Pictures from Aman Ittehad’s Peoples Assembly – Islamabad

The Islamabad People’s Assembly – A Dialog for Peace – with thousands from all over the country that responded to Aman Ittehad’s call. The Convention Centre has never seen so many people since it was built. It was a historic event and will be shown in Live with Talat in two or three shows that will be telecast from the 29th onwards. More pictures to follow very soon

Note: Karachi [at T2F] and Lahore [Alhamra] events are scheduled to be held on the 22nd March






2 responses to “Pictures from Aman Ittehad’s Peoples Assembly – Islamabad”

  1. Nadir El Edroos Avatar
    Nadir El Edroos

    A great effort! Its good to see that its not another ill organized gathering. The organization has clearly set its goals and aspirations, with both forward and backward links – and established outcomes. At the very least its a good outlet for individuals and organizations that may not have any other space.

  2. annie Avatar

    That's really good step. We should support it.