Meeting Under Secretary Maria Otero at the US Consulate in Karachi

Awab Alvi with US Consular General to KarachiOn 3rd November a small group of social & print media bloggers were invited to the US Consul General’s Residence in Karachi for a small luncheon discussion with the visiting US Under Secretary Maria Otero.

Maria Otero, is a well spoken representative of the US, coordinating U.S. foreign relations on a variety of global issues, including democracy, human rights, and labor; environment, oceans, health and science; population, refugees, and migration; and monitoring and combating trafficking in persons.

The discussion was interesting, everyone had a chance to put their point of view across, My issues were focused on

  • Pushing for independence of US involvement in Pakistans political issues,
  • We would like to reaffirm our dignity & self respect and would choose not to receive charity money, but would like to build on stronger business relationship, with BOT investments by US in Pakistan
  • Help Pakistan eliminate corruption [?] by tightening on where US’s money actually goes
  • Help us achieve transparent democratic elections where I discussed the concept of Mera Vote Meri Taqat

Other attendees also presented some very valuable ideas & insights on their concerns about Pakistan

Seemingly at the end in my opinion, it was nothing new, most of the issues the US already knows and it seemed that having invited us, only served the purpose of “Making us to feel important” and secondly such “private luncheons” actually opens channels with bloggers, which may come in handy at a future date. The more important question is, was the US team there to “listen & possibly implement” or were they there merely to serve us a LOLLIPOP ….??



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7 responses to “Meeting Under Secretary Maria Otero at the US Consulate in Karachi”

  1. mqpasta Avatar


    I heard a similar story that US invited few selected young journalist / directors in US for training / conference… some of them came back with new mindset from that tour!! …

    1. teethmaestro Avatar

      @mqpasta LOL – care to name, names – coz its no fun without it – but it DOES happen, if you sip the cup that feeds the hand, you do tend to have a soft corner for their positions

      That is exactly my concern, agreed we were honored to be invited for a private luncheon [no harm in that, loved the food] but what does concern me, is to what end is this dialogue or discussion? is it to improve their policy towards pakistan or is just to humor and honor a few with the hope of edging in a soft corner…. PR tactics at play, some fall for it some may not, bottom line is I hope this dialogue results in some positive development and hope the 1-1/2 hour was not a wasted lollipop ๐Ÿ™‚

    2. Puruesh Avatar

      @teethmaestro its good to see people have a take on things happening around them in a perspective which isnt jaded over a cup of coffee.

    3. inderkishan Avatar

      @teethmaestro@mqpasta Its good to be invited. We feel honoured and exchange views with them. But the point is that they dont listen … Its like listening from one ear and throwing it away from the other. Most of the issues are the ones they already know. Like corruption, election system and etc. But let us not despair … Future is ours.

  2. DiscoMaulvi Avatar

    The way to a man's heart (and mind) is thru his stomach … but if the US State Department is really serious about this dialogue I would recommend they use a all-expenses paid vacation in the Bahamas ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. inderkishan Avatar

    I wonder why teethmaestro is silent on "Three Hindu Doctors Murdered in Sindh"

  4. richardberry1 Avatar

    That define that Karachi Pakistan will be more developed in future and that is a good news for Pakistan.

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