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HELP Shamsul Anwar save the life of his 14-year old girl kidnapped by Terrorists

UPDATE 4: Read the latest update Shamsul Anwar, Hoax? Whodunnit – My Analysis
UPDATE 3: Great News – SHO Westridge CONFIRMS Madina Anwar has been recovered safely – WOW thank you everyone for this great news, a genuine shot out to everyone who played their part, we have together literally made a difference


UPDATE 2: We have been assured that Ansar Burney & the concerned authorities are fully managing the case – the necessary support is fully available and there is NO NEED to donate at this point. Inshallah AFTER the girl is released we will together help raise funds for entire FAMILY but at the moment choose not to aggravate a difficult situation. The family at the moment only needs your prayers for the safe return of Madina Anwar


UPDATE 1: After the flurry of updates across the web regarding fund raising for Shamsul Anwar’s daughter, we also did push for fund raising to help generate the ransom Rs. 1.8 Million, it has been suggested that under the guidance of many important citizen activists they together will positively fulfill the need for any ransom demand as the negotiations mature. We also do not want to set this as an online precedence for future kidnapping for ransom issues by opening the flood gates for other terrorists opportunists. Despite all our genuine concern for helping this family, please refrain from sending donations, but do not let go on the pressure on the Government of Pakistan to help secure the release of Mahina Anwar, as of now please DO NOT send money into the account numbers that were shared before


Today I am shocked at reading an article in The News titled Waiting to receive pieces of daughter’s dead body which narrates a shocking story of a Pakistan Army Lance Naik (r) Shamsul Anwar who is pleading for authorities to help save the life of his 14-year old daughter Madina Anwar, who was kidnapped in May 2011 and the captors have given him till the 12th of January to come forward with the ransom money of Rs. 1.8 Million.

Lets help save Shamsul Anwar’s familyLOBBY: To help Shamsul Anwar please raise as much awareness as possible, suggest
WRITE TO AVAAZ: Write to Avaaz telling them to take this issue global – by literally copy pasting the text below Contact Avaaz
UGET GOVT OF PAKISTAN INVOLVED: Write to ALL government leaders in Pakistan

DONATE: A WORD OF CAUTION – Please hold back any planned account transactions, a group of citizens are setting up an escrow account to ensure the funds are judiciously transfered to the rightful people, more update as things materialize. People are working to responsibly handle this crisis ensuring the safety of the girl etc – just hold back for any details in the morning


This tragic kidnapping story comes in the shadow of two sons who were previously kidnapped in 2006 – Mohammad Yaseen, 16, a student of 10th class, and Faizullah, 14, a 9th class student of Noor School in Dhoke Gujran — on May 15, 2006. The ransom for the release of both his sons were slated at Rs. 1.4 Million but Mohammed Yaseen was later found mercilessly killed chopped up into pieces on a wood-cutting saw, the entire video recorded on a CD and placed along with his remains in a gunny bag. Fortunately for Shamsul Anwar he did recover his younger son but due to the medicines injected into his body during captivity, is suffering from blood cancer

The story of the should have been highly acclaimed hero, Shamsul Anwar starts in January 2001 where he single handedly save the lives of hundreds of people from a terrorist bomb in Rawalpindi

“It was 1st of January, 2001 when I entered the Jamia Masjid of Dhoke Gujran at Misrial Road, Rawalpindi, at about 2:10 p.m. when the ‘imam’ was reciting ‘khutba’ and I was late. I rushed to the basement of the mosque to perform ablution (‘wazu’) where I saw a man who was planting some explosives packed in a steel box and he was busy in plugging wires into the detonation device. As I was an army personnel and had been serving with bomb disposal unit, I sensed the danger. I clutched the ‘terrorist’ from the back without asking any question or giving him any warning as he had plugged one wire into the device and remaining three were in his hands and he was about to put it into the detonator. I started shouting for help but nobody listened to my cries as the ‘khutba’ was being recited on the loudspeaker. In the meantime, the terrorist, carrying a gun, asked me to leave him otherwise he would shoot me but I refused to free him and entangled my left leg in between his two legs as he could not somersault me. After he observed that I was not going to release him, he started firing aiming at my leg and emptied his revolver. I sustained three bullets in my left leg and remaining three missed.

“Meanwhile, some worshippers gathered there and grabbed him as I told people that his revolver was empty. The terrorist warned me that he would teach me a lesson and make me an example. I was shifted to the CMH and the ‘terrorist’ was taken to an undisclosed place by the agencies. As many as 17 terrorists of the outfit were arrested on information provided by the nabbed ‘terrorist’. I remained under treatment for about a month and sent home with a team of security personnel of the army commanded by a JCO. The security personnel remained with me for about a year and protected my family and me stringently. Finally, the security was withdrawn.

This hero who must have saved the lives of hundreds of people in 2001 is now being made to suffer brutally… is this how we treat our heroes in Pakistan. Lets not let Shamsul Anwar down, lets put pressure on everyone to help this national hero. Pakistan must not go silent


  • sowebahanif |

    RT @farhanmasood: #ShamsulAnwar [who saved the lives of hundreds of ppl now needs your help to save the life of HIS 14-year old daughter

  • Mubasyra |

    @DrAwab is it appropriate with respect to all dimensions of case?

    • DrAwab |

      @Mubasyra id rather push to save a life versus worry about "appropriate" – push as hard as you can #ShamsulAnwar

    • Mubasyra |

      @DrAwab no no doc i dont mean the aspect of image, i meant hype issues to endager the life of kid. #shamsulAnwar

    • PTIrevolution |

      @Mubasyra @DrAwab agree, it shouldnt come on national tv otherwise kidnappers could react.

  • azeemdada |

    @DrAwab not much time here. If PTI wants some publicity here and wants to prove its commitment act now. azam swati jtareen etc etc. help him

    • azeemdada |

      @Alig2x u dont know him now do u. Flooding in his area 2 yrs ago. He rebuikt 100's of houses for free

  • Sly_A |

    @DrAwab We should really get #ShamsulAnwar trending and try to help the man who stood for our nation..

  • erajkiyani |

    @DrAwab but how sir??? money is not an issue here..they are taking revenge.. #ShamsulAnwar girl can only be saved if state intervene

  • RashidEjaz |

    @SalarKhanKakar @ShahidQazi1 @mSaleemJaved @sanakazmi i would like to help, please advise how and what can i do? @rehanali77

    • SalarKhanKakar |

      @RashidEjaz @ShahidQazi1 @mSaleemJaved @sanakazmi @rehanali77 account details mentioned in the tweet. contribute asap. 12th deadline#kidnap

    • RashidEjaz |

      @SalarKhanKakar @rehanali77 thx i just wanted to see if i can help additionally, dont know how much more they need. God bless u 4 helping

    • SalarKhanKakar |

      @RashidEjaz @rehanali77 may ALLAH safeguard his daugher. pls contact @DrAwab . may be he knows better than me.

    • rehanali77 |

      @RashidEjaz @salarkhankakar @DrAwab Thanks guys. Could PTI leadership weigh in on the issue politically as well

    • SalarKhanKakar |

      @rehanali77 @RashidEjaz @DrAwab lets forget abt politics and remain just humans for the day. kaam kero spread the word. pls!

    • rehanali77 |

      @SalarKhanKakar @rashidejaz @drawab understand ur logic.Don't 4get public collection can simply raise ransom demand.Political pressure helps

    • SalarKhanKakar |

      @rehanali77 @rashidejaz @drawab lets do what we can do brothers! and let the Powerfuls do the rest.

    • RashidEjaz |

      @rehanali77 @SalarKhanKakar @DrAwab i agree but lets save the child and then talk about pressure. Time is of great importance.

  • sanakazmi |

    @SalarKhanKakar i read about it the news this morning, not on this blog. tragic.

    • SalarKhanKakar |

      @sanakazmi #TAMEER and #SZABIST both would be contributing. spread the word for donations on the numbers mentioned by them.we can do ourpart

    • sanakazmi |

      @SalarKhanKakar i'm not sure i agree that's the best strategy.

    • DrAwab |

      @SalarKhanKakar request to hold back on #ShamsulAnwar transaction, a group of citizens want to setup an escrow amount to monitor- stay tuned

    • SheherzadKaleem |

      @DrAwab @SalarKhanKakar has the escrow been set up? Would like to donate money.

    • DrAwab |

      @SheherzadKaleem no not yet details will follow as soon as the team follows through monitoring the negotiations too @SalarKhanKakar

    • SheherzadKaleem |

      @DrAwab @SalarKhanKakar thanks for letting me know. Please keep us posted. Would really like to help this man.

    • MahaIftiE |

      @DrAwab @sheherzadkaleem @salarkhankakar same here pls keep me posted as i want to donate money

    • SalarKhanKakar |

      @DrAwab keep me posted. #Tameer Quetta contributed today and would want to help more. whatever we could to help!

    • SalarKhanKakar |

      @DrAwab @SheherzadKaleem Great news MASHALLAH :) are the kidnappers arrested? anything abt them?

    • SalarKhanKakar |

      @DrAwab @SheherzadKaleem Awab can you confirm the news the little gal has been found? anything official? .

    • DrAwab |

      @SalarKhanKakar yes its been confirmed the SHO of the Westridge PS @SheherzadKaleem

  • teethmaestro |

    Shamsul Anwar Update: I have been messaged a number of times that Ansar Burney is requesting NOT to raise hue about "Donations" as it might scare the captors to raising the demand

    On one hand I may agree on paying caution to the wind, but on the other hand, I fear the child has been kidnapped for 8 months – nothing has happened – with TWO days left for the 12th Jan ultimatum we have little chance to think and hope PUT pressure now, silently send the money into his account but KEEP THE PRESSURE up – im glad to share a number of people have been pledging money – without taking names I've gotten pledges for about Rs. 80,000 and am requesting all to send directly to the account, i hope that someone can monitor the account, I dont mind sending a lot more to this family [as it has seriously suffered], but at the same time I dont want it to transpire into something else…

    If anything the money collection on the social media will not hurt the negotiations, the public/press attention will. But with the cat already out of the bag – we have wasted 8 months I simply dont think sitting and hoping to watch quietly for 2 more days, we need solid proof that something is being done, otherwise let keep beating the awareness campaign –

    keep posting the updates, keep emailing the leadership – We must save this 14-year old girl, SIMPLY AS AN ACT OF DEFIANCE AGAINST TERRORISM

  • obaidnasir |

    @DrAwab would be great if someone will be quick enough to take the initiative but don't know if giving them such amount will help or not.

  • imranwaseem |

    @DrAwab pls make some arrangements to collect donations…i think wont be difficult to find 900 people, i will donate for 5 people

    • DrAwab |

      @imranwaseem request to hold back on #ShamsulAnwar transaction, a group of citizens want to setup an escrow amount to monitor – stay tuned

  • RafiShaan |

    @DrAwab Can you kindly ask some1 in media to investigate about the story. Im not suspecting but whenever there r dialogue stories popup

    • DrAwab |

      @hakafridi no, i just started pushing his account number its easier as it directly to his account, paypal > pk etc in 2 days NOT possible

  • Repatriated |

    @DrAwab But is paying the ransom, which will be used to terrorize even more innocent people, the right thing to do? #ShamsulAnwar

  • amnakm |

    @DrAwab I am in Rawalpindi these days. Can I have his account number? will deposit the amount tomorrow morning.

    • DrAwab |

      @kiranba request to hold back on #ShamsulAnwar transaction, a group of citizens want to setup an escrow amount to monitor – stay tuned

    • kiranba |

      @DrAwab sure, will do. I really hope things work out at that end.

    • jalalhussain |

      @ImFilmmaker Shamsul Anwar s/o Gul Anwar Acct# BBA-1576-2 Branch Code: 0120 Bank of Punjab, Chor Hartal, Rawalpindi Cantt, Peshawar Road.

    • jalalhussain |

      @ImFilmmaker He needs 17 lac more. Donate as much as you can!

    • DrAwab |

      @jalalhussain request to hold back on #ShamsulAnwar transaction, a group of citizens want to setup an escrow amount to monitor – stay tuned

  • aleefbaypay |

    @DrAwab anyway for overseas people to help donate? #ShamsulAnwar

  • ShumaylaTanveer |

    Anyone can arrange for SWIFT CODE so we can transfer money from Out of Pakistan

    • teethmaestro |

      @ShumaylaTanveer A WORD OF CAUTION – Please hold back any planned account transactions, people are working to responsibly handle this crisis ensuring the safety of the girl etc – just hold back for any details in the morning.

  • Zunnaira |

    @DrAwab how can overseas help? Please share. This is the most painful thing to hear ever

  • SairaAnsariPK |

    Please post the swift code or the new bank account details ASAP. I can't believe the amount this man has suffered. Is there no end to this madness and misery?

  • BolKehLabb |

    @ZahiAlyy I have yet to get authenticity of this news. I mean the story erupted in an English newspaper and some unknown blogs, not on tv?

  • anumzahid7 |

    @jalalhussain i spoke to him & he has 3lakh now.he said he lost is ID card & wants money transferred to his wife's name through wstrn union

  • KeyboardJihadi |

    @DrAwab Out of context, but every time I see your picture in my timeline, reminds me of 'Ghazi' Zahid Hamid. Sorry.

  • mrcruizy |

    @DrAwab DO NOT send donation?? why Dr.Sahib??? what happened? why shouldnt we send donations???

  • 2paisay |

    @DrAwab what about tying the noose around the terrorists. they did get paid last time & what'll stop them from doing it again 2 his next kid

  • KaleemMuhammad |

    If you need to help him, please send him money by western Union. And send the mtcn number by sms. Only few hours left

  • syedmasad |

    @DrAwab some of my friends in saudia want to donate. so should we hold it back? we hav contacted a friend in pk to deposit thru atm.advise

    • DrAwab |

      @syedmasad yes please – until we get updated on the situation lets not push anything #ShamsulAnwar

    • syedmasad |

      @DrAwab from where r we going to get any update?i tried calling mr shams as well but didnt get thru

    • DrAwab |

      @syedmasad please dont call him, he needs his PHONE free to receive the "important call" – when an update comes we will share #ShamsulAnwar

  • Skh |

    I have transferred money through western union using the name Shamsul Islam. I sent the mtcn num to the cell number mentioned. Hope that's all I needed to do……someone can verify?

  • teethmaestro |

    Friends please DO NOT CALL Shamsul Anwar, since his number was shared in The News article it has spread like wildfire, and in turn he has panicked at receiving too many calls, mostly by well wishers meaning well, but in all honesty he needs his PHONE FREE to actually receive the ALL IMPORTANT CALL from the kidnappers

    I know we all mean well, but too much attention may actually start to hurt, a number of activists are busy trying to help ensure the safe return of the girl so as soon as we have any update I promise we will share immediately.

    • NayelaSohail |

      @teethmaestro would you be knowing how much has been collected till yet?

    • ShumaylaTanveer |

      @teethmaestro duniya news will interview him tonight…….is that true and if yes thn why its happening?they should wait until he will get his daughter

  • umarwarrior |

    i am very happy and salute each and everyone of u who was involved in helping and insuring the safe return of Madina Anwar may Allah give me and others who couldnot participate toufiq to help next time we can Ameen and May Allah give the worst punishment to the one responsible and involved in the kidnapping of Madina Anwar Ameen

  • fshah_ |

    @DrAwab I am sorry, but are u certain that no funds are required?

  • sarahrizvi |

    @jsiddiqui5 i read about that! need to get them out of Pak now! this family needs to seek asylum in another country! #Pakistan #shamsulanwar

  • FaizaKhalid |

    1st january 2001 was not friday. how come he mentioned this date for the planned bomb blast???

  • FaizaKhalid |

    it was friday on 1st december 2001. how come its mentioned about khutba n jumma prayer. it was monday.