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A Grave Error: Letter to the Editor in Response to ones own Obituary

On 27th September Dr. Farhat Taj in the article titled “The Taliban and Salarzais” reported that Malik Munsaib Khan had died in an attack to say

The same day they informed me on telephone that Malik Munasib Khan, the spokesman of the Salarzai lashkar, had been killed. They held the ISI responsible for his killing

Interestingly Malik Munsaib Khan happended to read his own obituary and responded to Dr. Farhat in a letter to the editor “I am Alive” published a day later to say

…. I am very much alive and can be contacted on telephone no 0300-7044755. It is highly regrettable that the news of someone’s death is published without verification. The writer must apologise for the trauma caused to my family and well-wishers. – Malik Munasib Khan” — OOPS

Credit: Five Rupees

The Forthcoming Horror in Swat

This is an update on the Swat situation which was posted onto the Peoples Resistance Mailing List by Dr. Riaz Ahmed on 24th April [three days back]. I believe this analysis is worth reading and understanding the ground reality from the people in swat and their concerns surrounding Sufi Mohammad and the possible incursions by the Pakistan Army. Its good to keep into perspective the ground reality merely to balance the propaganda that keeps blasting away across the media
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Rally to Stop the Massacre of Civilians in Bajour

Rally held today at 4:00pm at Regal Chowk, Karachi protesting against the ruthless massacre of civilians in Bajour.

Credit for images albelarahi on Flickr