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Rally to Stop the Massacre of Civilians in Bajour

Rally held today at 4:00pm at Regal Chowk, Karachi protesting against the ruthless massacre of civilians in Bajour.

Credit for images albelarahi on Flickr


  • Usman |

    What a stupid bunch of Morons..
    Guess the Faujis and the civis
    did not learn a thing from 71.

    Lost east pakistan..

    Now Trying their best to lose the west part
    of Pakistan..

    Really Nice. Bravo. keep it up.

    Its one thing to make such a mistake once..

    This bunch of idiots are going to repeat such a grave mistake. What a combo Army and PPP.

    Fool me one shame on you..
    Fool me twice shame on me.

  • readinglord |

    What a pity! They can talk only and that too only about violation of borders, etc.. No mention of the human beings being murdered by drones, jets, etc. irrespective of the labels they carry.

    These are the powers whom the Holy Quran calls ‘Taghoot’, the anti-human forces. May God help us. We are facing today a situation worse than that leading to break-up of Quide’s Pakistan in 1971.

  • nazia |

    Our impotent generals and leaders are still unable to give real threat to US forces against continous attacks,Our air force who always declare that they can cover whole country in six minutes are still invisible from scene and our army men deputed in bajur are still blind and deaf who couldnt still hear and see the destruction of NATO planes.So lets hope that voice of these unarmed and untrained people could be hear in US parliament.

  • guYasir |

    Our impotent generals and leaders was/is/will never be able to threat mighty US-Nato forces rather they’ve gone mad once Mush saw Nato bombardment in afghanistan and gave up on one call made to him by bush for either be with us or back to stone age.
    Sub se phelay pakistan ka naara came 1st when he decided to go with US in its war on terror in order to save pakistan from US bombardment.
    How can they threat US-Nato while they eat their pork and fly f-16 and use their banks for their black money.
    They are bunch of craven and venal folks whose aim is to serve their masters malevolent agenda no matter its go against their own public.
    US parliament will do nothing to stop war rather they’ll put fierce fire on it to safe USA and its interest

  • AreWeAlive? |

    Ohhh….wait….I can’t believe my eyes…

    Pakistanis crying for Pakistanis???

    It can’t be true….

    How did MUSH and his accomplices missed them?

  • Rafay Kashmiri |

    @ ANP’s desperate last attempt to win back
    hearts of Pakistani Pathans ! just like
    Sarhadi Ghandi’s secular la-palak MQM in
    Sindh, The Nehru’s zurriat Altaf Bhai’a is
    trying to coordinate the rally in Karachi, but
    nobody responded, the small Bhai-Sattar is trying to
    formulate his excuse in Altafi English to convince
    Angrez Bahadur that they were the only pure
    loyal anti-Islams dallals, transfered from Indian
    RSS into Pakistan, they are certainly the southern
    Gandistlike their Norther brothers.

  • Barrister Ali K.Chishti |

    Jihadi / Taliban Appologists ! when did you guys got loose ? all I could see are a bunch of 40-50 and the Afghan “garbage pickers” boys ! get a life ………these Kharji scums of earth deserves death!

  • pinto |

    Barrister Ali K.Chishti,

    You didn’t look at the pictures or are Jihadi/Talibans on your mind all the time?

    If you look at the pictures you will notice its kind of communist/socialist people doing the protest.

  • guYasir |

    After Soviet Union demised many think that Communism died but communism isn’t dead rather soviet union finished in order to erect last and final Muslims threat aka “war on terror” remember communism aka paganism
    This battle is as archaic as ‘fall of man’ Islam is the last barrier in front of secular materialistic New World Order.
    Humanity is under occult attack by heretic jews(zevi) and christian(protestants) for world hegemony.
    Communism is cancer for any society its main aim is to subvert religion and our social/cultural institutions and its adherent to luciferism and it has largely succeed.
    As we slide into a recession or even a depression, keep your eye on the big picture. The Masonic central bankers (i.e. Illuminati) are waging war against humanity.

  • Usman |

    People! americans are not bombing bajur.
    they are bombing waziristan.

    Its Pakistani forces which are bombing
    bajur. Thats why its 1971.

    Barrister Chishti, whether you love or
    hate the taliban, what crime have the
    tribal civilains done to be bombed and
    killed by us? You hate the taliban, kill
    them but why kill kids with indiscriminate

    Pakistan forces dont even have
    laser guided bombs, how are they going
    to be doing precision strikes. All stories
    from there indicate the civilians are bearing
    the brunt of the attack. Exactly like in
    East Pakistan.

    whats wosre is completely leveling whole
    villages on reports of a few taliban being
    there. There is not check no balance on
    Armys claims that they are avioding civilain

    I would not like lahore or karachi to be
    bombed because of reports of some taliban
    being there. So Altaf hussain says the
    taliban are there in karachi so should
    Pakistan army tell everyone to evacuate
    karachi and then start bombing even
    thought most people will not be able to

    Its unfair for us not to put ourselves in
    their shoes.

    I promise you when you do zulum or keep quite
    when it happens, it will come back to
    haunt you. Welcome to Pakistan 2008.

    Accumulated lanant comming back to haunt us.

  • Rafay Kashmiri |

    @ MQM’s thugs have loose motions problem, as they
    are afraid of those Talibans who might ask them accounts
    of Pathan-massacres by Altafi and Sattari gangsters,
    Ab to khatay khulein gay,
    Ab to India ki harami aulaad, hisaab digi, aur uska
    baap bhi dega.

  • Rafay Kashmiri |

    @ ANP and M Q M have programmed the Genocide of
    Pathans to take revenge of Partition, The Pakistani
    nation has to get rid of them, once and for all.

    Pakistan Zindahbaad

  • Khan Lala |

    Is it a rally against samraj US, and its present agents ANP and PPP or against religion Islam? One objects if someone condemns terrorism in the name of religion. But it is hypocrisy not to condemn ANP and PPP which are responsible for this civilian massacre.

  • Rafay Kashmiri |

    @ rallys is the culture of Surkhas, when ever they
    fail or keep on failing with nothing to say or do,
    then they move their buts and come out to show their
    hypocracy, and tell you exactly the opposite of what
    mess they have created, I told on other blogs that
    2009 will be the last breadth of Surkh-posh thugs and
    cannibals. They have already disappeared from Peshawar.
    ANP and MQM are the Khana-e-farhang-e-Hindia-secularia.