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  • bechara shair |

    Abb inkey saath chalo,

    yai nikley hain

    Pakistan bachaney

    Kabb BB nai kaha thaa?

    Kabb Zardari nai kaha tha?

    kah woh niklain hain

    Surrey Mahal bananey,

    Kab Altaf nai kaha tha?

    12 May ko niklain hain

    Qaum ko khoon nihlaney

    Kabb nawaz nai kaha tha?

    kah woh nikla hai,

    apnee zindagee bachaney?

    Azizo kahtey sabb yahee hain,

    Ham nikley hain Pakistan Bachaney,

    Jinhain ho ashiraad NGOz kaa

    Jinpey khulain gheron kai khazaney

    Jinhain ho jhotee filmon ka saha-ra,

    woh kahtey hain woh nikley hain,

    Pakistan bachaney

    fikar nahee inhain

    Pakistan bachaney kee

    yai to nikley hain

    thora *fame* kamaney

  • kuchtokaro |

    Aur aap hain ghar bhaitey…..

    bas doosron par ilzam laganey.

    apni zandagi par khaelne ko

    sofa par baith kar khehte ho dost

    ke ye to mazdoor aur kissan

    buzurg aur jawan

    nikle hain sirf Fame kamaney

    Aao dost shamil ho waziristan ki peace rally mein

    ya FATA ki 8 dosri rallies mein

    ya khuzdar aur kahin aur aao Balochistan

    ya swat or kohistan……

    Himmat hai to aao

    aap bhi kuch fame kamao!

  • Sakib Ahmad |

    Amazing to see an outpouring in Urdu! Is Urdu to be used only for shouting slogans and then pushed under the carpet, out of sight? What hypocrisy!

    The slogan writers talk of ‘insaaf’ and ‘mazloom’ but they fail to see that the biggest injustice that the people of Pakistan suffer from is the imposition of a foreign language, and the neglect of the national language, in Pakistan. This means that all the plum jobs are reserved for the offspring of the rich, who enjoy a privileged upbringing and are educated in a language that most Pakistanis do not understand. These rich kids grow up imitating a foreign culture and looking down upon their fellow Pakistanis who have been denied similar opportunities. No wonder we, as a nation, have no self-respect and our nominal rulers kowtow before the Americans, the real rulers of Pakistan.

    My suggested slogans are:

    ! ذہنی آزادی حاصل کرو

    !انگریزی نکالو ، اردو راءج کرو

    !انصاف کا مطلب ؟ سب کے لئے یکساں تعلیم

    If you want to know the reasoning behind these slogans, please click on the link below. Read the article and ALL the comments on it.


    • kuchtokaro |

      Come to the All Pakistan Mushaira organised by the Ahmad Faraz Trust (Also a part of Aman Ittehad) In Islamabad on 9th January on the occasion of his Birthday.

    • readinglord |

      You call yourself a Punjabi, but you insulted Punjabies by first, in aping the British, calling Punjab, 'the Punjab' and than calling Punjabi, the mother-tongue of the majority of the current pakiland, as a regional language, and urdu, spoken hardly by 5% of the pakies as a national language.

      Again, you assert that urdu is the means of communication among different nationalities of the pakiland, but you forget it was the main cause of break up of Pakistan. In fact the history of Pakistan can be summed up in a single sentence:

      "Quade Azam's mastery of English made Pakistan and his ill-advised obsession with installing urdu as a national language broke it."

      I agree with your assertion that urdu is useful for communication among various nationalities of the pakiland, but mind dear we are living now in a global village where English, the language of logic, reason and science, rules the roost.

      Btw, you did not say anything about Arabic, the so called language of Allah, which is being used as our religious language. Should it not also be replaced by our so called national language urdu to break the hold of the mullah's 'deene fassaad'?

    • Sakib Ahmad |


      The link I gave you has the answers to most of your questions. I have neither the time nor the inclination to respond to insincere and incessant questioning of brainwashed Pakistanis who will use any stratagem to safeguard their privileged position in Pakistan. If you have any modicum of sincerity left in you, do read my article IN FULL and ALL the comments that follow. Here are a couple of extracts:

      "The privileged Pakistani class which has rammed English down the throats of Pakistanis is fond of justifying this abomination by dishonestly claiming that Urdu is a “foreign” language spoken by a minority of Pakistanis! They reinforce this deception by presenting the regional languages of Pakistan as rivals to Urdu for imparting education to our children. I know of no Punjabi who has ever claimed that Punjabi should be introduced as the medium of instruction in schools. Only members of Pakistan’s westernised sub-class, cut off from our historical and cultural links, would make this ridiculous claim. The fact is that our forefathers, irrespective of their regional backgrounds, contributed to the development, enrichment and popularity of Urdu. Iqbal, Faiz, Qudratullah Shahab, Manto, Dr Syed Abdullah, Mumtaz Mufti, Inayatullah Khan Al-Mashriqi, and hundreds of others, were all non-Urdu speakers and yet their love of Urdu was boundless. They accepted that, realistically, this was the only language which could claim to be the language of communication among the Muslims of India and the people of Pakistan".

      "At one time China and South Korea were both categorised with Pakistan as ‘developing nations’ but they have since broken out of that straitjackjet while Pakistan has stood still. The reason is that those countries were able to harness the talent and genius of their populations by the simple means of spreading education in the language that people spoke. Thus, they were able to utilise their full intellectual resources for national development while we unfortunate Pakistanis depended, to a very large extent, on the 5% or so of “English educated” exploiting class. The Chinese, the Koreans, the Malaysians and the Japanese managed to develop their languages to a point where the whole population could participate in the development of the country but we Pakistanis continued with our love affair with English at the expense of Urdu. It is still not too late – the amazing developments in computer software have made it possible for us to follow the example of so-called 'Asian tigers'."

      Regarding your gratuitous reference to Arabic, Al-Quran was revealed in the Quraish dialect of Arabic spoken some 1500 years ago for the simple reason that that was the language of Muhammad Rasul-Allah, Rehmat-ul-lil-aalameen. Modern Arabic is a totally different language which is NOT spoken anywhere in Pakistan. So there!

      I feel like I am giving an elementary lesson in Islam to little children! You should know that Allah's Message has always been conveyed in the language of the Messenger. Allah has no need of a language but he can make use of human languages to convey His Message.

  • Sakib Ahmad |

    I am surprised that there has been no pressure on the "Pakistani leadership" to apologise for its obsequious behaviour towards the American Ambassador in Islamabad, as revealed by WikiLeaks. We need some appropriate نعرے directed at these spiritual descendants of Mir Ja'far and Mir Saadiq.


    ! قوم کے مجرم، امریکہ کے خادم

    زرداری ، کیانی ، گیلانی، نواز شریف، الطاف حسین ، فضل اور اسفندیار

    وگی لیکس نے تمھارے کپڑے اتار دئے ہیں

    ! اپنی برہنگی پہچانو


    ! زرداری ، گیلانی اور کیانی

    ! تمھارے ہاتھ بیگناہ پاکستانیوں کے خون سے رنگے ہوۓ ہیں

    کب تک تم امریکی ڑرون طیاروں سے اپنے ہموطنوں کا خون بہاتے رہو گے ؟

    کب تک تم قومی ۱سمبلی کو دھوکہ دیتے رہو گے ؟

    • Sakib Ahmad |

      کچھ اور نعرے

      امریکا کی غلامی کو جمہوریت کہنے والو

      جمہوریت کو کند چھری سے ذبح کرنے والو  

      اپنی سیاسی جماعتوں میں انتخابات کرواؤ

        یہ تمھارے خاندان کی جاگیر نہیں ہیں

      !قومی انتخابات سے پہلے پارٹی انتخابات