[Press Statement] Solidarity Day 2011

Islamabad, 30 December 2010: Aman Ittehad has given a call to hold rallies on 1st January 2011 at 1:00 pm as an expression of solidarity with those suffering violence in any form, including suicide attacks, bomb blasts, target killings, kidnappings, disappearances, and torture killings. It is expected that these rallies will be held in more than 100 different locations across Pakistan

While raising the issue of growing insecurities across Pakistan, Aman Ittehad has demanded urgent action to devise a political solution to ensure the security of life and livelihood of the people of Balochistan according to their aspirations and in a manner that helps restore trust. It calls upon the state to refrain from the use of force and immediately end military action in the province.  Aman Ittehad calls for mechanisms that provide effective recourse to those that are suffering at the hands of representatives of state institutions, influentials, extremists and militants who are using the current lack of law and order to exploit citizens by propagating terror and the use of force.

Citizens from across the country will participate in the Solidarity Day rallies to demand that people’s interest becomes the only measure of national interest to define all actions and policies of the state.

The rallies will condemn the use of political, military or economic power for oppression or exploitation of citizens. They will also demand an end to the protection of state and non-state actors that take the law in their own hands and propagate or encourage militancy and extremism by their words or actions.

Aman Ittehad is a citizen platform that is striving for peace, democracy and justice in Pakistan. It calls for a shift in Pakistan from a security to a welfare state. The Solidarity Day is an expression of the power of ordinary citizens, and a call to exercise their choice and free will.

Solidarity Day 2011 Aman Ittehad Press Statement – PDF