Are they “Children of a Lesser God?”

Drones Kill Children TooYou must have abundantly heard about School shooting in the US where children are brutally murdered by maniacs, the world gushed a shock at the inhumanity of how a person could have the heart to kill a child.

What people seem to forget amongst another statistics are the CHILDREN killed in Pakistan courtesy of US Drone action in Pakistan.  Drones Watch has aggregated a list of the names of about 97 Pakistani children killed by US Drones attack in Pakistan – The data has been extracted from The Bureau of Investigative Journalism – The excuse is that these highly accurate equipment is necessary to coordinate targeted attacks designed to take out various Al-Qaeda militants hiding in the tribal belt of Pakistan.

With the presented list of over 97 children under the age of 18 – is this a mere accidental casual collateral damage or are these actual innocent human children suffering due to shear ignorance of the Pakistani Parliamentarians to not stop the drone menace in Pakistan.  No one has heard about these children, probably no one wanted this list to be compiled – but what fault is it of these children to have been killed for no fault of their own – mind you this is a list of 97 children whose names have been documented and recorded – I fear to think how many hundred more there might be who simply dont get counted.

  1. Noor Aziz – 8 – male
  2. Abdul Wasit – 17 – male
  3. Noor Syed – 8 – male
  4. Wajid Noor – 9 – male
  5. Syed Wali Shah – 7 – male
  6. Ayeesha – 3 – female
  7. Qari Alamzeb – 14- male
  8. Shoaib – 8 – male
  9. Hayatullah KhaMohammad – 16 – male
  10. Tariq Aziz – 16 – male
  11. Sanaullah Jan – 17 – male
  12. Maezol Khan – 8 – female
  13. Nasir Khan – male
  14. Naeem Khan – male
  15. Naeemullah – male
  16. Mohammad Tahir – 16 – male
  17. Azizul Wahab – 15 – male
  18. Fazal Wahab – 16 – male
  19. Ziauddin – 16 – male
  20. Mohammad Yunus – 16 – male
  21. Fazal Hakim – 19 – male
  22. Ilyas – 13 – male
  23. Sohail – 7 – male
  24. Asadullah – 9 – male
  25. khalilullah – 9 – male
  26. Noor Mohammad – 8 – male
  27. Khalid – 12 – male
  28. Saifullah – 9 – male
  29. Mashooq Jan – 15 – male
  30. Nawab – 17 – male
  31. Sultanat Khan – 16 – male
  32. Ziaur Rahman – 13 – male
  33. Noor Mohammad – 15 – male
  34. Mohammad Yaas Khan – 16 – male
  35. Qari Alamzeb – 14 – male
  36. Ziaur Rahman – 17 – male
  37. Abdullah – 18 – male
  38. Ikramullah Zada – 17 – male
  39. Inayatur Rehman – 16 – male
  40. Shahbuddin – 15 – male
  41. Yahya Khan – 16 -male
  42. Rahatullah -17 – male
  43. Mohammad Salim – 11 – male
  44. Shahjehan – 15 – male
  45. Gul Sher Khan – 15 – male
  46. Bakht Muneer – 14 – male
  47. Numair – 14 – male
  48. Mashooq Khan – 16 – male
  49. Ihsanullah – 16 – male
  50. Luqman – 12 – male
  51. Jannatullah – 13 – male
  52. Ismail – 12 – male
  53. Taseel Khan – 18 – male
  54. Zaheeruddin – 16 – male
  55. Qari Ishaq – 19 – male
  56. Jamshed Khan – 14 – male
  57. Alam Nabi – 11 – male
  58. Qari Abdul Karim – 19 – male
  59. Rahmatullah – 14 – male
  60. Abdus Samad – 17 – male
  61. Siraj – 16 – male
  62. Saeedullah – 17 – male
  63. Abdul Waris – 16 – male
  64. Darvesh – 13 – male
  65. Ameer Said – 15 – male
  66. Shaukat – 14 – male
  67. Inayatur Rahman – 17 – male
  68. Salman – 12 – male
  69. Fazal Wahab – 18 – male
  70. Baacha Rahman – 13 – male
  71. Wali-ur-Rahman – 17 – male
  72. Iftikhar – 17 – male
  73. Inayatullah – 15 – male
  74. Mashooq Khan – 16 – male
  75. Ihsanullah – 16 – male
  76. Luqman – 12 – male
  77. Jannatullah – 13 – male
  78. Ismail – 12 – male
  79. Abdul Waris – 16 – male
  80. Darvesh – 13 – male
  81. Ameer Said – 15 – male
  82. Shaukat – 14 – male
  83. Inayatur Rahman – 17 – male
  84. Adnan – 16 – male
  85. Najibullah – 13 – male
  86. Naeemullah – 17 – male
  87. Hizbullah – 10 – male
  88. Kitab Gul – 12 – male
  89. Wilayat Khan – 11 – male
  90. Zabihullah – 16 – male
  91. Shehzad Gul – 11 – male
  92. Shabir – 15 – male
  93. Qari Sharifullah – 17 – male
  94. Shafiullah – 16 – male
  95. Nimatullah – 14 – male
  96. Shakirullah – 16 – male
  97. Talha – 8 – male



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6 responses to “Are they “Children of a Lesser God?””

  1. aimal bashir Avatar
    aimal bashir

    There were women too, innocent women. And innocent men as well. Plus the children, this is a slaughter.

  2. AlexisWolf Avatar

    From "I have a dream" to "I have a drone" MLK must be turning in his grave.

  3. Malik Avatar

    Western atrocities in the name of war on terror. Well you cant ignore the fact that these attacks cause more terror than anything else. Its not eliminating terror but creating new bread of terrorists. UN is nothing but a group of rich countries jointly protecting their interests in poor countries by waging a war inside their boundaries. They have to create a market for their weapons as who are they going to sell them to if there is no war. I do not blame them they are trying to fund their peoples life style by making money from out of it. I blame pakistani people for not standing upto it. I bet if a million men stood outside those palaces in pakistan promising to tear apart every brick if a single more drone happened

  4. Haider Avatar

    Terror can't be stopped by war. Because war itself is terrorism.

  5. katia Avatar

    Terror cannot be stopped by war.

    War is big magnitude terrorrism, government funded, official and highly sophisticated offense by a nation, whereas terrorism, is privately funded, small scale, unpredictable counter offense, normally prompted by huge, impossible to fight back and unjust wars or huge injustices.
    War on terrorism is a bully justifying heavier bullying on the already seriously upset victim- a victim that was upset enough to go into terrorism as a solution.

    The main reason war on terrorism never ends, too, or cannot easily die is that one single isolated incident of terrorism can and is used to justify a decade of war and the total annihilation of a country and its civilians.
    This means that it is reasonably easy to concoct a fake terrorrist attack to then use it as the motivation to war…
    This is used as motivation for war, motivation to change laws, motivation to breach Constitiutions, Motivation for endless secrecies…
    Motivation for imperial wars, Motivation to put forward laws that diosregard Humnan Rights.
    It is motivation for all ills, and to bring the world back to a barbarism, the conditions, where barbarism is possible by an elite against the masses.
    This is going back in history, this is hugely insane, and yet is more powerful than the total mass of individuals together can fight back…
    This is leading us to a dark age, where secrecy, war, religionthe miilitary and an elite, not aristocrtacy but the Lords of Money (Bankesters and Corporations) totally own the land, the people, ttheir work force, their produce, the law, the knowledge, and Politics and History, and where people are mere serfs.

    The difference too is

  6. katia Avatar

    tgat technology today is such that one cannot easily overthrow a leader with a coupel of swords…

    Leaders are unreachable.

    Currently they are using our energy, in teh form of money, to pull teh reigns tight on the rtest of teh world. Sioon they will come for us too.
    In fact, we have begun to feel this now that western counries too have become subject to financial and legal and political opression.
    We have been used as unsuspecting mercenaries and slavemasters, and we are next in line in becoming the victims of these Lords and their slaves.

    So about war and terrorrism:
    There are then several obvious outpoints:
    The two are not of comparable magnitude.
    The target is incorrect.
    There is a lie.
    There is an evident incorrect sequence. As terrorrism is caused by offensives in the first place.
    There is also added time- 10 year for instance is a little long, to reduce some terrorists.
    There is also omitted data: we don't have the full explanation of the 9/11 but we are using it to justify our war.
    There is false data/Omitted data: there were no WMD after all!
    There is also, the omitted data, of the actual terrorism caused against the vary many nations, and civilians. Under the conditions above.

    This omitted data is what WIKILEAKS is trying to bring forward putting all pertinent facts on the table.
    For people cannot make up their minds when much of the data pertinent to a situation is hidden. Certainly if it is a secret and the revelation of it leads to life sentence or Death penalty…
    Lies and omitted data lead innocent people to further harm more innocent people… through ignorance and induced bigotry.

    That such Legal penalties have been put in place is evidence that the government is an Imperialistic Oppressive monster, able to oppress the people into a situation where their own law, leads them blindly into worldwide genocide. The people are paying and voting for governors that lead , not just their nation, but the world, in a medieval, or Roman, manner.

    They just conquer and destroy everything unless the other nations remain subservient.

    This is so wild and so wicked it is beyond most ordinary humans' comprehension.
    So if Manning is guilty of 'maybe' causing harm to some people, then the rest of the population is guilty of definitely having killed millions, with their full support…

    Are we going to imprison the whole of the West, or restore reason and truth, and imprison those that are directly responsible for these manipulations of peoples and the massacres of whole nations worldwide, on a continual basis?

    In that sense WIKILEAKS makes total sense. It is a harmful act of omission to leave such monstruous harm doings unveiled. To leave it hidden is to be totally responsible;e for the perpetration of the reality found in such documents: the intentional, calculated and careless slaughter of civilians, and even the creation of unnecessary wars for profit, and thus the crime of creating war, as a business.

    There should be a penalty heavier that capital punishment for that. I hate punishment but such people should not even be allowed to die. Leave them to live long in a cell, where they cannot engage in harm, as who knows what they will be doing in the after world.
    They cannot be trusted anywhere. We may well be harming others! The best is merely to keep them securely away from doing harm, for life. Capital punishment is an easy way out.

    Unless we resolve our ways, terrorism, will have to happen, as populations are oppressed that must push back… in defense of their people…
    Unless we resolve our ways, then wars will also have to go on.
    Wars will go on systematically as it is 'just another' business, approved by the state.
    We will continue to be accomplices, and most likely also, kept in the dark about it, so we don't rebell.

    Also,. tose that rebel, will easily be targeted too BECAUSE WE DON"T STANT UP AND CHANGE OUR WAYS.

    Now, how much damage can we disown before we can recognize some responsibility and start refusing our ignorance and our contribution?

    How long? How many people will you agree should be killed so long as you don't know about it, and so that you are not yourself at risk?

    How can we sleep at night? How can we eat? how can we breathe? How can we care for our clothes, children and so on, knowing we are just members of a worldwide mafia. Low, uninformed members but supporters of this monstrosity?

    I know we cannot just get a sling a=or snap at them… it is not easy to 'discipline' our malevolent leaders.

    You don't have to attack them. Just drop any and all support you can. Back up all the whistleblowers. Know the truth, know how the world works, do what you can to make it a better place and all you can to not be part of the Mafia.

    Cut your credit cards. Do not accrue debt. Do not borrow. I don't know, get inventive. replace consumerism with creativity. Write, paint… help others. Defeat consumerism. Dump your television. Refute all Press data. These are some examples. Inform others when possible. Their ignorance is criminal.

    forgive my prose, English is not my first language.