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Pakistan welcomes the ‘new’ Godfather

September 6th, is historically celebrated as the defense day of Pakistan where on this day in 1965, that India launched her forces and attacked Pakistan across the international border without a warning or a declaration of war. 43 years later, Pakistan stands to be assaulted once more, not from any external force but instead from a fox in sheep clothing aka an utterly corrupt man masquerading as the President fo Pakistan. In all honestly many Pakistanis may truly relate to the feeling but I would have never imagined I woudl ever have say the following

We welcome The Honorable President of Pakistan
Mr. Asif Ali Zardari

Truly priceless, today has been a heavy day for Pakistan, most have labeled it as a black day while on the other hand the opportunists are seeing dancing on the streets. Whatever may be the case our faith is now sealed for another five years, like it or not Zardari is here to stay, come hail or shine, lets brace ourselves for yet another roller coaster of our life, lets hope Pakistan stays intact during the ride

Adnan has quite rightly said

‘We are so lucky that we are ruled by drunk bureaucrats, corrupt army generals and official dacoits!’

God Bless Pakistan — or it could better be said to seek blessings from the new GodFather of Pakistan and hope that he may bless and forgive Pakistan in the coming five years