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Rumor Mill: ASP involved in Murtaza Bhutto’s murder compensated by Dogar Court

This rumor report has been submitted by a credible source, naturally more investigation is still needed

Last night at a wedding a very senior government officer narrated to me a strange story.

He said that he has seen a Supreme Court document, which is a decision on the application of ASP Shahid Hayat who was one of the accused in the Murtaza Bhutto case. His application to the Court filed on July 6th stated that he was an accused in the murder of Murtaza Bhutto and was suspended for two years. Therefore besides claiming benefits for the missing years (he was paid his emoluments) he requested that his service may be extended beyond the age of retirement for two years also.

The Dogar Court under the unofficial direction of Mr Zardari has given the decision in favor of ASP Shahid Hayat on July 13th that is within 7 days of his application. My source says that the decision was given (not announced) with instructions that it should not be released to the media. He says he has read the decision which was brought to him by another officer who is going to plead his case along the same lines (basically loss of income…..not salary but all those under the counter benefits)

I have no way of confirming this yet but am circulating this with the request that people stretch their antennas and look for some confirmation from other sources.

Rumor Mill: Salman Farooqi wants PNSC to send a special ship to the US

I have just received this update via email, I try to be very careful on what get published on my blog, and do not necessarily react to rumors unless I can personally verify it from a trusted source. Truly this email simply amused me, it seems according to this unnamed source that Salman Farooqi has left his personal belongings in the US and has suggested to the Chairman PNSC to run a special cargo ship out to the United States to fetch his personal belongings and bring them to Pakistan

You may like to know that the famous ex-Federal Secretary Salman Farouqi called Chairman PNSC (Sikandar Viqar Naqvi) and asked him to arrange transportation of his personal belongings from USA to Pakistan. However, Chairman PNSC politely told him that PNSC ships do not visit USA.

On hearing this do you know what outrageous proposal was given by Mr. Salman Farouqi? He proposed that, “Can PNSC send a special ship to USA to pick up his personal belongings?”

You can now draw your own conclusions about what to expect during the next five years of PPP rule.

It could be just a funny joke but when I see a reference of Salman Farooqi it instantly shuttles back into his powerful reign in the 90’s when everything such as this was very much possible. As a disclaimer, please treat this post at face value, I personally cannot confirm this rumor and share it only to maybe forewarn us to our new found liberated future.

It is said that a leopard never changes his spots — has the PPP returned into power for the 3rd time all baptized to do no sin? or do we sit and wait for the actual fireworks to begin, I sadly expect them to be better then before.