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Military Inc.: Banned in Pakistan

Military Inc by Ayesha SiddiqaThe latest book Military Inc.: Inside Pakistan’s Military Economy, written by Ayesha Siddiqa is a tell all narration of the highly profitable company called The Pakistan Army.

The book estimates the militarys share of the economy at over 200 billion rupees, besides owning 11.58 percent of all state land. Military Inc. was due to go on sale today across the book shelves of Karachi, but early morning orders from the top bureaucracy has forced all book sellers to pull this book off the shelves even before anyone could get their hands on it. Credit for this investigative news story goes to Khalid Omar writes on his blog

Someone high up to must have read in todays [DAWN] paper about the book launch,and ordered it removed from the shelves today in the morning. Liberty Books, the only major bookstore chain in Pakistan pulled the books from the shelves without selling a copy, while OUP, the publishers in Pakistan sold a few copies in the morning before closing sales

So it appears this may go to prove that the military is guilty of something after all and don’t want the masses to read it, unlike the blatant propaganda promotion of Musharraf’s own book a few months back when he even used the national exchequer to take a book tour across the United States [apologies – I had to say it]

A few articles reviewing the book online

  • Uneasy lies the head – Hindustan Times
  • Book shines light on Pakistan military ‘£10bn empire’ – Guardian Unlimited
  • Military Inc. it’s big business in Pakistan – The Hindu
  • Pakistan: the army as the state – Open Democracy

  • Twitter in Pakistan

    twitter.pngThere are so many web products being launched on a daily basis that it becomes mind boggling to filter through the good and the bad. Twitter is most definitely not a new name to the internet and has literally captured the imagination of millions of mobile and internet users around the globe. Quite surprisingly it has some how not yet engulfed the SMS crazy Pakistani people.

    What is Twitter?

    Twitter is new social network that integrates mobile phones with the web. It is a way for keeping in touch with your friends no matter where you are or what you are doing, if you have a mobile phone you can update your current status by simply sending an SMS and literally all your friends will get updated with your message.

    How can I Twit?

    There are three ways you can send and receive Twit messages, the most exciting concept is through your cell phone, you can also choose to send and receive on Google Talk or even restrict your viewing pleasure to the website. All messages you send immediately appear on the website and a quick look will show you all the messages that have been sent and received.

    Is it available in Pakistan?

    Most definitely YES! I personally have been watching the the product for some time but would have to admit that somehow I kept assuming that this service was not available in Pakistan until a few days back I tested the registration system and was astonished to receive an almost instantaneous SMS activating my cell phone, since then I have throughly enjoyed receiving up-to-the minute breaking news and a lot many updates of my own choosing.

    Why are you so excited about Twitter?

    To appreciate the concept one must understand the system. Lets suppose I have a twitter account at http://twitter.com/drawab (which I do) attached to my profile 30-40 friends (which i don’t have yet) have voluntarily decided to follow all my updates. All along the day I could post any message, it could be a joke, it could be anything and literally everyone of my freinds would get the update. All I have to do is send one SMS to a specified UK number (costing me Rs. 1.50) which is the twitter SMS Gateway, instantaneoulsy the gateway updates my profile and also dispatches the update to all my friend all for FREE. I am sure you see the savings instantaneous. Simply said I am happy and I also have communcited with all my friends. The group message is such a tickling moment that a few of my freinds are bound to respond and hence we have ourselves a mobile based social network fully within our control. We can accept freinds and at the same time reject strangers.

    Honestly one has to look beyond the savings and appreciate the technology twitter has to offer extending the interconnected world right into our palms.

    Twitter Network is not limited to people chit chatting about everyday life, but blogs and news websites also use this to instantaneously spread their updates like BBC, CNN, FoxNews, Engadget, TechCrunch, lets not forget Teeth Maestro and Karachi Metroblogs to name a few.

    The past few I have been susbcriber to a number of breaking news channels on twitter which has my cell phone buzzing off the hook with instantaneous updates of the world around me. If it get to your nerves you can choose to selectively turn each channel off and see it either on Google Talk or even limited to your web based twitter profile. Please do remember to key in your sleep timings otherwise you will have a twit filled night.

    What concerns are there in Pakistan?

    Taking a look at our greedy cell phone companies who have relentlessly continued to make a fortune off the consumers yet fail to provide decent service, I suspect they will react quickly and try to block these services lest they hinder the steady stream of revenue. Naturally if you are getting free alerts from Twitter on any issue of your choice then why will you subscribe to their subscription packages offering you horoscopes or even cricket messages (yes twitter also had a World Cup 2007 Twitter channel which was well updated till the final ball). The other drawback seen by the cell phone giants would be excessive incoming messages in exchange for one out going charge.

    I would have to argue with these providers is for them to look at the greater concept if their consumers getting increasingly hooked onto any mobile based social network they will naturally tend to make millions while Twitter incurs the costs from its SMS Gateway in England.

    Who looses out?

    I suspect the information services companies that actually push these messages for a minor charge will be the big time losers, and I am not the least bit concerned as they have made millions already sucking on you phones (they will continue to make a lot from their ring tone collection)

    Is there a real cost savings?

    The cost savings will be a lot if you limit your usage to receive only news updates, but if you start to engage with the contagious social network then it might turn out to be expensive in the long run since the international SMS is priced higher then the usual, but I suspect many of us can easily become twitaholics, I probably already am.

    What other utilities are there with Twitter?

    The Twitter company has released it API for full integration and development with their system and a large number of designers have already made some interesting tools which can be discovered here in detail, but a few did spark my interest

    • Facebook to Twitter – Sadly there was none to merge the twitter messages to the Facebook update pages, (Designers: There is a need for a mashup between the facebook and Twitter API)
    • Twitterfeed – This application incorporate RSS feeds to be converted into Twits, I have created channels for my own blog Teeth Maestro and Karachi Metroblog hence getting you an immediate update (polled every thirty minutes) right on your cell phone
    • Twitterberry – An application designed for Blackberry’s

    What if your Cell Phone does not work?

    There is a probability that the mobile service provider is already blocking the Twitter UK number +447781488126 you can alternatively receive these updates via Google Talk or even via email but the easiest will naturally be the Twitter website itself.

    What about Pakistani content?

    I think there is a definite shortage of Pakistani content on Twitter and naturally no community from Pakistan but I expect it to grow exponentially, to create some interest I have created a few twitter accounts and have taken the liberty of creating a few local channels which can really prove handy for any mobile connected individual each has been associated with an RSS feeds from there respective sources

    Teeth Maestro – http://twitter.com/teeth
    Karachi Metroblog – http://twitter.com/KMB
    Lahore Metroblog – http://twitter.com/LMB
    Islamabad Metroblog – http://twitter.com/IMB
    GeoNews – http://twitter.com/GeoNews
    DawnNews – http://twitter.com/DawnNews
    Jang – http://twitter.com/Jang

    These following Twitters Channels are not yet associated with any feed but I hope to engage these feed to provide updated information on happenings in the city. Sending an email to the corresponding address will reach me and I will try to ensure that spam does not filter through this channel and is limited to the happenings of the city

    Karachi – http://twitter.com/Karachi Karachi/bloggers.pk
    Lahore – http://twitter.com/Lahore Lahore/bloggers.pk
    Islamabad – http://twitter.com/Islamabad Islamabad/bloggers.pk
    (replace the forward slash for the @ sign)

    Or you may choose to Join my personal network at drawab – http://twitter.com/drawab

    Lets see Pakistan dominate the twitter world

    Sifting facts from Fiction

    By Ansar Abbasi

    Every brick of President General Pervez Musharraf’s palatial Pindi office vividly reminisces about what the chief justice of Pakistan had been confronted with on March 9, adding a new chapter to our chequered history.

    The pleasant outside environment did not match the tense moments behind the closed doors of Musharraf’s camp office. What had transpired within the thick walls has now started unraveling.

    Even a passer-by or a motorist driving through the Park Road, which graces the camp office, could now hear the reverberations of the dialogue between the two giants in their own spheres. One may give a fictional account of the dialogue between the two. While the prime minister sat through the session with muted silence but always nodding when Musharraf was speaking, the president was reading out a charge sheet while the chief justice was just scoffing at every charge.

    Though the reference filed against Justice Chaudhry is still not public, the camp office reverberations are too clear about the charges framed. One can clearly hear the president saying to the chief justice: You have used your influence to pressurise the concerned authorities to win undue favours for your son Dr Arsalan Iftikhar.

    The CJ says: Be specific Mr president.

    The president says: Dr Arsalan sought admission in Bolan Medical College despite securing marks far below the merit. The Balochistan chief minister was approached following which your son got into the medical college.

    The CJ says: Sir who is the violator me, Dr Arsalan or the chief minister?

    The president says: Dr Arsalan was initially posted as section officer in the Health Department, Balochistan against a vacancy meant for initial recruitment through the Provincial Public Service Commission. On August 6, 2005 the Interior Ministry approached the Balochistan Government seeking the services of Dr Arsalan for his posting in the FIA in public interest. On August 13, 2005, the Balochistan Government conveyed its no-objection to the Interior Ministry following which the Ministry on August 15th and again on September 5, 2005 issued the posting order of Dr Arsalan in the FIA on deputation. On 30th September Dr Arsalan joined the FIA.

    The CJ says: What is the point you want to make Mr president?

    The president says: Without completing the mandatory period of his probation as medical officer in the Institute of Public Health, Quetta, Arsalan was transferred and posted first as section officer in the Balochistan Secretariat against a non-existing post and then sent on deputation in the FIA.

    The CJ says: Who violated the law and where do I figure Sir?

    The president says: In November 2005, the Balochistan Government relaxed the rules to confirm the appointment of your son as medical officer in the Provincial Health Department. Barely within 5 months of having assumed the charge of assistant director FIA in BS-17, the Balochistan Government issued an order on March 22, 2006 saying that Arsalan’s services are placed in the FIA as deputy director (BS-18) on deputation for a period of three years. On April 7, it was notified that he had assumed the charge of the office of DD FIA.

    The CJ says: Who violated the law and where do I figure Sir?

    The president says: Later you launched an offensive to get your son inducted into the Police Service of Pakistan, which under the law was only possible through the CSS. As first step, he was sent to the Police Academy for training with probationer ASPs as notified by the Interior Ministry on May 19, 2006. On 24th May the Interior Ministry issued another order directing the commandant National Policy Academy that Dr Arsalan should be attached with the Punjab Police after the completion of specialized police training in the academy. On May 24 2006, the Academy relieved Arsalan and directed him to report to the Elite Police Training School, Lahore. After the completion of the course, he was to report to Lahore police for six months field attachment.

    The CJ says: Mr president who is the violator?

    The president says: Meanwhile the Prime Minister’s Secretariat was approached for regular induction of Dr Arsalan in the Police Service of Pakistan in BS-18. The PM sought the Establishment Division (ED)’s view, which said it is not possible under the law. Later you pressurized the secretary Establishment to get Dr Arsalan inducted into the PSP no matter what the rules say.

    The CJ says: Sir, who told you this?

    The president says: The secretary Establishment told all this to the principal secretary of the prime minister. It was not possible but still you kept on pressing for the impossible task. Ultimately the Establishment Division had to propose an amendment in the rules to make this impossible a possible. During these days you have been regularly exerting pressure on the Prime Minister’s Secretariat.

    The CJ says: Sir do you have any concrete evidence? Secondly, if my son was inducted into the Police Service of Pakistan?

    The president says: You also exerted pressure on the Interior Ministry to ensure that your son is nominated for a foreign course on combating international terrorism. This was done despite the fact that your son was not a police officer.

    The CJ says: Sir who was the nominating authority?

    The president says: Being the CJ, you are entitled to one 1600cc car but you have seven including a Mercedez Benz 3000cc in Islamabad. You also have several cars at Lahore and Quetta. Additionally you have also, more than once, asked the provincial chief minister or governor to provide you the cars during your stay in the province.

    The CJ says: Sir if I am an exception?

    The president says: You have also been insisting and getting protocol that is not allowed to the CJ.

    The CJ says: Hummmm…

    The president says: You have been repeatedly demanding for official plane/helicopter of the provincial governments for your travelling from one place to the other and even to offer condolences whereas you are not allowed to use these luxuries.

    The CJ says: At times one requires faster transport means to save time.

    The president says: For sometime you and your family has been using a BMW car registration No “Razia-1”.

    The CJ says: If so, is it a crime Sir?

    The president says: You are also accused of passing orders but subsequently changing them when giving the same in writing.

    The CJ says: Who says so Sir? I hope it is Naeem Bukhari.

    The president says: You also used you influence to enhance the entitlements of your office.

    The CJ says: Where was I wrong?

    The president says: Face the above charges or?

    The CJ says: I will.

    NOTE from Teeth Maestro: I received this article in a chain of email messages, would appreciate if someone has a link to which I can credit the original source

    Teeth Maestro Open to Guest Bloggers

    Teeth Maestro’s blog has been running on the steam generated by its owner Dr. Awab Alvi for over two years and counting, I remain grateful to the hundreds and thousands who have visited this blog to read my ramblings on wide variety of topics, this blog continues to be updated simply for the love of writing and was complimented by the continued readership which choose to listen to my wacky arguments.

    I now feel that its time to share the audience with other aspiring writers from Pakistan and open the doors to welcome any guest writer or bloggers who may like to write an article, maybe just to share their views with a wider audience or even generate traffic for their own blog. Whatever the reason I welcome you to guest blog here. This could very well be just a temporary experiment to test the overall reaction by the community, but if the results are interesting then I would not mind keeping this as a permanent feature.

    To start blogging here you first have to register yourself on the blog which will grant you limited access to the back-end of the blogging platform, compose the article and when finished it will be pushed into a moderation temporarily, I naturally will exercise my discretion as to what will appear on the blog, if one were to ask about topics, literally there is no limit it can range anywhere from Politics to Sports but should have a definite Pakistan angle to the story, personal blog posts are simply unacceptable, but I assure you there is a lot of flexibility. The frequency of posting will generally be limited to one post / per author / per week (i.e, if we get that busy). When composing the article you will be allowed to insert a prominent link back to your own blog, appearing either at the start or the end of the post. Apart from that, I welcome you on board….

    Supreme Court questions Malik’s Ban

    Cricket Bloggers of Pakistan: The Supreme Court of Pakistan has questioned the life-ban imposed by Pakistan Cricket Board on Saleem Malik back in 2000. The court has for now delayed the hearing for a week upon the request of the PCB lawyer as he would need a little time to provide sufficient proof as to why Saleem Malik had been banned, if failing to satisfy the court Saleem Malik can potentially claim for damages.

    Back in November I had previously discussed this issue when Malik had approached the Cricketing Council after he may have seen a ray of hope when Ata-ur-Rehman was relieved of his sentence. It was my opinion then and it remains so now, that it would generally not help Malik in any significant way, hes 43 years old and definitely would not be planning to put on some pads but the only quirk could be that he may be eyeing for a job as coach in the post-Woolmer era immediately after the world cup.

    The question that lurks in my mind and many Pakistanis, could this be yet another ploy by Dr. Naseem Ashraf as I suspect something is afoot which is pushing Malik to rise from the dead after six years of a secluded life in Lahore, there is definitely something up according to the mystic tea leaves served up by the Teeth Maestro’s cup could be have another Naseem Ashraf blooper on our hands?

    There is little doubt that Saleem Malik was a key-player in a number of match fixing scandal, granted in the local Pakistan inquiry he and Ata-ur-Rehamn took the fall while a number of well-connected players walked away to have, but there can be little doubt when he was banned by PCB ater Australian players Shane Warne, Tim May and Mark Waugh who had alleged that Malik offered them bribes to under perform on Australia’s tour of Pakistan in 1994. Malik’s name then also featured in an Indian match-fixing inquiry and was also mentioned by late South African captain Hansie Cronje in another probe. Probably a little too many fingers pointing at us, might I say Mr. Malik?

    PCB has yet to defend the decision taken by its Inquiry bench, I would not be surprised if we find yet another example of an over turned decision.

    Cross-posted to Cricket Bloggers of Pakistan

    Teeth Maestro’s Blog Stats

    There is little doubt that statistics are the bread and butter for any blogger, practically all bloggers have an addiction to look at their statistics page on a daily basis to see the rise and fall of their blog readership. For many bloggers these stats are probably the closely guarded secrets and I too have been guilty for over stating the actual numbers quite a few times probably for the sake of ego-rights, I have decided to come out into the open and share my experience as a Pakistani blogger, so that others can see the progress, the numbers are not big, but I am proud to have each and every click. Secondly I strongly feel that the year 2007 will definitely see an improvement in the awareness of this blogging concept and maybe in one years time I can look back and see the changes that have happened, if in fact I was right or not shall be decided in 365 days from now to see it if citizen journalism is indeed a phenomenon or just a passing fad or the Internet surfing Pakistani population.

    It has been over two years since I started to blog, the concept initially started by taking the tender steps of maintaining an online diary to slowly becoming a very active and fun hobby. The very first post was made on 6th July 2004 on the blogspot sub-domain orthodontist.blogspot.com since then for over ten months I remained confined to the blogspot arena until I felt the need to move away from the frequently-down and very-unresponsive blogger.com to embrace the open-source WordPress CMS system. I finally took the plunge on 11th April 2005 to live on this web space permanently. Without doubt I think it was a great move timed to perfection as it might have been quite a difficult task had I delayed the move after I developed a larger reader base.
    Continue Reading

    Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

    Hair today gone tomorrowAll cricketing fans across the world must have finally reached some closure after the ball tampering fiasco at The Oval a few months back. Strong rumors reports to the extent that Cricinfo, a leading website on cricketing news, have announced that the ICC is seriously contemplating on removing Darell Hair from adjudicating any international cricket match in the future.
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    Stone Age… Revisited

    A few days back on Sept 23rd 2006 I wrote an article on OhMyNews.com titled – Pakistanis Unsurprised by the ‘Stone Age’ Remark, was an altered version to the post I made on my own blog a few days prior – Bomb Pakistan into the Stone Age, or else. where I discussed the threat made to Pakistan by Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage. My blog post attracted an interesting exchange between a few visitors almost to the point of a mud-slinging match.

    Initially when I made both post Pervez Musharraf’s book – In the Line of Fire: A Memoir had not hit the market and we were asuming our reactions on his interview to CBS, but just today when I was browsing through the OhMyNews email correspondence I was surprised to discover an email by Robert J. Giuda, State Representative, NH Legislature (he’s up for re-election this Nov). A brief search on revleaed he is also the Chiarman and CEO of an organization going by the name of Americans for Resoution of Kashmir (interesting?)

    Mr. Giuda responded to my article in a very detailed and carefully worded letter, it just boils me to see these neocons simply can’t see the entire picture and are wielding their axes ready to kill. I quote his email exactly below
    Continue Reading

    Stunning Video Choreography

    A music video produced by the band OK Go for their track Here it goes Again. Its truly some amazing choreography to pull this stunt out and simply watching the video makes me wanna run and buy a couple of treadmills and try this at home, most likely I would fall flat on my face but damn its exhilarating to watch them do it with such ease.

    Band: OK Go
    Track: Here it Goes Again
    Album: Oh No

    Brush’em upgrade

    All techies like to name their upgrades in a funky manner, it would be idiotic for me to consider myself a techie so I settle for being a simple dentist hence this upgrade is titled v Brush’em.

    So I present to you the new look of my blog in the next few days I will be tweaking this design to better suit my taste but would love some input on how to better improve the layout or design.

    Hope you approve of Teeth Maestro v Brush’em

    100,000 Satisfied Customers

    TM 100,000

    Today can be marked as a major milestone for this blog, it has little meaning to anyone apart from creating a milestone for myself. Teeth Maestro’s Blog has crossed the landmark of having served 100,000 unique visitors on this website (since May 2005). Teeth Maestro previously existed on blogspot until the migration to my own domain, the blogspot was my home since 2004. When living on the blogspot domain I cant take credit to have done wonders but even if I were to calculate those figures then I would have served upwards of 130,000 unique visitors.

    Website statistics are actually the fuel that drives a blogger to exist in this arena, my existence in the blogging world has been more as a past time, especially for me, a self proclaimed ‘geek dentist’. Geekiness and Dentistry are two entirely different personalities existing in the same person known as Dr. Awab Alvi aka Teeth Maestro. The ‘Dr.’ represents the professional side (Orthodontist & Microscopic Dentistry) while the Teeth Maestro is the very same guy but this time under the geek-hat sitting on my 17″ Toshiba laptop mesmerized in the fantasy world of cyber-existence. I practically exists in two worlds, the real world where I eat, sleep, work & fart on a daily basis and also on the interconnected matrix better known as the Internet. Some people call this passion in mine as an addiction that keeps me smiling well until 3:00 am at night, wide wake and smiling, maybe a little sleep deprived but – I simply love it.

    So this landmark of 100,000 means a lot to me, I pat my own back and keep my hope that the next 100,000 will be as pleasing as the previous one (it seems as if I am writing a birthday post – whateva) lets keep our fingers crossed as to where I may actually be on 200,000 but hope that I am happy, alive and kickin’.

    Teeth Maestro in partnership with the olive ream have just recently launched a Pakistani Blog Aggregator, keep an eye on this duo as they have other plans under their belts 🙂 sorry that’s all you get …..

    With over 5000+ spam comments in the can (graciously devoured by my spam filter) I say CHEERS —-

    Don’t Block the Blog

    As I write this post on the morning of 4th March 2006 all sub domains of Blogspot.com carrying thousands of free blogs continue to remain censored for all internet users in Pakistan. The mess all started on the 27th of February when the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority issued instructions to all ISP to block all websites displaying the controversial cartoon images of Prophet Muhammad.

    Hence from the 28th of February the regulatory body barred access to a number of sites and it sadly included a few domains being hosted on the blogspot domains, rather then blocking the select few websites it seems they placed a universal block on all Blogspot.com sub-domains causing a number of bloggers to be banned from their own site for no apparent reason whatsoever.

    Mixed responses came through in the previous few days some claiming it to be a technical glitch at Google (owners of Blogspot.com) and a few reports by some Indian based surfers facing the same problem indicating a bigger problem than a local Pakistan issue. My personal experience remained consistent throughout the three days with a total blackout only solved by accessing the blocked sites through an anonymous proxy server, it goes to prove that the website is functioning fine and some censorship may after all exist.

    I continue to object to the cartoons illustrations and feel that the decision by the Supreme Court of Pakistan should be implemented for what its worth, but the PTA should be reprimanded for idiotic move as it seems the PTA continues to disappoint the Pakistanis time after time again for some stupid ill-thought out mistakes

    We as Pakistani Bloggers Stand Up United and Protest the Blocking of thousands of innocent Blogs which have no connection to the controversial images and would like to we appeal the the PTA to remove the blanket censorship on all blogspot address.

    Please copy the banner image found on Help-Pakistan.com and display it on your website to show your support


    UPDATE: Similar articles by Teeth Maestro also Published at Desicritics.org | Karachi Metroblog | Digg.com | Shoutwire | Newsvine

    Letter to Comment Spammers

    Sir or Thing

    I have no idea if you are actually human or just an idiotic computer trying to generate traffic on my blog. If you god forbid happen to be a real human a person with an actual brain then I am sorry I simply can’t help you with your mental condition as for the past three days you have practically lived on my website and have posted practically one comment a minute. But if you are a computer churning out spam from your code then this letter means nothing to you, you won’t read it, but at least I tried to guide someone that it is all a waste of time and hence I would have spoken my heart, even if you care not to listen.

    For the past 48 hours this blog has been bombarded with comment spammer advertising anything from free sex, porn sites, con blogs and not to mention the get-rich-quick-casinos, the onslaught started two days ago ie. on Thursday where I was taken aback with upwards of 35-40 emails in my email box awaiting moderation. It did not require a genius to figure out that spammers were actively trolling my blog so naturally I immediately deleted all the spam messages awaiting moderation but to avoid any future problems I activated the Spam Karma 2 plug in. A good move as since that time I have had a peaceful life but the poor spam karma plugin has been quite busy. It has reported upwards of 500 comment spams within the 36 hour period and to my satisfaction has blocked them all. I now laugh at all the wasted computer energy of both my web host and the computer spitting out all this spam.

    If I were you I would by now realise that its a waste of time, but if after 500 comments you have not realised that, then my mentioning it will have no affect, if you choose to continue then please go right ahead and for all I care live here with me, at least my Stat Counter will show some interesting usage statistics everyday and I love tall graphs on mt stats pages even if you help me satisfy this small ego I have. As John C. Dvorak would say on TWiT (This Week in Tech Podcast)

    Teeth Maestro

    She Magazine Pilfers from Teeth Maestro

    She Magazine OctoberA month back I had made a post on Karachi Metblog discussing a TV show on AAJ.TV called Begum Nawazish Ali. The review a month back was a sarcastic reivew of the show but now a month later if you pick up the October issue of She Magazine and turn to page 77 you could read an exact replication of the intial post, spare for a few editing changes and the addition at the end the gist of the article was pilfered from my post Hijra on Aaj.Tv. Its flattering to see that someone actually cares to read our blog around here, but pilferage by a reputable money making magazine !!!!!

    Pilferage if found internationally is taken very seriously, but sadly in Pakistan people have no respect for copyright of intellectual property. Personally I have no axe to grind but only ask the editors to show some respect and atleast acknowledge Karachi Metblogs. I am arguing this case to provide a issue to promore the Karachi Metblog only and might agree on a compromise if the editors mention Karachi Metblogs in one of their future editions of the magazine. For the Evidence
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    Malaysians Vote on Astronauts

    Malaysia’s Science Minister plans to make the country’s space programme a truly interactive experience by allowing all Malaysians to elect a Malaysian astronaut to visit the International Space Station along with the Russian team in 2007. There is a pool of 11,000 candidates aspiring for the slot and it may truly become a cut throat survivor series

    More on BBC News website | A Digg.com story submitted by Teeth Maestro (Please Digg away!)