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[Op-Ed] Giving up on Pakistan

This op-ed was drafted a day before Gov Salman Taseers assassination, erringly it talks about peace and the notion of blasphemy in Pakistan

As we round the corner, saying goodbye to 2010 and entering the new year, everyone chooses to make a new year’s resolution. Promises are made, hoping for some miraculous conviction that will transform our wishes into a reality. But practically, each one of us knowingly accepts that these promises are meant to be broken, only to be remade the following year. Many wishes are egocentrically linked to personal wealth and happiness, while some fools, like me, choose to wish for a better and a peaceful Pakistan.

Innocent and howsoever utopian this resolution may sound, it should have an important place amongst every Pakistani. After the bloodshed from the escalating violence and uncontrolled terror attacks, one would have hoped that the disastrous year would have sent shockwaves compelling people to denounce terrorism with a very strong commitment to peace. Denounce they do, but it’s limited to a simple vocal chatter rather than concrete measures to prevent such bloodshed from happening again.
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Message by Ali Asghar Khan on Solidarity Day 2011

[singlepic id=3242 w=320 h=240 float=right]The response to Solidarity Day 2011 has been amazing and the energy it has generated across the country inspiring. The objective of observing Solidarity Day had largely been met even before the eve of the New Year as we were all preparing for the next day’s events. Aman Ittehad had been introduced in109 locations as activists and friends worked tirelessly and selflessly to mobilize people and spread the messages of the Ittehad. New contacts had been established and an awareness created that citizens across the country simply must get involved in shaping the destiny of this nation.

On 1st January, Solidarity Day went on to reconfirm that Aman Ittehad is a viable and effective platform for citizens to raise their issues and their voices. It is not important if in some places the numbers did not meet the expectations of organizers or if in others these expectations were exceeded. What is important is that in 109 locations across the country there were people who expressed their resolve to affect change. Be the catalyst. We now must harness this energy that we witnessed from -16 degree Gilgit to the shores of Gwadar.
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Fikr-e-Insaan an audio track by Arieb Azhar for Solidarity Day 2011

Arieb Azhar on the request of Aman Ittehad has created this masterpiece audio track called Fikr-e-Insaan which he will sing at the Solidarity Day peace rally in Islamabad on 1st Janurary 2011.

It has just been released for us all to enjoy and we hope to run this track in most of the 108 Solidarity Day locations across Pakistan

Enjoy !! and thank you Arieb for producing a very inspiring track for Pakistan !!!


[Press Statement] Solidarity Day 2011

Islamabad, 30 December 2010: Aman Ittehad has given a call to hold rallies on 1st January 2011 at 1:00 pm as an expression of solidarity with those suffering violence in any form, including suicide attacks, bomb blasts, target killings, kidnappings, disappearances, and torture killings. It is expected that these rallies will be held in more than 100 different locations across Pakistan

While raising the issue of growing insecurities across Pakistan, Aman Ittehad has demanded urgent action to devise a political solution to ensure the security of life and livelihood of the people of Balochistan according to their aspirations and in a manner that helps restore trust. It calls upon the state to refrain from the use of force and immediately end military action in the province.  Aman Ittehad calls for mechanisms that provide effective recourse to those that are suffering at the hands of representatives of state institutions, influentials, extremists and militants who are using the current lack of law and order to exploit citizens by propagating terror and the use of force.

Citizens from across the country will participate in the Solidarity Day rallies to demand that people’s interest becomes the only measure of national interest to define all actions and policies of the state.
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[UPDATED] List of 108 locations lined up for Solidarity Day in Pakistan – 1st Jan 2011

The amazing team of volunteers at Aman Ittehad have pledged to hold Solidarity Day peace rallies in 108 locations across Pakistan. The list is growing at a fast paced, commitments coming in from various location throughout Pakistan and contact details being updated frequently.

Shared below is the latest list, which is a work in progress, if you are interested in being part of the nationwide Solidarity Day, just show up at your local Press Club at 1:00pm on 1st January 2011 and join the effort

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To Shave or Not to Shave, that is the Question

An event was to be held on the 30th of March 2010 at Hall 6 of Expo Center Karachi, to break India’s world record of most people shaving at the same time. The event was being sponsored by Gillette, a reputed shaving company, the event was advertised well & over 2000 people showed up at the venue on their own free will, voluntarily, to be part of the smooth shavng spree.

The Organizing committee started receiving threats a couple of days leading to the event by Maulana Fazl ur Rehman & his cronies who called upon them to shutdown or face the consequences. The Maulana is said to have threatened to send a truck load of Madaressah boys to take care of the world record attempt. The organizers contacted Rangers for security and support who declined to help because they could only be deployed at the request of governmental approval, in turn the organizers resorted to coordinating their security cordon with the local police station who promised support

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Aman Ittehad passes People’s Resolution on 23rd March in Lahore

In a final concluding ceremony on the night of 22nd March and the early hours of 23rd March, Aman Ittehad hold a massive People’s Assembly in the Al-Hamra Auditorium Lahore to pass the final Peoples Resolution. This resolution comes from a consensus taken after conducting over 60 Peoples Assemblies across Pakistan to gather their ideas and draft this final version – the final presented resolution is as follows

[nggallery id=77]
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Peoples Assembly – A Dialogue for Peace

Date: 22nd March 2010
Location: The Second Floor, Karachi
Time: 6:00pm – 8:00pm
RSVP: Peoples Assembly – A Dialogue for Peace (Facebook Event)

Aman Ittehad is observing a Peace Week from 16-23 March 2010. During the week we propose to hold a series of public dialogues in each city across Pakistan called Peoples Assemblies where there will be a discussion on how to bring peace in Pakistan.

On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the Lahore Resolution, citizens are committed to reflect on the original spirit of the 1940 Resolution and to develop a People’s Resolution in March 2010.

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PC Hotel Workers Strike – Day 21

The protest by PC Workers continues in the basement of the Pearl Continental Hotel where over 150 union employees are holding fort asking three basic demands. Reinstatement of Four sacked employees (PC Four), The PC Management to recognize the union and third is to come to the negotiation table. It has been 21 days and the situation is not getting better. A protest is being planned at PIDC tomorrow at 4:00pm called by a large spectrum of left-wing parties to come forth in unison. Action for a Progressive Pakistan obtained fresh pictures of the protesting workers, i share here

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Read the detailed fact sheet on this dispute and then support these protestors by sIgning the PC Workers Petition to The Hashwani Group

PC Hotel Workers Strike update – 20 Days and counting

There are only about 140 people left in the basement in their 20th day of protest at the PC. On Sunday evening about 30 to 40 went home due to sickness or some other emergent reason and were not allowed to return to the basement and in their astute attitude the PC management is not budging from their position. The workers’s current demands are basically asking them to come to the negotiating table and do not fire the PC Four.

Since the last few days the PC management has restored to video taping these protesters while they are eating food. These protesters being holed up in the PC basement consume food from the hotel and the management prefers to video tape them eating to humiliate them that – you dare eat our food and then you talk about unions. The Human Resources Director fighting against these protesting workers is a retired Major Zia Jan who came to the PC after busting a union at the Karachi Electric Supply Company (KESC). Major Zia recently told the striking workers that they ought to be ashamed of themselves for fighting the PC.
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Joint Press Conference by Aman Ittehad in Islamabad – Solidarity Day 1st Jan 2010

A very well-attended joint press conference was held today at the Islamabad Press Club by the Aman Ittehad to announce the Solidarity Day across Pakistan in 37 cities on 1st january 2010 at 3:00

Mohammad Tahseen addressed the conference alongwith Dr. Said Alam Mehsud, Ali Asghar Khan, Rukhshanda Naz, Jaffer Memon, Prof Dr. Sarfaraz Khan, Maryam Bibi, Naeem Mirza, Naveed Shinwari, Shahzada Zulfiquar, Huma Fauladi, Raza Niazi, Shabina Ayaz, Sameena Nazeer, Salma Butt, Asim Malik, M. Y. Khan, Mehboob Sada, Zubair Malik, Mohammd Yusuf Qureshi, Zarqa Arshad and Rashida Dohad.

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