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Role of Media Outlets & Some Journalists During COVIDー19 #FakeNews

NaikRooh has done a detailed twitter thread regarding some reporting issues of some media outlets & journalists during the COVID-19 pandemic. Unfortunately there seems to be a deliberate attempt to create panic stories, propaganda reports and even click-bait fake stories to confuse the public and create a degree of mistrust between the govt and the public. It has been essential to counter these stories in a timely manner but credit to NaikRooh who does well to document their flaws in the last few months. I share below his entire thread for sake of documentation


Role of Media Outlets & Some Journalists During COVIDー19.

This thread shall cover few of the many instances where Pakistani media channels & some journos were caught spreading disinformation due to obvious reasons.

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Analyzing Pakistan & India’s response to COVID-19 handling

Analyzing Pakistan’s ‘Handling‘ of the Coronavirus and India’s ‘Mishandling‘ of the pandemic

India & Pakistan demographics are quite similar (cultural, poverty & possibly a weaker virus strain?) but the number of cases are drastically different

My observations below ↓

India in terms of population is 6 TIMES more populus than Pakistan (1,382 mln vs 221 mln)

In population terms Pakistan should have by now over 528,000 cases but it’s fortunately ‘⅒’ of India

Pakistan has avoided the disaster – even Bangladesh is no where near India’s disaster

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Pakistan’s COVID Response – 6-month Review

Nabeel AQ writes a thread on Imran Khan / PTI’s two year performance report – published on Twitter on 20 July 2020

The struggle against COVID-19 in Pakistan is going to touch 6 months. We have lost precious lives in this time & have saved lot more. PM Imran Khan’s vision to combat the pandemic now stands as an applauded recommendation by @UN & @WHO, but this wasn’t always the case…(1/n)

2) The testing efforts caught pace from March and the govt. was quick to take some bold decisions. PM Imran Khan had been advocating smart lock down long before anyone else, simply because our economy can’t support the poor and the homeless. But, this thought was opposed…

3) Punjab kicked off the response by turning public sector hostels into quarantine centers, announcing a 1000 bed hospital, setting up a 6000 person quarantine center in Multan, and running a mobile awareness campaign through bikes & rickshaws… @UsmanAKBuzdar @Dr_YasminRashid

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