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Save the Whale Campaign (Save Musharraf)

Watch for todays headlines – Daily Times was loaded with news reports that Musharraf should remain in the driving seat – well welcome to the new turn of affairs – Economy takes a back seat and Save the Whale “Save Musharraf” campaign comes to the front.

Wake up people until december you are going to be bombarded with evidence upon evidence that Musharraf must say – according to the man himself “I have the pulse of the Nation” and according to that wierd pulse 96% want him in power – Yikes which artery does he have Constitution Avenue in Islamabad.

The pulse of Pakistan says –
1 – dont make a mess of the traffic by test drivign those Merc’s
2 – dont beleve that you are the saviour – we soundly believe in Allah
3 – dont assign retired generals to take over ministeries – Pakistan is not a post retirement job for army personnel

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  • A Mirza |

    67. In Musharrafs tenure; from 1999 to 2006, Foreign Debt has REDUCED to $ 36.5 billion. It means total reduction of $2.4 billion in 7 years.

    68. Debt Servicing: In 1999 what we earned as GDP: we used to give away 64.1 % as foreign debt and liabilities. Now in Musharrafs tenure 2006, what we earn as GDP: we give ONLY 28.3 % as foreign debt and liabilities. Now we are SAVING 35 % of Our GDP for economic growth.

    69. According to Economic Survey 2005. Poverty in Pakistan in 2001 was 34.46%. And, now after 7 years of Musharraf; Poverty in 2005 was 23.9%. Poverty DECREASED by 10.56%. Overall, 12 million people have been pushed out of Poverty in 2001 -2005!

    70. GDP growth in 1999 was 3.9%. And, now GDP growth in 2006 is around 7%.

    71. Literacy rate in Pakistan has increased from 45% (in 2002) to 53% (in 2005).

    1. FACT: The performance of Exports during the last 5 years has been wonderful. As it took 20 years (1980 1999) to add $ 3.5 billion exports. But it took only 5 years (2000-2004) to add $ 4.5 billion.

    2. FACT: The rate of growth in Pakistan Large Scale Manufacturing (LSM) is at a 30-year high. Construction activity is at a 17-year high.

    3. FACT: The Infrastructure Industries Index, which measures the performance of Seven industries, ie Electricity generation, Natural gas, Crude oil, Petroleum products, Basic metal, Cement and coal, has recorded a 26.2 percent growth in Industrial sector of Pakistan.


  • Muahmmad Nawaz |

    Unemploment in Pakistan has increased more than 5 times than that of period ago 1999

    No Jobs in Government Sector

    There are 3-Seats but thousand applicants are serching for same job.
    Resultantly, every person goes in disappointment in Pakistan.