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Aman Ittehad passes People’s Resolution on 23rd March in Lahore

In a final concluding ceremony on the night of 22nd March and the early hours of 23rd March, Aman Ittehad hold a massive People’s Assembly in the Al-Hamra Auditorium Lahore to pass the final Peoples Resolution. This resolution comes from a consensus taken after conducting over 60 Peoples Assemblies across Pakistan to gather their ideas and draft this final version – the final presented resolution is as follows

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Peoples Resolution 23 March 2010, Lahore Peoples Resolution – March 2010 [PDF]

  • WHEREAS the people of Pakistan have in the past six decades been denied the rights and benefits of the citizenship of an independent and sovereign state;
  • WHEREAS the provinces of Pakistan have not enjoyed the autonomy promised in the Lahore Resolution of 1940;
  • WHEREAS the country has failed to evolve institutions of peace, human security and service delivery
  • THEREFORE, concerned citizens gathered together in People’s Assemblies all across the country and voiced their support for a new social contract
  • NOW, this Peoples Assembly held at the birthplace of the Lahore Resolution on its 70th anniversary, as a collective voice of all the People’s Assemblies held hitherto,
  • RESOLVES that adequate, effective and mandatory safeguards must specifically be provided in the Constitution of Pakistan to all citizens including non-Muslims for the protection of their religious, cultural, ethnic, linguistic, economic, and political rights and interests, in consultation with them. These safeguards must encourage transparency and accountability, the pillars of a true democracy with a view to creating a politically stable and socially responsive state that ensures all its citizens a life of dignity.
  • That equal opportunity and rights must be ensured to all citizens through the strengthening of institutions and the supremacy of the parliament that through its laws, policies and governance mechanisms transforms it from a security to a welfare state and a judiciary that dispenses justice to all with independence and equity. It ought to become a state that provides justice, quality healthcare and education, and livelihood for all citizens; a state that promotes peace in the region through a policy of non-interference and regional trade with all particularly its neighbours, and a state that lives in peace and actively enables its citizens to do so.
  • It is also the considered view of this Assembly that no constitutional plan would be workable in this country or acceptable to its people unless provinces are autonomous and governed according to the aspirations of people of the province that exercise complete control over their resources that are used equitably for the benefit of the citizens.
  • It is the sense of this Assembly that the parliament must frame all laws and oversee their implementation so as to protect citizens particularly the poor and the marginalized from oppression; the state must protect the rights of all its citizens through the provision of justice and the rule of law that holds people, particularly the powerful, accountable for their acts and omissions.
  • The Assembly further resolves that a social contract must be framed between citizens, and between citizens and the state. All laws that are framed and mechanisms for their implementation must be in harmony with this document that all policies, international and inter-provincial relationships, must conform to the collective will of the people expressed as the new social contract.


  • کیا کہا؟ |

    ڈاکٹر صاحب

    یہ لوگ کون ہیں اور انگریزی میں کیا کہ رہے ہیں پاکستان کے بارے میں؟ ان میں کوئ ایسا بندہ ہے جو پاقی کے پندرہ کروڑ عوام کو بھی سمجھا دے جنہیں انگریزی نہیں آتی؟

  • Junaid |

    Dear Awab,

    For a long time, Pakistanis have been target killed in Baluchistan. The murderes don't even bother to consider the services of people given to the community.

    Here is one more murder in the name of Grand Ethnic Plan.


    Would you write and ask your readers to condemn this brutality, I request, I beg.

  • Yasir Qadeer |

    It is highly encouraging to see that the educated and the thinking class of people are coming together and discussing the national issues among them. This ensures involvement of more and more public in the decision making process. Let the system exist and we might actually have a model of democracy that we all have only dreamed about till date.

  • Nazia |


    I am still unable to understand to whom they are conveying such message.

    GHQ has taken blind and deaf stance on this aman march as they have already started march against its territory and people on the orders of US.

    Parliament and parliamentarians are least bothered about such human activities going on in our civil circles.

    Govt has become impotent entity and only under control of army US and IMF.Left overs are gone in the pockets of individuals.

    So to whom they are guiding/advising??

  • Ammar |

    The Aman-ittehad resolution sheds light upon some very important areas such as the safe guards of minority rights, which have long been neglected. We need to ensure that not only that the minorities enjoy the same privileges and rights but also they should be able to relate to the objectives of Pakistan.

  • Nazia |

    Such kind of public motivation acts are worthless in law less state where normal person and family is living in insecure future.No power, no good options and relief from govt side army is in mood of continuation of war and political cartoons are playing their tricks, further inflicting the wounds of public.

    • Hira Mir |

      @nazia. I would not comment on the political cartoons much but one thing I know is that we back the military operations in this time. The Taliban must go and go for good. We can not allow them to practice their barbaric ideology and destroy this country at any cost.

  • Khan |

    In 1940 there were many that thought as you do today, that nothing could be achieved. The Muslim league had suffered a huge defeat in the 1937 elections yet there were a few that helped others to dream and work together. In 7 years the impossible became possible. The irony is that through a lack of direction the new state failed to deliver or work for those in whose name it was created – ordinary citizens, the poor and the oppressed. If people come together today to take charge and commit to change, to some it may yet again seem like an impossible task. But thank God there are many that still dream and are ready to work to make it possible.

  • Nazia |

    Sorry hira

    I cant back your stance as I am sure that we cant end this concept of extremism though force of arms and army as they are well trained too.They are trained of deadly guerrilla wars in which if superiority will be noted they would retrieve to hiding places and again come when regain strength.

    We have brought up a generation under such concept of jihad killers and very strong local groups have been involved in this business of billions.We have plenty of frustrated youth of such neglected areas who are active fuels of such groups.

    So we have planted this seed of hatred through conceptual infiltration in particular habitants of mountains and you can only lessen their frustration through long term planning of human development procedures.

    War would only give short term peace or might fill the pockets of zardari and co or GHQ top brass but ultimately people have to face afteraffects of this show of power.

  • Amna Zaman |

    Public motivation is what we want right now. The public has to be reminded to take ownership and begin to be responsible citizens. That is very important for them because they need to support this war on terror and get rid of Taliban from Pakistan soil who are continuosly affecting the financials of this country.

  • aadil |

    now we sindhis are slave in pakistan we r losing our culture in pakistan in history our country was sindh but now we r captured in pakistan but soon we ll get freedom like bangladesh bcz pakistan is only way to feed the punjab in name of islam sindh assembly was first assembly voted pakistan but this pakistan is for punjab now we want our own country where we hold our culture and identity

    jeay sindhudesh jeay sain gmsyed