif Zardari said which must be appreciated, he is known to lie and I have my doubts and suspicions on other items but this short excerpt from his press conference quite literally saved this country from burning itself to the ground

Now we would like to pay tribute to those martyrs who lost their lives in protecting Benazir, they were Punjabis. They were my friends that I happened to meet in jails of Punjab where I was imprisoned for 8 years and they sacrificed their lives. They were loyal friends and party supporters. – Asif Ali Zardari

It would not have been difficult for a grieving Sindhi party to lay the blame for the assassination of Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto to squarely lie on the shoulders of Punjabis. Had he said that, it would have resulted in instant riots throughout the country. I must admit he talked about the federation, he talked about stabilizing the country and he talked about Pakistan in general, sadly but I truly belied he ‘lied’ and does not mean it at all only catered these words for public consumption [apologies, but this is my personal opinion]. As one day he will most probably back off from these statements, I say this as Pakistan knows him all too well, but this Punjabi statement quite literally saved Pakistan TODAY

STOP, This Nonsense Please

Credit for this version of Graffiti Karachi goes out to Asim Butt of the SOS (Subversive Operations Services) team, to venture out in these tense three days where we saw street battles and riots in Karachi to send out a strong message to everyone. All this must STOP

Subversive Operations Services

Subversive Operations Services
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Pakistan morns the Death of Benazir Bhutto

Former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto has been killed in a suicide attack today in Rawalpindi outside the Liaquatbagh rally she addressed moments earlier. In all honesty, I was never a fan of her style of politics corruption but on hearing this sad news it leaves me and the entire nation in shock, quite literally forgiving her for everything, May Her Soul Rest in Peace.

As the country plunges into chaos with news of riots already afoot throughout Pakistan. Yes we will recover, yes the world will move on, but we will surely remember her ultimate sacrifice for Pakistan.

My analysis of who is to blame may be quite simple as we have been repeating the same thing over and over again – The Americans MUST stop their adventures and infiltrations into other countries and their war on terror has destroyed Afghanistan, Iraq and now Pakistan stands on the edge ready to plummet into darkness. This war on terror is a war of the Americans and NOT our war.

We Pakistanis Plead with the movers and shakers in United States to Please For Gods Sake Leave US ALONE

Comedian of the Year

The article titled ‘Comedian of the Year’ was written by Ahmad Faruqui for the pages of Daily Times but the editorial board found this ‘unsuitable for publication’. In an effort to get the word out Ahmad Faruqui has shared his article via emails and briefly introduces the writeup

‘I have been writing for Daily Times since it began publication in April 2002. Attached is the first column of mine which they have rejected because it is too personal. I expected that the column would be a personal reflection by Faruqui on some taboo social subject…. But it turns out that the “person” in question is none other than “President” Pervez Musharraf.’

Is this the free and independent print media that Musharraf so proudly claims to have ‘not touched’ – or is this the New Face of Controlled Media in Pakistan (read more on the new face of Mujahid Baralvei at CNBC)

Comedian of the year
by Ahmad Faruqui

TIME magazine has declared Vladimir Putin as Man of the Year. We don’t know whether our own Pervez Musharraf was in the running. He did not make it to the short list. It is quite likely that they put him on another list and he ended up being declared “Comedian of the Year.” On the global stage, Musharraf is the undisputed king of dark comedy. But mind you, this is very different from the slapstick humor you might see on the Monty Python show. Musharraf’s comedic device is the utterance of non sequiturs with a stern demeanor. And it is this austere visage almost bordering on anger that imbues his acts with an inimitable touch.
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