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Khan and Supreme Court begin looking into Sharif’s Panama Clevage

Nawaz Sharif Panama LeaksMy Analysis – Imran Khan’s only crime is that he hypes up his momentum to such an extent that for the followers there is possibly no turning back – that is his style of aggressive politics – he believes in it truly down to his heart and then shares it with us all so convincingly, looking straight into the camera that the people love him for that…

He advocated “Investigate or Resign” from the very start – he got investigate – I think that was good … for Pakistan – because choosing the last resort of “resignation” … means bloodshed, military finger, unrest etc etc you can list out a gazillions more items – but to push the resignation button you have to be convincing enough of your threat to make that threat & its softer alternate a viable option – and he did that convincing enough

Who buckled – I think it was Sharif who buckled, as he has now been forced to let the SC take a sneak peak into his Panama Cleavage, which he was trying to hide for 7+ months and would played the tippy toe for another few years

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US in a total Diplomatic fallout over Raymond Davis

Mohammad Malick of The News has shared one of the biggest news stories of his investigative journalism career, he has dug deep into the Raymond Davis issue and has produced some very interesting facts, if most of what he shares is true then I think he has been instrumental in changing the fate and destiny of Raymond Davis – Teeth Maestro

It’s not a rumour, Americans did get Qureshi’s scalp

by Mohammed Malick – 12th Feb 2011 – The News

ISLAMABAD: When powerful men meet to discuss explosive issues, things can change in a big way. And that is precisely what happened after a highly secretive and immensely important meeting at the Presidency a few days back. The subject, not unexpectedly, being the fate of American killer Raymond Davis and that of Pakistan-US relations. Little did anyone know at the time that the huddle would instead end up deciding the fate of Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi.

The meeting, convened by the president was attended by Prime Minister Gilani, Babar Awan, Rehman Malik, Shah Mehmood Qureshi and the DG ISI Gen Shuja Pasha. The president was given an exhaustive overview of the entire situation but quite early in the meeting it became evident that two of the men were standing on the wrong side of the prevalent dominant wisdom and desire of somehow finding a way to retrospectively cough up diplomatic immunity for Davis and to just wish away all the four deaths and the lingering crisis. But since one of the ‘erring’ two dared not be arbitrarily fired, poor Qureshi’s fate stood sealed.
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The US conveniently Forgets Diplomatic Immunity for Afghan Ambassador in Islamabad

Considering the hue and cry being raised by the US on the Diplomatic Immunity and his illegal detention of Raymond Davis a few days back from Lahore when he killed two people in cold blood.

It seems the United States of America has a very short term selective memory in 2001 after 9/11 it arrested and picked up Mullah Abdul Salam Zaeef from Islamabad who was then the Afghanistan Ambassador to Pakistan. He was detained in Pakistan initially in 2001 and then held until 2005 in the Guantanamo Bay detainment camp.

I am sure the serving Ambassador had full Diplomatic Immunity as accorded to his status under the Vienna Convention, whatsoever may his linkage be with the Talibans but he was beaten, tortured, handcuffed, and dragged naked in a US Helicopter before being airlifted to Guantanamo Bay, where were the laws that time, where was the diplomatic immunity and where was the Vienna Convention at that time. The US so staunchly claims for a consultant employed by the US Consulate in Lahore.

On his release Abdul Salam Zaeef wrote an autobiography titled My Life With The Taliban: An Excerpt, a few alamring sections I have copied below but you can read the entire hair raising ordeal on Cage Prisoners website
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Message by Ali Asghar Khan on Solidarity Day 2011

[singlepic id=3242 w=320 h=240 float=right]The response to Solidarity Day 2011 has been amazing and the energy it has generated across the country inspiring. The objective of observing Solidarity Day had largely been met even before the eve of the New Year as we were all preparing for the next day’s events. Aman Ittehad had been introduced in109 locations as activists and friends worked tirelessly and selflessly to mobilize people and spread the messages of the Ittehad. New contacts had been established and an awareness created that citizens across the country simply must get involved in shaping the destiny of this nation.

On 1st January, Solidarity Day went on to reconfirm that Aman Ittehad is a viable and effective platform for citizens to raise their issues and their voices. It is not important if in some places the numbers did not meet the expectations of organizers or if in others these expectations were exceeded. What is important is that in 109 locations across the country there were people who expressed their resolve to affect change. Be the catalyst. We now must harness this energy that we witnessed from -16 degree Gilgit to the shores of Gwadar.
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International Youth Conference 2010 – 6th to 9th Dec, Islamabad

International Youth Conference & Festival is to be held in Islamabad from 6th-9th of December which will attract students from around the globe. The four day conference will give an opportunity to students from around the world to interact and learn from each other experiences. The conference has been organized by Miradore Productions and Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, in partnership with Khudi Pakistan and Ministry of Youth Affairs is also supported by Google, Youtube and NCHD and Ministry for Women Development. Students from US, UK, Turkey, Somalia, Malaysia, Thailand, Bangladesh and Scotland are expected to come to Islamabad to attend the event.

The focus of the event is to highlight the role of youth in peace building and to bridge cultural, regional and religious gaps. Participants will also discuss ways to work for women empowerment, disaster management and use of modern social networking tools to help in these areas.

I believe this to be a great initiative by the organizers to bring various students from around the world and allow them to share their opinions engaging in dialogue, literally investing in the future. I wish the attendees an amazing conference

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Protest Against Fake Degree Parliamentarians – Islamabad & Karachi at 5pm on 15th May

Citizens demand verification and ouster of all fraudulent degree holder parliamentarians. If you wish to see Pakistan change for better , do not repeatedly elect the same dishonest people.

Join Citizens’ protest and say NO to fake degree holders.

The scale of the problem is now enormous with over 200 fake degree holders in the knowledge of the Election Commission. Adding insult to injury, such dishonest persons, exposed largely by opponents, have been nominated by their own or opposing political parties to contest by-elections.

The protesters demand that those found guilty should be banned for life from all political and government positions. To highlight the issue, members of the civil society will address the media outside the Islamabad Press Club (near Mr Books, F-6 Super Market) and the Karachi Press Club on Sat 15 May at 5 pm.

Islamabad Press Club … 5pm on Sat 15 May
Karachi Press Club …….. 5pm on Sat 15 May

Pictures from Aman Ittehad’s Peoples Assembly – Islamabad

The Islamabad People’s Assembly – A Dialog for Peace – with thousands from all over the country that responded to Aman Ittehad’s call. The Convention Centre has never seen so many people since it was built. It was a historic event and will be shown in Live with Talat in two or three shows that will be telecast from the 29th onwards. More pictures to follow very soon

Note: Karachi [at T2F] and Lahore [Alhamra] events are scheduled to be held on the 22nd March

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Joint Press Conference by Aman Ittehad in Islamabad – Solidarity Day 1st Jan 2010

A very well-attended joint press conference was held today at the Islamabad Press Club by the Aman Ittehad to announce the Solidarity Day across Pakistan in 37 cities on 1st january 2010 at 3:00

Mohammad Tahseen addressed the conference alongwith Dr. Said Alam Mehsud, Ali Asghar Khan, Rukhshanda Naz, Jaffer Memon, Prof Dr. Sarfaraz Khan, Maryam Bibi, Naeem Mirza, Naveed Shinwari, Shahzada Zulfiquar, Huma Fauladi, Raza Niazi, Shabina Ayaz, Sameena Nazeer, Salma Butt, Asim Malik, M. Y. Khan, Mehboob Sada, Zubair Malik, Mohammd Yusuf Qureshi, Zarqa Arshad and Rashida Dohad.

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Solidarity Day for Peace in Pakistan – 1st Jan 2010 – Aman Ittehad

Considering the spiraling security situation in Pakistan a number of civil society organizations have joined forces across Pakistan to hold a peace rally on 1st January 2010 as a Solidarity Day at 3:00pm in 37 cities across Pakistan

The Solidarity Day is organized under Aman Ittehad — a citizens’ platform connecting trade unions, media, students, lawyers, youth organizations, minority groups, NGOs, academia, and business. The Solidarity Day will express a resolve to strive for stronger democracy and democratic institutions.

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We are Pakistan!

By: Agha Haider Raza

funeral_pindi victimsYet again Pakistani’s find themselves, lined up, shoulder to shoulder offering prayers for the departed. The brazen attack during Friday namaaz has clearly shown the audacity and ability of the militants present within Pakistan. On the one side, the suicidal mission that was led out is a direct signal to the Pakistan Army (the attack was taken out in the officers residential colony in Parade Lane, Rawalpindi Saddar) for retreating its forces in the tribal region, while also visibly proving that these militants are not Muslims. The issue for me however is, why have our top brass only been visible at the namaaz-e-jinaza when one of their own has lost their life? Poor Peshawar has been witnessing non-stop death and bombs. It surely has been a while since I saw or read the Prime Minister being in this troubled city of Peshawar, rubbing shoulders with us and praying for those who have lost their lives due to actions taken by the state.
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The Brouhaha over Blackwater continues

Blackwater hereSunday’s Dawn has a report on the presence of Blackwater in Pakistan > there seems to be an apparent blanket of denial of their presence but tell tale signs continue to emerge that something is definitely afoot

Questions that must be asked of ourselves, (a) Can we trust our present leadership to tell us the whole truth, with honesty? (b) Can we trust America to NOT do such a thing and we believe the denial as per the US Ambassador, a representative of a country whose 233 year history is full of military operations, even if we were to, for a moment ignore this last decade of destruction and carnage?
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State Department revises Pay Scale & Lodging rates for US personnel in Islamabad

US State DepartmentWith effect from 1st July 2009 the US State Department has revised the pay scale of all US personnel and contractors stationed within USG civilian compounds in Islamabad from high of a $289/day to a present low of $110/day, while the lodging rates have dropped even more significantly from $213/day to a paltry $70/day. This is compounded with a 35% Danger Pay which is to-date the highest in the world going shoulder to shoulder with Afghanistan and Iraq, while Yemen and Lebanon come as second most dangerous place for US contractors and personnel receiving 30% danger pay

The sudden fall in lodging rates may suggest a massive acquiring of housing locations in Islamabad, while the simultaneous reduction in the ‘per deim’ pay scale for US personnel and contractors may suggest that they maybe living inside a ‘secure compound’. Such low rates across the world are seen in locations where the Americans have a proper base and a secure compound, while interestingly Karachi and Lahore fetch the same high living rates like before. Somethings definitely cooking in Islamabad

It seems all these reports quite apparently points towards a definite buildup of US military personnel and subsequent a good security cordon around them as well which may hint towards the presence of BlackWater / Xe, the American rogue militia
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Survey: Why Blackwater is present in Islamabad, Peshawar?

Many might want to take part in this survey on the presence of Blackwater in Pakistan, it is being conducted anonymously by Omar Javaid, a frequent writer on our blog and the author of Critic Magazine

Do answer the short few questions and then we can figure out the sentiments of Pakistani regarding the presence of Blackwater in Pakistan whilst you can also take a peak at the live results (approximately 100 responses)

Survey: Why Blackwater is present in Islamabad, Peshawar?