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#StartWithTheBoys – Vogue Empower message for Violence Against Women

Just came across this infomercial campaign by Vogue Empower – their message for Violence Against Women / Domestic Violence – the video is a very thought provoking message and a message that needs to be drummed up massively to a point of embarrassment to those who do engage in domestic violence

I fully support this campaign and hope you do too.


Missing Persons – Nadir Feroze & Shakil Ahmed

Nadir FerozeIf you recall almost a year back a cardiac medicine took the life of a few hundred people in Punjab – the debacle focused on a fault medicine by a company called Efroze Chemicals – Since then the courts have been investigating this case and the directors keep being summoned into court for the proceedings but on Jan 24th when both Nadir Feroze & Shakil Ahmed appeared for their bail extensions they were abducted outside the court premises and have not been located

Eferoze Chemical’s Nadir Feroze Khan & Shakil Ahmad appeared before the court on Thursday, January 24, however as soon as they came out of court premises, four to six cops in civvies picked them up and bundled them into an Elite Police Force van at gunpoint

It is alleged that the police took the two to some undisclosed place and they had not been traced even after passage of 72 hours. Complaints have been filed at Rescue 15 soon after the kidnaping and also submitted an application with Islampura Police Station. However, NO FIR had been registered so far

FACEBOOK PAGE: Help recover Nadir Feroz & Shakil Ahmad – Illegally Detained

Are they “Children of a Lesser God?”

Drones Kill Children TooYou must have abundantly heard about School shooting in the US where children are brutally murdered by maniacs, the world gushed a shock at the inhumanity of how a person could have the heart to kill a child.

What people seem to forget amongst another statistics are the CHILDREN killed in Pakistan courtesy of US Drone action in Pakistan.  Drones Watch has aggregated a list of the names of about 97 Pakistani children killed by US Drones attack in Pakistan – The data has been extracted from The Bureau of Investigative Journalism – The excuse is that these highly accurate equipment is necessary to coordinate targeted attacks designed to take out various Al-Qaeda militants hiding in the tribal belt of Pakistan.

With the presented list of over 97 children under the age of 18 – is this a mere accidental casual collateral damage or are these actual innocent human children suffering due to shear ignorance of the Pakistani Parliamentarians to not stop the drone menace in Pakistan.  No one has heard about these children, probably no one wanted this list to be compiled – but what fault is it of these children to have been killed for no fault of their own – mind you this is a list of 97 children whose names have been documented and recorded – I fear to think how many hundred more there might be who simply dont get counted.

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PML-N leaders making efforts for settlement of Shahzaib murder case

Shahzeb KhanPakistan Today comes out with a more clearer story as compared to their Hoax Story published against Shahzeb Khan movement

It seems like PML-N Sindh President Ghaus Ali Shah tried to barter Rs 25 crore as blood money but Nabil Gabol a close family member of In memory of Shahzeb Khan rejected the offer and smugly countered to give a bounty of Rs 30 crore if the murderers surrendered to the police.

The Family has been categoric to deny any possibility of compromise and strictly want justice. Im sure the family may be under tremendous pressure and applaud them for holding their ground.
Pakistan Today: PML-N leaders making efforts for settlement of Shahzaib murder caseshared on Facebook by Awab Alvi

HELP Shamsul Anwar save the life of his 14-year old girl kidnapped by Terrorists

UPDATE 4: Read the latest update Shamsul Anwar, Hoax? Whodunnit – My Analysis
UPDATE 3: Great News – SHO Westridge CONFIRMS Madina Anwar has been recovered safely – WOW thank you everyone for this great news, a genuine shot out to everyone who played their part, we have together literally made a difference


UPDATE 2: We have been assured that Ansar Burney & the concerned authorities are fully managing the case – the necessary support is fully available and there is NO NEED to donate at this point. Inshallah AFTER the girl is released we will together help raise funds for entire FAMILY but at the moment choose not to aggravate a difficult situation. The family at the moment only needs your prayers for the safe return of Madina Anwar


UPDATE 1: After the flurry of updates across the web regarding fund raising for Shamsul Anwar’s daughter, we also did push for fund raising to help generate the ransom Rs. 1.8 Million, it has been suggested that under the guidance of many important citizen activists they together will positively fulfill the need for any ransom demand as the negotiations mature. We also do not want to set this as an online precedence for future kidnapping for ransom issues by opening the flood gates for other terrorists opportunists. Despite all our genuine concern for helping this family, please refrain from sending donations, but do not let go on the pressure on the Government of Pakistan to help secure the release of Mahina Anwar, as of now please DO NOT send money into the account numbers that were shared before


Today I am shocked at reading an article in The News titled Waiting to receive pieces of daughter’s dead body which narrates a shocking story of a Pakistan Army Lance Naik (r) Shamsul Anwar who is pleading for authorities to help save the life of his 14-year old daughter Madina Anwar, who was kidnapped in May 2011 and the captors have given him till the 12th of January to come forward with the ransom money of Rs. 1.8 Million.

Lets help save Shamsul Anwar’s familyLOBBY: To help Shamsul Anwar please raise as much awareness as possible, suggest
WRITE TO AVAAZ: Write to Avaaz telling them to take this issue global – by literally copy pasting the text below Contact Avaaz
UGET GOVT OF PAKISTAN INVOLVED: Write to ALL government leaders in Pakistan

DONATE: A WORD OF CAUTION – Please hold back any planned account transactions, a group of citizens are setting up an escrow account to ensure the funds are judiciously transfered to the rightful people, more update as things materialize. People are working to responsibly handle this crisis ensuring the safety of the girl etc – just hold back for any details in the morning


This tragic kidnapping story comes in the shadow of two sons who were previously kidnapped in 2006 – Mohammad Yaseen, 16, a student of 10th class, and Faizullah, 14, a 9th class student of Noor School in Dhoke Gujran — on May 15, 2006. The ransom for the release of both his sons were slated at Rs. 1.4 Million but Mohammed Yaseen was later found mercilessly killed chopped up into pieces on a wood-cutting saw, the entire video recorded on a CD and placed along with his remains in a gunny bag. Fortunately for Shamsul Anwar he did recover his younger son but due to the medicines injected into his body during captivity, is suffering from blood cancer

The story of the should have been highly acclaimed hero, Shamsul Anwar starts in January 2001 where he single handedly save the lives of hundreds of people from a terrorist bomb in Rawalpindi
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Meeting Under Secretary Maria Otero at the US Consulate in Karachi

Awab Alvi with US Consular General to KarachiOn 3rd November a small group of social & print media bloggers were invited to the US Consul General’s Residence in Karachi for a small luncheon discussion with the visiting US Under Secretary Maria Otero.

Maria Otero, is a well spoken representative of the US, coordinating U.S. foreign relations on a variety of global issues, including democracy, human rights, and labor; environment, oceans, health and science; population, refugees, and migration; and monitoring and combating trafficking in persons.

The discussion was interesting, everyone had a chance to put their point of view across, My issues were focused on
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Somalia Pirates Captured Pakistani Crew who remain missing even after 11 months – MV Albedo

Somali pirates are demanding over $5 million for the release of the MV Albedo which was hijacked about eleven months ago, the crew of the ship consists of 23 individuals including 7 Pakistanis, 7 Sri Lankans, 5 Bangladeshis, 2 Indians and an Iranian are also among the hostages. Capitan of the ship Javed Saleem belongs to Karachi, Chief Officer Mujtaba is from Manshera, Third Officer Raheel Anwar from Faisalabad, crew member Ahsan Naveed from Jhelum, Faqeer Muhammad Karachi and Fourth Engineer Zulfiqar Ali belongs to Gujrat.

I personally know Nareman Jawaid the daughter of the Captain Javed Saleem, who last saw her father over 11 months ago, her ordeal was recorded by The National
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A predominant, ‘one-sex’ nation!

You can never really expect a ‘good’ morning in Pakistan.

After waking up from the sleep last morning, I logged into my facebook account to just get a daily dose of news updates. As I scrolled down my home page, a link shared by a friend caught my eyes that completely bewildered me. The news headline read, “Pakistan ranked as THIRD most dangerous country in the world for women.” I tried to ignore the news ‘labelling’ it a false, rumor story but then I thought to undergo a process of research and thinking on the it.

The process that I did was just a track down of past few years of Pakistan where extremism, radicalization and terrorism had dominated the image of the nation, and where poor-stricken and underprivileged women were often seen as innocent victims of the disease of extremism and terrorism. I recalled how women in Pakistan are just not ‘equally’ treated like men; how they are deprived of their basic rights to live with freedom – free from all sorts of impositions; how they are less accessible to education; how they are less accessible to different sectors in Pakistan when it comes to employment; and how they are treated when what they do is just ‘defend’ their rights or ‘voice’ their concerns.
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Pakistan ranked as THIRD most Dangerous country in the World for Women

Thomson Reuters Foundation under its Trust Law for Women initiative conducted a global research polling over 200 gender experts across five continents to deduce the five most dangerous countries in the world for women. The study ranked the countries in the following order.

  1. Afghanistan
  2. Democratic Republic of Congo
  3. Pakistan
  4. India
  5. Somalia

While the Highest-ranked countries for each risk factor the evaluated were

  • Health: Afghanistan
  • Economic / Discrimination : Afghanistan
  • Cultural/tribal/religious : Pakistan
  • Sexual violence : Congo
  • Non-sexual violence : Afghanistan
  • Trafficking : India

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Mukhtara Mai Rejects the WikiLeaks Cable – Huzoor Bakhsh Kharos is NOT her Brother

On 13th June Dawn released WikiLeaks cables from the US Embassy in Islamabad in 2006 in which US Ambassador Ryan Crocker raising Suspicions of Mukhtaran Mai involvement in panchayat rulings against local girls

WIKILEAK CABLE: Mukhtaran’s brother Hazoor Bakhsh convened a panchayat (traditional court) to review the case of a nine-year old girl xxx who had been raped by three local individuals. According to civil society activists, Mai had urged her brother to deal with the case through a panchayat rather than the formal legal system, arguing that the courts would not properly deal with the rapists. At the panchayat, Bakhsh utilized his position and authority to order that the fifteen year old sister of one of the rapists, Faizan, be handed over in marriage to rape victim’s xxx father, Rasool Bakhsh, as compensation. Rasool tortured Faizan who was rescued by her father and brother one day after her marriage.

Civil society groups claimed that during the same panchayat, Hazoor Bakhsh, issued an order acquiting five people from a neighboring village of the kidnap and rape of two sisters xxx. Sources claim that despite promising the sister’s justice at the panchayat, Hazoor Bakhsh took a Rs. 60,000 (approximately $1000) bribe for their acquittal and ruled against the sisters — effectively finding them guilty of illicit sexual relations.

It seems that there are TWO Hazoor Bakhsh’s in the area one belongs to the Kharos tribe and is better known as Hazoor Bakhsh Kharos while Mukhtara Mai and her brother belong to the Gujjar tribe and her brother should best be recognzied as Hazoor Bakhsh Gujjar.

I’d like everyone to read the email circulated by Mukhtar Mai Women Welfare Organization which would clarify all confusions …..
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Pakistan Rangers impart Justice in 10 seconds

Words fail me, after I watched this video of a Sarfaraz Shah being shot down by our paramilitary law enforcement agency imparting justice in a mere ten seconds. Sarfaraz Shah was apparently brought to the Rangers checkpost positioned inside Benazir Bhutto Park across Boat Basin Karachi accused of holding a family hostage. A heated exchange of words between the two, with the alleged culprit pleading for mercy from the angered soldier requesting him to lower his gun – ends up in the soldier shooting two bullets into the abdomen of the victim, leaving him to bleed and ultimately Sarfaraz succumbs to death probably from excessive bleeding a few hours [?] later.

I wonder if Pakistan has been reduced to serving justice in mere 10 seconds. From the initial contact to the bullets being fired it took mere 7-10 seconds. On one hand I can understand the lawlessness prevailing in our country, with thugs roaming free killing people left right and center, it has gone out of hand and one would suggest a stern hand is needed to stop this menace, but such criminality under the watchful eyes of 6-7 military personel is unwarranted and I must hold our law enforcement agencies to a higher standard on the judicial discharge of their weapons, which is indirectly entrusted to them by the state and eventually by the same tax payers who happend to be the citizens of Pakistan.
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Deciphering the attacks on Pakistani Nationals in Bahrain

CPR - A Bahrain ID Card which has the nationality clearly mentioned

After posting the two write-ups on the blog here & here about the threats on Pakistanis living in Bahrain, its important to share my own analysis over this issue that I have gained over the past two days thanks to a number of friends in Bahrain and around the world.

There is a large population of Pakistanis living in Bahrain, many settled for years, many knowing only the Kingdom of Bahrain as their birth place, are now suddenly feeling threatened and fear their own personal security. The population which has lived together as a community for many years has recently been divided drastically in terms of Shia and Sunni religious sects, predominantly the Arab rulers are Sunni while a large influx of expatriates have flowed into the country namely Pakistan & other south Asian regions [sunni] and a large section from Iran [shiite]. Mostly the ruling family has recruited Pakistanis [and other south Asians] into the police force because of their natural preference to having a “trusted” dominated force.

Over time many people in Bahrain eyed Pakistanis as the golden-eye favorites of the rulers and were seen with a certain degree of resentment. With the hub of the revolution starting from the GCC roundabout the issue initially was reported as a pro-democracy protest, but over the past few days the “pro-democracy” protesters have become Anti Government rioters taking a startling turn.

Peaceful Pakistanis being a blue-eyed favorite of the rulers have been blanket labeled as pro-government and have become fair game to protestors to identify and inhumanely brutalize them at will. Prime target has been the multi-national police force of who have been at the receiving end of the most inhumane, racial treatment by the protestors and abundant videos are circulating to support this.
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Letter from a Pakistani Journalist in Bahrain appealing for Help

A Pakistani Man begging for mercy after being severely thrashed

I write this in great distress. As the world knows, there has been a wave of protests in Bahrain that has rocked the entire country. While most of the world, including our brothers in Pakistan and media want to see it as a sequel to the incidents in Tunisia and Egypt, let me assure you that it isn’t.

I a Pakistani and a journalist based here for more many years, want to tell you that it is entirely a sectarian issue with the Shias (even not all of them) wreaking havoc on the country. For the past month ever since their protests started on February 14, they have paralysed daily life in the country bringing it to a virtual standstill. Before the operation started on March 15 late afternoon, the protesters had gone on the rampage killing and injuring whoever they could get their hands on. However, they seem to be sifting Pakistanis from the rest since our countrymen are serving the country in the security forces.

It has grown to an extent that they have killed one Pakistani and seriously injured many more. They had even captured a group of Pakistanis and took them to the largest government hospital – Salmaniya Medical Complex – where everyone from patients and doctors kicked and punched and cursed them. The doctors totally violated their oath of treating people irrespective of their race, nationality or leaning. There was lot of panic amongst the residents and citizens here. However, with the arrival of the Peninsula Shield Force (the united GCC force just like Nato, etc.) conditions have improved a lot.
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