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  • Analyzing Pakistan & India’s response to COVID-19 handling

    Analyzing Pakistan & India’s response to COVID-19 handling

    Analyzing Pakistan’s ‘Handling‘ of the Coronavirus and India’s ‘Mishandling‘ of the pandemic India & Pakistan demographics are quite similar (cultural, poverty & possibly a weaker virus strain?) but the number of cases are drastically different My observations below ↓ India in terms of population is 6 TIMES more populus than Pakistan (1,382 mln vs 221…

  • His Last Speech — Usman, the Rehri Wala

    His Last Speech — Usman, the Rehri Wala

    written by Aon Abbas Buppi – Managing Director of Pakistan Bait-ul-Mal While going through my messages at this hour (morning of 31st May 2019 during Sehri time) I have just received a call from a colleague of mine sharing the news that Usman, The Rehri Wala has, died ……. The story begins in last year…

  • AETIBAR — by Atif Aslam, tribute to Junaid Jamshed

    Junaid Jamshed’s AETIBAR — by Atif Aslam, a tribute to the legend

  • The DJ’s of ‘Political Combat’

    Guest Blog by Zeeshan Khan (@ZeeshChohan) Perhaps there was no better time to pen this down. With the rising tensions between India and Pakistan lately, the ‘online’ soldiers from both sides have grabbed their keyboards to administer the proceedings between both countries. As the DSL connections became more and more common, there emerged a whole…

  • Cricket Pitch Curation at Kolkata in Pakistan vs India T20 Match

    Shoaib Malik almost says what he wanted to say “it’s not the curators fault — he can’t control the weather ” But last two matches the ball was coming up and good, for seam, At the toss pundits were saying win the toss and bat first – but dhoni to the surprise of many opts…

  • #♥︎Karachi from Alvi Dental on Shahbaz

    #♥︎Karachi from Alvi Dental on Shahbaz

    A breathtaking sight from the top floor of our new Alvi Dental setup on Kh-e-Shahbaz

  • Nawaz Sharif’s – Defeatist Body Language

    The fundamentals of good leadership is to present yourself with a positive and confident body language, be it limited to mere visual optics, but every public opportunity one needs to be on-top of his game and each photograph taken should portray confidence combined with the subtleties of a good tailored suit, well groomed hair and even…

  • 10 Lessons Pakistan can learn from the Northern Ireland Conflict

    10 Lessons Pakistan can learn from the Northern Ireland Conflict

    Comparing 10 holistic lessons learned from the Northern Ireland conflict to war going on in Pakistan – We simply need to reclaim the Peace in Pakistan – it has to be a combination of good cop – bad Cop approach, meaning Peace Talks combined with threatening use of strategic force, no matter how we do…

  • Another rigged election?

    Another rigged election?

    Guest Blog by By M. Fahid Saleem “These are the most important elections in the history of country, this will determine the destiny of Pakistan” said different politician and pundits before elections. Unfortunately, the post election debate which should have been focused on its results and its policy implication on Pakistan’s future is surrounded by…

  • Are they “Children of a Lesser God?”

    You must have abundantly heard about School shooting in the US where children are brutally murdered by maniacs, the world gushed a shock at the inhumanity of how a person could have the heart to kill a child. What people seem to forget amongst another statistics are the CHILDREN killed in Pakistan courtesy of US…

  • Aik Naya Pakistan

  • Drone Pilots: Did we just kill a Kid? No .. it was a dog with Two Legs

    A drone operator sitting in front of a video screen in New Mexico after he just bombed a target to oblivion “Did we just kill a kid?” he asked the man sitting next to him. “Yeah, I guess that was a kid,” the pilot replied. “Was that a kid?” they wrote into a chat window…

  • Saving HEC = Saving Pakistan

    Saving HEC is akin to Saving Pakistan Facebook

  • Support a Pakistan & India Peace Film

    Ali Kapadia, a filmmaker has recently embarked upon a film which talks about Peace between Pakistan and India – he aims to raise $75,000 through Kickstarter campaign – if you believe in promting peace between Pakistan and India read the story line of this movie it might compel you to support this cause.

  • STAY GRANTED: Constitutional Petition Preventing PTA from Blocking of Websites

    On the 17th of April 2012, seven individuals, Dr. Awab Alvi, Sana Saleem, Faisal Kapadia, Nazim Haji, Naeem Sadiq, Noman Quadri and Ayesha Tammy Haq, through their lawyer Haider Waheed with Basil Nabi Malik, petitioned the High Court of Sindh at Karachi challenging the arbitrary and random acts of the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) in blocking/ censoring…