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4th Case of Yellow Tribunism, “PML-N, ASWJ Reach Consensus” story deleted

PML Story deleted by Express TribuneIts interesting to note how easy it is for a tabloid newspaper to conveniently delete a news story from its website without even bothering to offer an explanation or justification – Express Tribune today (18th Feb) has been caught (Again) to have deleted the fourth story that was published in its Print edition (e-paper link) but the story has been entirely removed from its online website

This latest story was another expose on the potential election alliance between PML-N and the banned outfit Ahle Sunnat Wali Jamat where PML-N is planning not to contest against ASWJ on three National Assembly seats – all in the name of Politics while the same banned outfit is known to support Shia killing.

All four stories were hard hitting reports against the PML-N and we have documented each deletion, seems like our efforts are paying off in exposing Tribune and its bias towards PML-N

  1. PML-N’s – ‘Like’ my Facebook page News Item [DELETED]
  2. Express Tribune deletes another PML-N exposé News Item
  3. Third Tribune Article against PML Deleted “PML-N, ASWJ”

A closer examination of all four stories we notice a common factor where the author of all four were by a political reporter Abdul Manan  – Abdul Manan has been writing for Express Tribune since April 7th 2010 and a quick calculation reveals that he writes regularly and has over 750+ news reports for the Tribune under his name.  He has written about every political party and many have been hard hitting & damaging articles as well. But when it comes to PML-N, the Express Tribune web desk is quick to delete the stories without offering any explanation and it may well be after some heated phone calls from Raiwind.

Some critics point out that these reports by Abdul Manan are inaccurate so were rightfully removed, my question then stands, Coincidentally why does it only happen to hard hitting stories regarding PML-N, that such reporting inaccuracies are deleted without any explanation, the print edition editorial board finds these stories pertinent enough to let them be printed, but within a few hours the web desk in turn finds them erroneous to delete – despite the three prior incidents the journalist continues to write for Express Tribune and no action is taken against him. If Abdul Manan is misreporting facts then who are these errors only related to news stories related to PML & ASWJ? Many questions and the fourth incident is proof enough that there is foul play to hide facts – Prime case of Yellow Tribuninsm by Express Tribune

Express Tribune deletes another PML-N exposé News Item

On 27th July – an article appeared on the back page of the newspaper titled Web presence: Punjab govt footing bill for PML-N social media revamp after it remained online for the entire day around 10pm that evening the article was suddenly deleted, and no explanation given as to why, the web editors of the Express Tribune chose to delete this post

Almost a month back on June 6th, Express Tribune had published an article titled PML-N’s – ‘Like’ my Facebook page News Item, after a few hours the web editors deleted the online edition without any reason. It seems there is a definite attempt by Express to be influenced by PML and its team of hired media houses to ensure that no bad publicity appears on its papers.

The focus of the article is on the hiring of the social media team, but what has not been exposed is the upsurge of all the TV ads & all the Newspaper adverts that have started populating the airwaves ALL are being funded by YOUR TAX MONEY positioned as Govt ads only to promote Sharif [PML] & Zardari [PPP]. One does wonder BOTH have made enough money in ALL their tenures combined that they could easily “invest” in their future turn of power – but their old corrupt habits continue. They use your money to reposition themselves as saviors of Pakistan for re-election.

An exposé of their activities was revealed at the Pakistan Social Media Gate blog which has a video and itemized screen captures.

For the sake of online posterity I hearby again reproduce the contents of the deleted article, so that the digital footprint does not disappear into oblivion
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Op-ed: For whom the drone tolls

A question lurks within the mind of every Pakistani: where are we headed with this war on/of terror? Is Pakistan a simple ‘franchisee’ or are we developing our own long-term interests in this war? The strategy to hit out at selected al Qaeda targets unfolded in early 2007 when our government offered facilities for launching drones remotely controlled by joystick operators in distant lands. The decision to kill was left in the hands of ‘informers’ on the ground who planted homing devices near houses that needed to be bombed. A menacing ‘whistle’ precedes the actual impact, many running for cover not knowing ‘for whom the bell tolls’, leaving many unintentionally dead and others maimed for life. So-called ‘collateral damage’, has been a sterile term. Women and children wailing and shrieking, mourners lifting their dead. The psychological impact has swung any remnant of anti-al Qaeda sentiment into anti-military and anti-US anger.
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Op-Ed: Flogging my Sentiments

My first Op-Ed for Express Tribune Flogging my Sentiments has been published in the Saturdays The Express Tribune, talking about the ever controversial flogging video which has already been extensively debated on my blog running into a very heated debate. In the Op-ed I again take a swing accusing the Pakistan Army and our covert agencies to have leveraged this video to swing the nations sentiment allowing them a more free hand in waging the war in our northern areas of Pakistan > Flogging my Sentiments on Express Tribune

The Express Tribune goes Online & in Print

The Express Tribune, partnered with The International Herald Tribune which is the global arm of The New York Times, is slated to finally make its debut today morning, while the online version has just been released to the public, the initial launch is limited to Karachi and many households will be treated with a fresh new English paper on their morning tables. Personally I do vividly recall the launch of ‘The News’ in the 80’s when it came hot off the press in a spanking, then, jaw dropping glossy sheets across the board, but unfortunately those fun frolicking days didn’t last long. The Lakhani group has been busy on this project for a good many month, under the watchful eye of Bilal Lakhani we await to see if it does indeed rustle the feathers of the existing competition and has the umpf to last in the long run.

The paper kicks of its first print with op-eds from Ayesha Siddiqa, Sami Shah, Quatrina Hosain and Osman Samiuddin with news that Zahoor’s cratoon-imagery is too be featured amongst its pages. On a personal note, I am also expected to send the paper a weekly column, so lets see how this papers fares up against the competition, it will have run for its money, but good quality and high standards will keep a stead stream of readers latched onto its print edition.
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