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Em[POWER] Project: Karachi – Needs your Vote to win $50,000

They have recently entered the Dell Social Innovation Competition to hopefully win the Grand prize of $50,000 for Project Karachi. These funds would greatly help with start-up costs for materials and such to help them succeed to bring this bounty for Karachi They need your VOTE

Here are the steps that will help them win!

  1. First, go to this website – http://www.dellsocialinnovationcompetition.com
  2. Then, click the Register Now button and make a new account. Be sure that you check the “I agree…” button.
  3. Next, in the “Search Ideas” box type in em[Power] to get to our project.
  4. Once you’re there read the short summary of our goals and please click the Promote Button with the arrow on it to add ten points to our idea

That is the least you can do to support a creative project for Karachi and also Pakistan

Join the effort to rally more votes for Em[POWER] help them spread the word

To read more you can Download EmPower Project Karachi PDF Document

  • Thanks a bunch, Awab.

    This is a great project and it was thought of by a student and spearheaded by other students. So this is very much a student initiative and we really need to vote for this so that it can win the Dell competition and/or get recognition.

    This is a good cause, so please take the time and register to vote.

  • I have just voted for this cause. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

  • Emulating Hydro Elec

    They havent even mentioned karachi in their details ! Instead vote for this..an idea of our people for our people !


  • It will be implemented in Karachi. Our long-term goal is to replicate the project elsewhere in the world as well, but this entry specifically is about Kachra Kundi, Karachi. Please visit the website [ http://www.princeton.edu/~ttong/Temporary/Karachi… ] for more details.

    @above: Yours sounds like an interesting idea too(although, I'm not sure how pressure works out). In any case, the good thing about the competition is you can vote for as many projects as you like(only once though). So go crazy.

  • Mustafa Q

    Just voted! Keep up the good work.