Survey: Why Blackwater is present in Islamabad, Peshawar?

Many might want to take part in this survey on the presence of Blackwater in Pakistan, it is being conducted anonymously by Omar Javaid, a frequent writer on our blog and the author of Critic Magazine

Do answer the short few questions and then we can figure out the sentiments of Pakistani regarding the presence of Blackwater in Pakistan whilst you can also take a peak at the live results (approximately 100 responses)

Survey: Why Blackwater is present in Islamabad, Peshawar?



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10 responses to “Survey: Why Blackwater is present in Islamabad, Peshawar?”

  1. Talkhaba Avatar

    To kill our leadership and critics in media like Dr Shireen Mazari

  2. Zuhaib Avatar

    Wait, what? Is their confirmed reports about Xe aka Blackwater operating in Pakistan? And if so, under whos contract? Pakistani's or US? I know that in the past the late Mrs. Bhutto had asked the US to send Xe contractors to act as her body guard, and the US State Dept HAD a contract with Xe to act as their Body guards.

    So I am guessing if they are, either they are working on the request of the PPP as body guards for VIPs or they are left overs from the State Dept Contract.

    But without proof this seems like a story that will just caused fear and uncertainty and make people screaming about some rumor that may not be true.

  3. MB Avatar

    Why not?

    We have handed our "KHUDMUKHTARA-MAI" into their hands , so they will do what they do best

  4. Muadh Avatar

    They are on a black operation for the Americans.

  5. dr jawwad khan Avatar
    dr jawwad khan

    ground realities are telling us that we are not going to survive as a nation just because of our vested interest.

    it is not because of pervez,asif zardari,ashfaq kiyani or any one else…i believe that we as a nation are unbelieveably and sickly stuck to our little interests so we will be destroyed according to the rules of game…

    some time i pray for the end with out too much humiliation, bloodshed and extremely painful delay of disintegration process.

  6. Imran Avatar

    Recently took EK flight from ISB-DXB route, person next to me was Blackwater employee stationed in Quetta. Flight was full of americans going for R&R.

  7. Imran Avatar
    Imran New name of Blackwater

    Sample Job listed for Pakistan

  8. AHMAD Avatar


  9. randy Avatar

    In ki maa chooth

  10. Ali Raza Aejaz Avatar
    Ali Raza Aejaz

    All media reports can not be lie. Foreigners are many times caught filming sensitive areas. I myself saw two black jeeps (Most probably hummers) with many antennas on them on Islamabad highway. Both of them were carrying exaclty same number plates (the number was somthing like MB 358, as far as I remember), I was listening to radio while driving and as soon as these jeeps crossed me, my radio lost the signals. I was in middle lane and they were in right most lane. Due to traffic jam I was able to overtake them again from their left and again lost the signals. Probably they were equiped with jammers etc.

    I also saw a Hummer on main blue area road escorted by two jeeps with armed (local) personel. In both cases the jeeps windows were fully tinted. They were mistreating the people/vehicles coming infornt of them. There is a check post on the road infront of Saudi pak towers. The security people helped the vehicles to easily cross the post.

    I feel shame on myself that these xxx are moving freely on our roads construcing pentagon style buildings, demanding 1000 registeration numbers from ICT for their vehilces. Whereas our MR. (Abdul) Rehman Malik says there is no black water here. If there is not then why they need 1000 registeration numbers for their vehicles. for 400 something people dont you think that 1000 registeration of vehicles is not required and is fishy.

    How can they cross the border and come in to our homes and kill our brothers/ sisters via drones etc. Where are our agencies and security people and army men. Its better if they die in cross firing while firing at drone rather sitting in their offices and thinking of more plots and money to score. How you can lend our airports/ landing strips etc to these xxx. Shame on you (militrary/ security people/ Government) and shame on us too.

    We can stop, humiliate, body search and even kill a person sitting on a motorbike who is valid citizen of this country and whose bike is legally registered but we are unable to cath these xxx who are using fake number plates and may be not carying required documents/ permissions to come to our land and filming our sensitive areas. A big question is “What is their purpose?”

    May Allah help and bless our country with which it is lacking (Aameen). I know I asked for allot but Allah is all might and listening…