Solidarity Day for Peace in Pakistan – 1st Jan 2010 – Aman Ittehad

Considering the spiraling security situation in Pakistan a number of civil society organizations have joined forces across Pakistan to hold a peace rally on 1st January 2010 as a Solidarity Day at 3:00pm in 37 cities across Pakistan

The Solidarity Day is organized under Aman Ittehad — a citizens’ platform connecting trade unions, media, students, lawyers, youth organizations, minority groups, NGOs, academia, and business. The Solidarity Day will express a resolve to strive for stronger democracy and democratic institutions.

Critical of the role of the state as an imposer, oppressor, and non-deliverer, the Ittehad demands a redefinition of the state’s relationship with citizens by shifting it’s priorities from a security state to one that is unambiguously oriented towards development and responsive to the needs of all its citizens irrespective of gender, class, nationality, religion, occupation, age, etc. It calls for the supremacy of the parliament and an end to the dominance of the military and its agencies in political and governance processes.

The Solidarity Day will mark the beginning of a citizen struggle for their right to a life of dignity. It calls upon all citizens to join this struggle for peace and a democratic state and society.

The key message of the Solidarity Day is an expression of solidarity with everyone affected by violence and injustice, and a reaffirmation of public resolve that we will prevail – against injustice, against intolerance, against violence. It is also an expression of public commitment to strive for peace, democratic governance, rule of law, justice and a life of dignity for all.

Wherever you are – if you believe in a having peace prevail Pakistan it is time for you to step outside of the comfort of your home and show the world that you are serious – join us and be a part of the change, RSVP to the Facebook event and also help spread the word. Show up at the location in your city and be a part of the change

The list of cities and their corresponding locations are listed here, the list shall be updated of any changes leading up to the event on 1st January 2010



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15 responses to “Solidarity Day for Peace in Pakistan – 1st Jan 2010 – Aman Ittehad”

  1. temporal Avatar

    will be there in spirit

  2. Aamir Mughal Avatar

    Commendable Awab Sahab

  3. dr jawwad khan Avatar
    dr jawwad khan

    great initiative..

  4. farrahshah Avatar

    I appreciate the effort and best of luck.


    It was devastating to see Karachi burning and the flip flops of the victims swiming in the pools of blood,the smoke and the shops burning,it is not only the life which was target it was not only Terrorism this was a delibrate effort to choke the economics of this large Metropolitan city of Pakistan.

    The livelihoods and loss of bussiness would cripple many people ,it is not the lives of people at stake only,it is the future.

    The government announcing the package of relief ….why government doesnot take measures to stop it in the first place?

    What has government planned to defeat Terrorism?

    Has Government educated it's masses not to take law in their own hands .The same happened at the death of Benazir.

    Did we learn any lesson?

    Any slight thing goes wrong and we start setting fires ,burning tyres?has public been educated to remain calm ,to breath deeply ,to walk quickly away from the scene,to clear the way for ambulances,police and emergency services.To contact police latter and register whatever they witness.

    unfortunately in Lahore the recent Blast of Moon Market people were gathering outside buildings ,blocking the exit .

    Are people aware ,people do die because of smoke,gas pipes can burst and catch fire,electricity catches fire ,

    I am not going to write about Good Taliban or Bad ones,neither the good governance or bad one.

    Terrorism can only be defeated by two ways intelligence and public .

    We are getting so much money from USA but how much of it is spent on public awareness ,on safegaurding their lives.


    there was a weakness yesterday and that weakness was a large group of people joined the procession and while joining a suicide bomber tried to enter.

    Shiate procession was not so hard to moniter.It is a very close linked community where most of the people know each other ,

    —-people only in the line of four should have been allowed to join the large procession who should have been holding hands in order to establish that they know each other personally.


    The CCTV Footage must be released and all the people who were involved in looting and setting alight should be caught ,investigated without torture their links should be established ,their friends and family should be put on a watch so that we can establish and understand was it a fit of rage,anger or was it a planned effort.

    The demage and affect of this chaos or aftermath of burning should be hammered down to the public.

    This must be done through dialogue .


    People responsible for this burning should be brought to the book.


    There is absence of dialogue among people on TV Channels.It is not the Ulemas issuing Fatwa or Political and religious leaders asking to remain calm.


    GEO TV showing scenes of personal grief of people when they loose all sense of their own being at the death of their loved one ,instead how it is affecting people and their lives afterwards.


    The CCTV footage must be closely monitered ,all people must be questioned,without any torture and abuse ,intelligence must be gathered regarding their links and there should be a strong punishment for people who lost their mind or temper and in a rage of fit they set alight the city.

    damage to a public property is a serious crime and government must be ready to take strict actions.

    Court should award tough punishment .Police must not torture or abuse innocent people.

    We do need to amend and educate ourselves.Only Public awareness can defeat Terrorsim.

  5. Observer Avatar

    Very good initiative, I hope people show up in great numbers to show the foreign aided terrorists that we will NOT be intimidated by anyone and that we will fight them and defeat them, inshallah!

  6. farrahshah Avatar

    The challeneges which Pakistan is facing today ;demands us to become a civil society in a real manner ;we must put our act together,the institutions and the public must accept their responsibilities ,we have to moniter and curb our reactions and action.

    Without that I am afraid we would be fulfilling the prophecy of Gen.Bush that he will bomb us to stone age….that is what is happening gradually.

    On political level Drone attacks must stop.

    USA should fight its war on its own.

    We must negotiate with Taliban to bring Democracy to Afghanistan let us leave it to USA.It is their ambitious mission .

    Our Mission is to safe ourselves .

    Afghanistan borders must be watched ,Mules or children no one should be allowed to cross.

    Than we can see within Pakistan.


    I must appreciate in the present scenario the Adalat-e-Uzma is carrying on doing its job,lawyers are busy too,

    So is the army and police.

    What are the politicians doing ?

  7. Naeem Sarwar Khan Avatar
    Naeem Sarwar Khan

    This is the only way to get rid of these bad times for pakistanis….

  8. farrahshah Avatar

    very strange pattern ,almost twelve attcks on Press club?


  9. Acedelites Photograp Avatar

    Insahallah will join you at Karachi Press Club

  10. Mahar Safdar Ali Avatar
    Mahar Safdar Ali

    Anjuman Asiaye Awam and Bonded Labour liberation front Pakistan will Participate with thier members and friends rally will start from 4.A. Lawrence road Lahore and join the main rally at regal chowk lahore at 3.00 pm

    We are united against injustice, illietracy, discremination, Poverty , Terrorism and Bonded labour .

    Lets join us evry step towards Peace.

    Mahar Safdar Ali

    Generl Secretary

    Anjuman Asiaye Awam

    Executive member

    Bonded labour liberation front Pakistan

  11. Observer Avatar

    People will be gathering in big numbers. This could be the wishful scenario for terrorists. I hope they stay away, but people i.e. all participants MUST keep eyes and ears open. Otherwise more precious lives could be lost!

  12. Abdul Hameed Kath Avatar

    Wish you all good luck !

    PYR will be there for our loving country!

  13. amber Avatar

    I think this is a great initiative –I only would wish that the key message/ goal could be more specific and clear. To wish for peace and an end to violence is certainly worthwhile but somewhat ambiguous. If the rally is against the violence of suicide bombs and terrorist acts, then is it in support of the Army action ? If it is against the army action, then how exactly is it proposing to get to the peace everyone desires — what harm is there in coming out and clearly naming the enemy ??

    1. AAKhan Avatar

      Dear Amber, The goals are actually quite specific it is against all forms of violence that target the innocent, Please do read the press statement which identifies the issues that citizen's collectively must raise in order to move closer to a peaceful Pakistan. The state must be pressurized to respond effectively.

  14. readinglord Avatar

    A good and timely move but not given good publicity. I received this information about 'Aman Ittehad'to be held on 1.1.10 only today on 5th Jan.


    What can you do about the people who believe in jingoism, which they call 'Jehad' in their religious jargon, a means to go to heaven.

    It is all due to a rush by the drinkers of the cup of matyrdom (jaam-e-shahadat nosh karney

    waaley) to go to heaven by becoming 'shaheed' that they are making a hell of this country: Taliban doing this by blasting suicide jackets and the collateral 'heaven-seekers' presenting them with soft targets.

    A neighbor of mine one day said to me," Shahji, why don't you come to the mosque?".

    "Why should I" I said.

    "Don't you think you have to die" he retorted.

    "Is it necessary to go to mosque to make it an attractive target to be blasted by the terrorist heaven-seekers along with myself, as a collateral and polluting the mosque with the dirty pieces of my 'harram' body, when I can pray and surely die in my home even?" said I.

    The Paky rulers say they are at war, but we are not behaving like a nation at war so as to avoid presenting attractive targets to the enemy. In fact it looks like a competition of going to heaven by both warring sides by drinking the cup of martyrdom (jaame shahaadat).

    O, God help us as You have promised help for the patient and woe to the hypocritical 'Musalleen'who have made a mockery of the 'Deen-e-Islam', the religion of peace and social justice, by converting it into a cult of jingoism.