Nawaz Sharif Panama Leaks

Khan and Supreme Court begin looking into Sharif’s Panama Clevage

Nawaz Sharif Panama LeaksMy Analysis – Imran Khan’s only crime is that he hypes up his momentum to such an extent that for the followers there is possibly no turning back – that is his style of aggressive politics – he believes in it truly down to his heart and then shares it with us all so convincingly, looking straight into the camera that the people love him for that…

He advocated “Investigate or Resign” from the very start – he got investigate – I think that was good … for Pakistan – because choosing the last resort of “resignation” … means bloodshed, military finger, unrest etc etc you can list out a gazillions more items – but to push the resignation button you have to be convincing enough of your threat to make that threat & its softer alternate a viable option – and he did that convincing enough

Who buckled – I think it was Sharif who buckled, as he has now been forced to let the SC take a sneak peak into his Panama Cleavage, which he was trying to hide for 7+ months and would played the tippy toe for another few years

Another major hiccup that was brewing up – was that our KPK supporters were really getting frustrated at the Punjab-KPK resistance border which had all the hallmarks of getting really really ugly – it is possible IK foresaw that crisis – I personally was observing our ground teams getting frustrated as to having their hands tied behind their backs, unarmed protesters battling an army with the high ground advantage and ammo. Protesters were convinced these punjabi police needed a pathan gulu lesson – I let you decipher any deeper meaning into it what it may mean – but my gut feeling was they needed to be pacified or else things could really and quickly go out of hand – leaving Khan with an even bigger mess (read bloodshed)

SC if it lives up to the name of judiciary and justice – should have taken this step LONG BEFORE – having waited and toiled for over 7 months to react, is almost like saying – Justice delayed, is justice denied

I think Pakistan won .. how far will these investigations drill in to hold them accountable is yet to be seen – an unbiased transparent investigation is the best we all hope for and our hope is fixated on CJP Justice Jamali to ensure that there is some palpable semblance of justice, the people should see justice happening (I’m truly arguing for both sides) leave no question unanswered or any public perception untouched – be clear and be decisive, but show that justice has been done

PTI public morale is definitely a bit down – but I continue to stand beside this man as he is the most honest and possibly the only leader who can keep shaking these crooks

Win or Lose for PTI / IK is possibly not the best way to look at it – Pakistan won – now I’m just hoping Judiciary wins too.



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