Pakistan ranked as THIRD most Dangerous country in the World for Women

Thomson Reuters Foundation under its Trust Law for Women initiative conducted a global research polling over 200 gender experts across five continents to deduce the five most dangerous countries in the world for women. The study ranked the countries in the following order.

  1. Afghanistan
  2. Democratic Republic of Congo
  3. Pakistan
  4. India
  5. Somalia

While the Highest-ranked countries for each risk factor the evaluated were

  • Health: Afghanistan
  • Economic / Discrimination : Afghanistan
  • Cultural/tribal/religious : Pakistan
  • Sexual violence : Congo
  • Non-sexual violence : Afghanistan
  • Trafficking : India

Pakistan had cultural, tribal and religious practices harmful to women, including acid attacks, child and forced marriage and punishment or retribution by stoning or other physical abuse. More then 1,000 women and girls are victims of “honour killings” every year, according to Pakistan’s Human Rights Commission, a large number of women faced domestic violence and it was also reported that women earn 82% less then men, which too is not a surprising fact

A short video of the research can be seen here

The issue here is to highlight the fact that women are seriously being oppressed in Pakistan, on one hand we have a Supreme Court judgement setting Muktaran Mai’s rapists free on the ‘lack of evidence’ while we all know how the police system works in Pakistan enough to understand the nuances of how they may have possibly presented the evidence to favor the rapists

There are ample witnesses to testify that the Panchayat did condemn her to these men and later paraded her naked on the streets, if that weren’t humiliation for women then I wonder how many more women need to be subjected to such torture before an iron clad force is used to prevent such unholy practices from reigning supreme in our country.

We must accept that there is such a problem and it must be solved. Im embarrassed to observe that educated people in the past few months have used Mukhtara Mai’s judgment as a snub against her accusing her of having fabricated the rape, which in my opinion I find utterly unacceptable, at least such an argument should not even be tolerated by anyone respectable person in society, god forbid it were to happen to one of your loved ones and had if the charges been dismissed merely on the whim of “Lack of Evidence” the humiliation and torture shall never be healed. Pakistan needs to vehemently denounce any maltreatment of women and ensure that such practices are stopped for good.


9 responses to “Pakistan ranked as THIRD most Dangerous country in the World for Women”

  1. awara Avatar


    We missed the first spot.

    How come India is not in the list, where as they are #1 for killing their female fetuses.

    1. Shahzad Avatar

      INDIA is # 4…just behind us …

      Pakistan overall is a dangerous place.. We all know dat !!!

  2. awara Avatar

    Guess, I didn't read beyond Pakistan.

  3. farrahshah Avatar

    All the examples which are given of the women treatment actually happen to men as well.

    There are cases of abuse around men as well.

    I do think the treatment of women in Pakistan is better than Arab world and African countries .

    Also than European and US where woman is only a number working for the big companies to pay taxes and most of the times she has to forget and sacrifice her maternal side for work.At least Pakistan is a country which has not robbed woman of their right to be a mother or spend time at home.

    To be honest by living abroad I feel I am a bloody slave and a number to pay taxes .

    1. farhat Avatar

      yes yes yes you are absolutly right.

  4. hussain.a Avatar

    Don't take these studies seriously.

    You can use statistics the way you like and you can manipulate it to show what you like.

    Now, I'm sure lots of pundits would take this as the reference material to raise funds for their *cause*.

  5. pakidil Avatar

    no one is safe in pakistan right now Not only women . Pakistani Nation is under great attack by terrorists and all corrupted people . They must stand their own now .

  6. Pakistani Dramas Avatar

    Well..this is a BAD NEWS 🙁

  7. kashif Avatar

    doc you should look at this…