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Karrachay never sounded bettaah – RJ on FM 103

I am sure the city of Karachi must have heard this DJ on FM 103 -“DJ Craaasssalaaaaaa” (I really don’t know the exact spelling but that’s how she says it)

In my opinion and many others out here in Karachi, believe she falls into the worst of the worst category. The airwaves are loaded with so many “Angerz-dan” DJ’s that one could go numb trying to pick apart the accent interspersed with the horrifying English they conjure up at the spur of the moment. But our dear ‘ol DJ tops the list, she rambles on and on and does not allow you to hear the sound track even for a brief passing moment….

Read this rant on BandBaja written by KO, Mahera Omar and Gul Nawaz – deserves a Pullitzer.


  • madiha |

    fm 103 is reaaly must and i love yasha he is too tooo tooooooooooooooo good and i like his smile and laugh.

  • injela shakil |

    i like farrukh and azher hussain very very much …..both are very sweet……may god bless him

  • Muhammad Junaid Malik |

    hi! i want 2 b an rj…plz give me a chance to show my skills n talent..i have done my 2nd year 4om Adamjee college karachi.n i will not disappoint u.dis is my assurity!!!!!

  • monis |

    hi i want to FM 103 on my net how i get this fecility, i really like this channel program please reply me

  • Salman |

    I love FM 103 and his presenters. I also like to work in FM 103. Kindly guide me, how can i be a part of FM 103. God Bless all of us.

  • waris abbas |


  • shoaib |

    hay i want soo all d rjs ov must fm 103
    how can i see?? plz tel me?

  • Rj Tariq Alayani |

    yes 103 bary kiya kaho rj’s sab bahut achay hain sunny ka maoqa bahut kam milta hy magar internet par sun hi leta hu main khud aik rj hu to mujhy pata hy hy 1 ghannty kyslot ky peechy kam az kam 8 ya 10 ghanty ka work hota hy phir bi listners chahy accept karen ya na karen magar main apky oprator par tanqeed nahi kerta but kuch problme hy like songs ky aoudio level and bgm up and down and bgm ka start word bhy fy phy ka bi masla hy and and sorry meri bat buri lagi ho bcz har banda apny exp par hi baat karta hy mujhy 6 saal ho gaey hain is feeld main but jab mainy join kiya tha tab main 8th class ka stu tha kher in chezo ko door kar den Allah apko kamyab kary ga and fm 100 ki sound quality achi nahi rahi but apky saystem ki sound quality super hy
    Allah Sohny Di Amman Ho

  • noshad |

    iwant to listion rj by net

    pla tell me k main kaysay sonoon

    us ki sahi wb site batainn

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  • taseer |

    hhiii boys nd gals
    i just listen a song on fm103 “ni sanon asi naena dyakhay lagay” someone tell me who is the singer nd from where i can download it

  • sundas |

    hi karachi….
    i luv to listen fm 103..
    as i my self wanna be rj its my carzites dream..
    but its still a dream well
    all tracks on ths channel are tarriffic…
    i like dj carrsla.nd farruk too..
    the dam good…

  • hafsa |

    i want to know how can we listen radio on net please tell me.103 fm is the best fm on the radio station.

  • Irfan Alam |

    can i join FM as a DJ?
    plz try me…
    my voice is so good like sharf
    plz contact me and give me a chance..
    plz tell me how i can join FM

  • khalil urr rehman |


  • khalil urr rehman |

    but azher hussain’s show cafe karachi create a good enviroment and produce positive things in the new generation.
    thanks i am a decent person

  • Haseeb Memon |

    hi karachi….

    i luv to listen fm 103..

    as i my self wanna be rj its my carzites dream..

    but its still a dream well

    can i join FM as a DJ?

    plz try me…

    my voice is so good and my speaking power is terfic

    plz contact me and give me a chance..

    plz tell me how i can join FM

    This is my number +923222308722



  • ayesha khan |

    hey i like fm 103 live from karachi

    hey im from karachi

    and i want to become RJ on fm 103 karachi

    plz kindly take me as rj on fm

    plz contact me my fathers phone number


    my name is ayesha khan

    n my father name is muhammad iqbal

  • Hina Baig |

    Hi ! fm 103 is good comparesion to other channels . HASNI NAWEED AFRIDI is the beeessssssssst !

    and maiez arif is so cute mean

  • Raheela Batool |

    salam to all readers fm103 Karachi is doing great job i like its shows a year before or two dont remember i liked the show ov HASNI NAVEED bt now m devoid of that and have to listen damn sahirs shows ,m from Multan plz do something to bring back Hasni into Multan

  • Bshra Mughal |

    Salam!2 all rjs but the best rj our bro AZHAR bhaiya coz he is bessssssssssssssssssssst ahan

  • Nigah |

    Can any one please tell me the song which is played as background music in DJ Mani's (Imran Hassan)Show on FM103(Show Timmings; Monday-Tuesday 12:00am)