Message by Ali Asghar Khan on Solidarity Day 2011

[singlepic id=3242 w=320 h=240 float=right]The response to Solidarity Day 2011 has been amazing and the energy it has generated across the country inspiring. The objective of observing Solidarity Day had largely been met even before the eve of the New Year as we were all preparing for the next day’s events. Aman Ittehad had been introduced in109 locations as activists and friends worked tirelessly and selflessly to mobilize people and spread the messages of the Ittehad. New contacts had been established and an awareness created that citizens across the country simply must get involved in shaping the destiny of this nation.

On 1st January, Solidarity Day went on to reconfirm that Aman Ittehad is a viable and effective platform for citizens to raise their issues and their voices. It is not important if in some places the numbers did not meet the expectations of organizers or if in others these expectations were exceeded. What is important is that in 109 locations across the country there were people who expressed their resolve to affect change. Be the catalyst. We now must harness this energy that we witnessed from -16 degree Gilgit to the shores of Gwadar.

It is also important to recognize that in many places rallies were held where the situation put the organizers and participants at great personal risk. The spirit of solidarity overcame all obstacles and people came out to express their concern for each other and in the hope that they shall together influence the course of future events. It is in this belief that we have to move forward and direct this rising tide.

The information kept pouring in from various locations with pictures and telephone calls till late night on 1st January, indicating that all of us continued working long after the events were over.

Collective efforts of so many has helped Aman Ittehad further establish its identity, clearly project its focus, greatly extend its outreach and begin to be recognized as a force for positive change.

No doubt this also places greater responsibilities and generates more expectations. It is therefore important that we nurture this energy and spread the message of the Ittehad that has found resonance in the hearts of so many ordinary citizens.

Let us together continue to strengthen Aman Ittehad as a platform which enables a new leadership to emerge that is more connected with people and committed to moulding the State into one that caters to the needs and aspirations of its people.

We have covered much ground, and yet face a long journey ahead. But we have proven that we can help each other move closer to our destination and that the Ittehad can through our sincere efforts help shape an effective national movement.

In admiration,

Ali Asghar Khan

Executive Director
Omar Asghar Khan Foundation
2-B, Parbat Road, F-7/3
Islamabad, PAKISTAN
Tel: ++92-51-2611092-4



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  1. Khalid Ahmed Chaudry Avatar
    Khalid Ahmed Chaudry

    Happy to see that journey of Omar's dreams is taking final steps towards the day "Jab Takhat Uchhaly Jain Gay"!