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Pakistan Rangers impart Justice in 10 seconds

Words fail me, after I watched this video of a Sarfaraz Shah being shot down by our paramilitary law enforcement agency imparting justice in a mere ten seconds. Sarfaraz Shah was apparently brought to the Rangers checkpost positioned inside Benazir Bhutto Park across Boat Basin Karachi accused of holding a family hostage. A heated exchange of words between the two, with the alleged culprit pleading for mercy from the angered soldier requesting him to lower his gun – ends up in the soldier shooting two bullets into the abdomen of the victim, leaving him to bleed and ultimately Sarfaraz succumbs to death probably from excessive bleeding a few hours [?] later.

I wonder if Pakistan has been reduced to serving justice in mere 10 seconds. From the initial contact to the bullets being fired it took mere 7-10 seconds. On one hand I can understand the lawlessness prevailing in our country, with thugs roaming free killing people left right and center, it has gone out of hand and one would suggest a stern hand is needed to stop this menace, but such criminality under the watchful eyes of 6-7 military personel is unwarranted and I must hold our law enforcement agencies to a higher standard on the judicial discharge of their weapons, which is indirectly entrusted to them by the state and eventually by the same tax payers who happend to be the citizens of Pakistan.


Sadly today Pakistan Military has let Pakistan down yet again for the umpteenth time, they have over the past years sold their souls in exchange for the billions from the US in lieu of their turn-the-other-cheek attitude allowing the US military wage a War of Terror on the people of Pakistan. All this happens while these captains, majors, brigaders and generals continue to milk this country for an abundant amount of uber perks (both in service and in retirement) ranging from high standard employment opportunities, to subsidized living and the crux of their military service rewards them with prime real estate anywhere in Pakistan at throw away prices to be sold off at thousands times its original value. It must now be questioned that for the dis-service they do for Pakistan these excesses must also be seen a prime corporate level burglary

I have sensed for some time that Pakistan has been on the brink of disaster, only time will tell when a particular trigger might spark a bloody revolution. Could this cold blooded murder be the trigger, since electricity, petrol and unemployment has still not brought out the masses, could this blatant killing of a young individual [regardless of his innocence or guilt] be the trigger ….. or are we still too occupied at allowing these political and military crooks run our country to smithereens….

Im confused have all the 180 million people in Pakistan have lost their will to survive or have they all given up allowing these crooks to shoot us all one by one


  • Nabiha Chauhdry |

    Had the Sialkot mob murderers been serves justice, this might have been prevented.

    (In)justice prevails.

  • Khizar |

    Doc this is totally not acceptable from RANGERS.

    I hope this Guy does not get away with this murder!!

  • Bilal Hashim |

    180 million people think as long as they don get affected directly everything is AOK for them. We weren't worried when the US on false pretext occupied Iraq as it was not Pakistan, then we kept quiet when the NATO forces landed on Afghan soil for harboring OBL (who btw is still not charged with perpetrating 911, for reference check FBI's most wanted terrorists). The we kept quiet when the suicide bomber wrecked havoc throughout Peshawar, Lahore and Islamabad as it was not Karachi yaar. Then we stayed calm when innocent foreigners were murdered in broad daylight in Kharotabad. Business was and is still is as usual even when Sarfaraz bled to death.

    What this country needs is to put every house on fire, only then people will wake up from their ignorant slumber and axe their idols and actually do something for the betterment of the society as a whole instead of dying a selfish death.

  • mair |

    What's even worse is that if this was a crime of 'anger' or 'passion', no one stepped up to try to help him while he lay there bleeding.

  • I See Dumb People |

    Not many people will trust the Rangers, even if they were to swear by Allah that Sarfaraz was guilty of armed hostage-taking. The same also applies to the Army, for the assassination of S Saleem Shehzad, the abduction of Dr. Aafia Siddiqui from Karachi, and many others.

    I don't think they have much time before they reach the end of their rope. Hope they wake up soon and reform themselves, otherwise there might come a day when some people would celebrate the army's losses in the on-going war.

    • I See Dumb People |

      It's your army that desperately needs help – not me. =)

  • Hasnain Shaban |

    Today I feel ashamed of being called a Pakistani…for the umpteenth time. This shameless act of murder should now serve as a wakeup call for the 180 million people of this country who have been facing the wrath of crooks sitting in the parliament and the GHQ. This is perhaps the most shocking video I have seen in the 35 years of my worldly existence, it was for the first time in my life when I had a sense of horror deep inside my stomach. I felt horrible, I felt ashamed, I felt like crying…I didn't know how to react. What bothers me further is the fact of what would be going on in the home of Sarfaraz Shah. Puppet PM Gillani has promised to ‘LOOK INTO’ the incident after which he will probably go to sleep in his air conditioned room and Rahman Malik will probably constitute a 3 member Committee to probe into the merciless killing, a few weeks later and no will remember what happened, case closed. I know this is never going to happen but the all the Rangers men present at the time of killing should be bought to the Benazir Bhutto Park and shot in the same manner as Sarfaraz Shah was. Their bodies should be left in the same place where an innocent man was killed and left to rot…

    • Khurram Ali Shafique |

      And I wish I could express how I feel when I hear somebody feeling "ashamed of being Pakistani". Bilal Hashmi has said it better: what the rangers did in the posh locality of Karachi is what the American forces have been doing all over the world.

      Still it is true that we must begin by stopping our own people from doing this. After all, our first responsibility is to keep our own house in order. For that the first step is to be ourselves, not hold our head down in shame as if that would solve the problem.

  • Ammar Mumtaz |

    We deserve every bit of what we are going through! A nation not ready to stand up for injustice is a nation destined to die an unjust death!!

    • anon.. |

      too true but all mankind are just hypnotised by todays world leaders cos they have hold of the strings of everything & dare we disagree on such systems how can we ever be unified and free when so many dont accept and respect esp those at the top its so sad it pains me so much

      all countries need to accept each other and butt out of each others affairs esp the usa however they paint it pretty and justify it killing even one innocent civillian is unjust for wotever reason

  • Fahad |

    i was about to delete the post once but i just had to post it. may be it’d let you guys cooperate with eachother in a mutual cause. I’ve seen bloggers making events like guineas book of world records ke liay national anthem for a country. well that is ‘NUTS’ ……..are we a nation ? national anthem? damn! again i’m just posting it in one place may be the owner of the blog should thing about an event, start it with 30-50 guys and our youth would join and this can actually bring a change!

    • Teeth Maestro |

      Fahad you voice my sentiments entirely – A blog opinion needs to be more then just a couch potato response – and sadly I have seen many pakistani bloggers being reduced to being Click-tivists and nothing else.

      But that said a voice of objection HAS to be raised – the minute I saw this video I needed to register my own protest. But I agree more needs to be done – and for that I aware of a Protest outside the Karachi Press Club tomorrow at 4pm.

      That said do scroll through the archives of this blog and quite often you would see me on the street protesting against something I am against. and I have reported the protest before and after on this blog quite a number of times. – the question I ask you in return are you an activists or a couch potato-tivsit 😉 [apologies]

    • Fahad |

      have such protests been any good? we need one cause to protest over long enough than 'multiple-causes'. why in reality we don't do something like in rang-de-basanti..noo…i'm not a movie-freak but theres a point…why don't we just come out of our houses for a mutual cause and just do a huge strike unless there's a day that brings a change… altogether stop activity for long enough that it comes finally into a notice? like i said, i'm not a leader! you guys are…and i also get myself involved in only those protest that may show an outcome!

  • Khan |

    Why is there no sound in the entire clip shown by our hungry channels? That would have clarified the sad incident further, sans irresponsible commentry by semiliterate hosts. Remmember Sialkot? Supreme Court's strange delay in such cases will produce such results.

  • Khan |

    You are a disgarce to your Tehrik e Insaf and its leader.

  • Jalal Hameed Bhatti |

    It is a shame indeed to watch this. Let there be an inquiry an impartial one. May be this turns out to be a planted plot to defame the LIA and the Armed Forces. These five rangers could just be like the one who killed Salman Taseer, who was motivated by the extremists. May be in this case these five could have been bribed to stage this drama to defame the Rangers. Otherwise no sane person would do a thing like this.

    This is just a loud thinking – I may be wrong, but seeing the things as these are happening around us, the Raymond Davis, OBL, Mehran Base – much more is to come, even the Iranian President warns us. So let us read in between the lines, not only read the headlines.

    Prudent nations behave much more logically and rationally rather than emotionally as we are behaving. Times like these demand fro us very restrained and calculated response lest we blow everything up.

  • Fahad |

    So thats it? you guys gonna blog about the latest event imposing your just too sad of such a happening. the fact is you bloggers are just working for yourself! you're not helping though you can. You guys have a greater social network. 100s of blog owners follow you people. there are thousands of local twitter followers you've but all you wanna do is to blog about it before everyone else so you may get it all. yes, its a friggin shame but are we ashamed or are we willing to take an action? no! looking at attitude of those who are able to become leaders! NO! certainly we don't wanna do anything about it until such an event directly impacts us! i don't wanna criticize more. My point all you bloggers can unite and you can work against a cause. We can get out on the roads altogether and abandon everything until and unless the higher ranks aren't changed. A young fellow has been murdered so brutally but are we just gonna sob over it for a week or so? are we alive? is the youth alive? it has to be us who'd make a change! All i'd say in the end it isn't me who have so many fans and followers. it is you people whom the youth listens to! it is you who can bring a revolution because you have a direction to focus while most of us haven't so work on it altogether! my post wasn't to disgrace any of the bloggers but it was to point out what actually you guys are suppose to do instead of just sob & post the video!

  • Arshad Khan |

    I wonder if Indian military is just as brutal? I know American military is not atleast to their own people. Yeh pakistani kutay ki fauj ko kya ho gaya hai?

  • Punjabi Baithak |

    This is not the first time or the last time these thugs have murdered cold blooded, they are used to this kind of extra judicial killings, the difference is that this time they have been caught red handed, they had video of Chechins being slaughtered and another video where they killed 6 kids by firing squad.

    All these things show that these people have no respect for the law, its own people or the humanity, they are merely brain washed animals who will kill anyone for money, they are brainless bunch of savages who need to be controlled.

    It should not surprise anyone when the terrorists strike at them with all means available to them including suicide attacks, as these people are not better than the enemy taking us in mosques, bazars and markets. They all have one goal, please the master and kill as many human beings as possible.It makes me feel really ashamed to be called Pakistani now.

  • The Forbidden Fruit |

    After watching the chap's video, being killed like no God's watching down upon us in our oh-so holy land, the words to impulsively escape my mouth were:

    "India nuke us now!"

    That wouldn't be as disheartening as being killed by our own demented "Brethren."

    • imran |

      What a knee-jerk reaction….

      I bet thats what those rangers were doing…

      Keep it up. LOOSERS.

  • JJ |

    I am sorry, but I cannot watch that video. I get toooooo angry !!!! REVOLUTION REVOLUTION !!!

  • Shahzad |

    All of a sudden .. Osama gets caught …. Attack on mehran base … Rangers kills a guy … all of these actions encouraging hatred for our intelligence agencies …. is it planned ?? or we shud realize this happens every day, we are like this, lets hate army etc …. JUST CURIOUS !!

  • Robbie |

    Where is the humanity!? A very disturbing act of self-justice which just twists your stomach and automatically cry out loud "why?" in a repetitive way. This is a cold blooded murder and this so called ranger should definitely pay for this crime that has been comitted and the life that he has took!

    My thoughts go out to the family/friends and all people that know this young man. Do not forget his name and say it loud so that he lives on: Sarfaraz Shah!!!

    I will mourn you my friend!

  • joeblow |

    U.S. or India should carpet bomb these beasts in pakistan.

    • imran |

      May be they should start by carpet bomb your home first.

      I am pissed at what these rangers have done to this helpless boy, but it doesn't mean that I would invite India or any one to even dare staring at us.

    • joeblow |


      You can say whatever you like but you will get what you deserve soon.

    • imran |


      Don't worry about us, we don't need your sympathies.

      What were you in your previous janam? a Hanooman Monkey?

      Go take your sympathies to your Hanooman, they must have seriously done somthing in last janam to become Monkeys.

    • Imran the fag |

      @Imran wrote:

      "Don’t worry about us, we don’t need your sympathies.

      What were you in your previous janam? a Hanooman Monkey?

      Go take your sympathies to your Hanooman, they must have seriously done somthing in last janam to become Monkeys."

      Imran u r wrong! In his last janam joeblow was a 9yr old screwing pedophile, daughter-in-law screwing Prophart(Piss be Upon Him) called MahaMad!

      You dont like that very much do u?

    • joeblow |

      @imran the fag

      I think you meant in "MY" last janam. I would certainly agree since I know in my last janam!!

    • joeblow |

      @imran the fag

      I meant since I know what I was in my last janam you must be describing yourself. you ignorant piece of shit!!

  • Ashwin |

    Ohh my god Hw was left to die so gruesomely…some one Could have helped him..think of yourself in his position…so helpless and so defenseless..just 2 mins of thoughlessness of a man with a weapon left a family to morn for ever and a million hearts to mourn for humanity. It is time some one took over pakistan and declare a emergency over the whole nation and se to that it is ruled by a international body and restore a proper government. consider it was India…no police or army has rights to shoot a citizen what ever crime one would have committed..so where are these rule sin Pakistan? where are the human rights agencies? its so gruesome to die so helplessly..its high time some change was brought upon this country!!!

    • imran |

      Yeah, you got your opportunity to BHASHAN us. F@CK OFFFF….

      We know what your police and army do to Muslims in Ahmedabad, Kashmir, Hyderabad…

    • Kashyap |

      Believe me Imran,you should visit India sometimes and see the situation for yourself.Laws and support here is strongly supportive to muslims,if anything.In any case,even the most heartless of terrorists,Kasab is getting a fair(maybe too fair a trial).Hard to believe that this guy could be more guilty than Kasab.Pakistani military is not much better than Taliban or Al-Quaeda,except they have better dresses.

  • imran |

    Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Ilaihee Rajioon….

    My heart bled seeing this young guy bleeding, asking for mercy and yet those m@th@rfcuk@r rangers didn't get mercy


  • Khurram |

    @Kashyap: What never ceases to amaze me about some of my Indian friends is the complete and absolute lack of humanity in them. Even the most gruesome tragedy fails to elicit genuine sympathy and sobriety from the Indian public opinion: like a blood-sucking baniya it pounces upon the misery of anybody anywhere in the world as an opportunity to score a point for itself, and grabs it like an occasion to axe its own grind.

  • joeblow |


    It never ceases to amaze me that a Pakistani like a true Pakistani never likes to listen to anybody like a true muslim wannabe(Pakistani) and too good to pay any attention and take a good lesson however minor from something seemingly offensive of one's opinion whether Indian or American or person of any other religion.

  • Kashyap |


    I would not consider it fair to comment to another country's troubles.Calling Pakistan lawless does not make India any better,and this is not about India anyway.For once,please stop blaming India and Indians.

    About this incidence,you can easily compare it with many Taliban (justice)videos available on the internet and see that all is similar except the dresses.

    I am not saying this cannot happen in India,just that there is no conspiracy happening here against Muslims,as many of Pakistanis tend to believe.Unlike Pakistan,India is a secular state,and we repect other religions,Islam included.

  • imran |


    I don't need to come India to find out. Most of the times Indian Muslims praise India out of fear of BJP and bajrang dal.

    They can not freely express themselves as they fear to be labeled and prosecuted as *traitors*.

    They live in fear as other muslims live in fear in other so-called *free-speech* and *secular* countries.

    Go tell your secular bhashan to Narindra Modi, bal thakrey, their followers and your troops killing Muslims

    Your presence in this blog is not out of sympathy, but you guys love to see us succumb to our wounds

    We don't need your blood-sucking sympathies, go shove it-up yours YOUR PARASITES

    • Kashyap |

      I personally hate BJP,but let me tell you something-BJP states are registering the fastes progress.I live in Bihar,a state which was earlier ruled by so-called Muslim supporting RJD.Our state witnessed a shift in power 6 years ago,much of it brought upon by muslims who voted for developement rather than religion.Now the state,and its Muslims are witnessing real progress .I is catchy to speak about fear and stuff-but real progress is the bigger issue.That is something Pakistan needs to accomplish rather than inducing an hate-India delirium.

    • Imran the fag |

      In my last janam I was a 9yr old screwing pedophile, daughter-in-law screwing Prophart(Piss be Upon Him) called MahaMad!

      You dont like that very much do u?

  • imran |

    Dear Indians (and other Vultures)

    Yes we are sad at this terrible incident and we are wounded with many wounds. But you think that we would look at India or other vultures for sympathy? F@#K YOU.

    If you have been living as vultures then keep feeding on dead lizards and dead rats, stop dreaming of feeding on Lions and Tigers.

  • Shahzad |

    We should ADMIT .. India is an emerging country, economical more strong then Pakistan .. its just they are ugly looking

    they have democracy for a long time… its just dat ONE quarter of world of Poor is in India…

    they are cricket world champions… its just Pakistans 45 yr old wasim akram can bowl faster then any indian young bowler ….



    • abrar |

      Typical Indoo play,

      in US forums they pretend as white guys and on Pakistani forums they post like Pakistanis and Muslims.

      Shahzaad, You go ahead and worship India as they worship evey thing from rats and monkeys to cows and idols

    • Kashyap |

      See,we feel the same way about Pakistanis(they are beautiful,though).

      @Shahzad-world's 2nd highest no. of billionaires is also in India.

      Comes with the population.:)

  • Imran |

    I know the killing was unjust. However there is one part I don't get and makes me wonder. The video itself has been edited to make it one side story. After the rangers shows his face by pulling up his hair what did the guy say that made the rangers so angry? The clip them moves to the guy coming near the ranger pickup.Therefore I suggest that we might not know the whole truth and voice only to know the truth about the whole incident before drawing conclusions on killing. Please don't get me wrong that the rangers did the right thing.

  • abrar |

    @Imran, VERY GOOD WORDS. I Salute YOU.

    Dear Indians (and other Vultures)

    Yes we are sad at this terrible incident and we are wounded with many wounds. But you think that we would look at India or other vultures for sympathy? F@#K YOU.

    If you have been living as vultures then keep feeding on dead lizards and dead rats, stop dreaming of feeding on Lions and Tigers.

    • Imran the fag |

      In my last janam I was a 9yr old screwing pedophile, daughter-in-law screwing Prophart(Piss be Upon Him) called MahaMad!

  • awara |

    Hey Indian Vultures,

    I see how happy you are, seeing the beasts fighting themselves. Fear that day when these beasts come to fry your ars@s…

    Have you ever heard of 'Kata-Kat' and when it comes with a side order of THAKAA-THUKKK….LOL,

  • hussain.a |

    Mega Fox gets fired from Transformers, because she angered Jews by calling her boss as Hitler..


    Rick Sanches of CNN's Ricks List gets fired because he said "Jews control media"

    Designer Galliano gets fired by Christian Dior as he uttered bad words against jews…

    The whole freedom of speech thing comes only into action when Islam or Muslims are ridiculed.

  • Saqib Haqqi |

    How come the media covered the whole brutality live but could not intervene or even call out the shooter to stop although the poor boy was shot twice!!

    so much for responsible media and responsible citizens.

    Nobody even intervened to take the victim to the hospital because they were all busy covering the breaking news.shame!

  • Teeth Maestro |

    Just to add – Sarfaraz was the brother of Salik Shah an employee of Samaa TV

  • Karam Ali |

    what can anybody say… I was going towards hasan square.. and their was an exhibition in expo. as usual their was a traffic jam.. i was going and suddenly this 40 year old SOB rams into my car gives it a scratch and hollers at me as if he just got raped in broad daylight… NO ONE in Pakistan wants to be wronged or be PUNISHED.. lets just forget that we are humans.. JUST REMEMBER we are PAKISTANIS and we love to BREAK RULES>….be it local or international….NO RULES AND REGULATIONS AND DISCIPLINE FOR US ALL.. LET ALL OF US SUCKS THE LIFE OUT OF EVERYBODY.. because in the end we will die and go to HEAVEN and HOURIS and TAHUR..

  • Windber Johnstown |

    How many innocent Pakistani children has the US killed ?? thousands ??

  • طلحه آل قري |

    its really amazing how all th dots get connected and the person has some relative in media…….as for the act of misconduct i will say that the mistake is of the mindset of te persons commiting such act….NOT THE PAKISTAN RANGERS.