Analyzing Pakistan & India’s response to COVID-19 handling

Analyzing Pakistan’s ‘Handling‘ of the Coronavirus and India’s ‘Mishandling‘ of the pandemic

India & Pakistan demographics are quite similar (cultural, poverty & possibly a weaker virus strain?) but the number of cases are drastically different

My observations below ↓

India in terms of population is 6 TIMES more populus than Pakistan (1,382 mln vs 221 mln)

In population terms Pakistan should have by now over 528,000 cases but it’s fortunately ‘⅒’ of India

Pakistan has avoided the disaster – even Bangladesh is no where near India’s disaster

All credit to Almighty Allah for his mercy & graciousness, but in comparison the Govt of Pakistan adequately & timely managed the crisis

Strategic lockdowns with visible compassion for the poor enabled a trust factor & some degree of cooperation where India seriously messed up

Critical difference
India enforced sudden & immediate lockdown which created a major mistrust between public & the govt.
Leading to revolt on any subsequent initiatives – the public refused to cooperate – an attitude that the Modi govt DOES NOT CARE was the critical factor

Pakistan, credit to Imran Khan who continuously talked about PROTECTING THE POOR drove a strong message of compassion for the poor that their PM is not focused on an elitist strategy but wants to protect their livelihood, offered relief aid & work nimbly continued

Govt of Pakistan did something right to come out if this crisis & the icing on the cake,our economy is quickly coming back to life – contrary to the doom & gloom speculations

Be grateful, be very grateful
Be thankful, be very thankful
to Almighty Allah for his blessings

Originally tweeted by Awab Alvi (@DrAwab) on August 25, 2020.