The Presidency, Islamabad

Feast your eyes on some pictures of ‘The Presidency in Islamabad’ which has been the home of our dictator cum President General Pervaiz Musharraf. No wonder he does not want to leave this position.

presidency-1.jpg presidency-13.jpg

presidency-3.jpg presidency-4.jpg

presidency-5.jpg presidency-6.jpg

presidency-7.jpg presidency-8.jpg

presidency-9.jpg presidency-10.jpg

presidency-11.jpg presidency-12.jpg


Would you willingly leave this for anything in the world?

No wonder Musharraf is clinging to his reign of power for his dear life compromising all his so called principles compromising them to shake hands with the very people he called crooks barely seven years back. Its sad but Greed, money and power can definitely play havoc with anyone mind and Musharraf is no angel to have fallen in love with this lifestyle over these seven years.

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