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The Education Crisis in Pakistan

The government has cut HEC’s funds in the wake of fiscal constraints. The government has allocated Rs15.8 billion for the HEC for the current year, an amount which is Rs19 billion less than that needed and is under threat of reduction. So far the government has only released Rs1.4 billion of this amount, all of which is going towards human resources while no money has yet been released for scholarships as a result of which the future of 14,000 PhD students, 5,000 of whom are studying abroad, is at stake. [Tribune: 72 Universities to go on Strike]

This fiscal year’s budgetary allocations for higher education have been slashed by more than 70 per cent. In a poorly thought out moment, the government announced in June a 50% increase in salaries which has subsequently not been possible to honour to date leading to a very avoidable sense of deprivation.


Why is it that financiers only think of money: How much money will it take to make more money? How much money must we borrow? How much money must we make to repay what we borrow? There is never enough talk of what money can buy, what is worth buying, or those things worth achieving that perhaps money can’t buy.

Such as being accomplished at what we do, being well behaved, appreciating what is beautiful around us, how to use authority wisely, how to be calm and dignified, the necessity of being honest in one’s dealings, respect for others, being responsible, how to be empowered , how to be ambitious without being ruthless, how to be competitive without being unjust, how to love and be loved, how to care for and value our elders, our children, our women, our neighbours, our animals, our environment, how to harvest yet preserve the gifts of nature.
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Two GC College students sent to Jail for protesting

Two Government College Lahore students were sent to jail on Wednesday after an Anti-Terrosism Court Judge Shabbir Husain Chattha sent both Ravians — Usman Lateef and Haroon Mahmood — behind bars on judicial remand for 14 days. The students were arrested them from their homes on Tuesday midnight for protesting the Government College University (GCU) administration’s ‘wrongdoing’.

The College Registrar Sahibzada Faisal Khurshid registered a police report [First Information Report (FIR)] on Tuesday against nine students and some ‘outsiders’ for “unduly gathering outside the GCU premises and creating chaos in the smooth running of the usual educational activities of the university”.

In response, the police booked BS (Honours) students Maher Muhammad Akmal, Shujaat Ali, Muhammad Bilawal Khan, Haroon Mahmood, Muhammad Ali, Usman Lateef, Hasan Sardar, Ali Aslam and Abdul Saboor. Police continues to raid different places across Lahore in search of the remaingn students who are ‘still at large’.
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