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I am sure you all must know of our famous MNA cum TV personality Dr. Aamir Liaqat Hussain. For the past few months rumors have been circulating that he is a fake doctor finally I have evidence. In a detailed investigation conducted by a local newspaper ‘Ummat‘ and recently published in South Asia Tribune, some really interesting fact have indeed come forth surely worth a NAB ‘chappa’.

Dr. Aamir appears to be one of the biggest local scams of Pakistan. For the past couple years he has been the host of ‘Aalim Online‘ on Geo TV where he brings together Islamic Scholars to shed light on the religion of Islam. I have always disliked watching the show as it always appeared as a scam, a snazzy looking Dr. Aamir preaching Islam some how irritated me, but that’s just me, I have for sometime labeled his show as Jahil Online. It now appears to be entirely true. Dr. Aamir had been preaching Islam with such authority that it had the nation fooled for years including our General who has appointed him as a Minister of Religious Affairs (probably in a deal with MQM)

He has graduated from ‘Trinity College and University‘ with a Bachelors of Arts in Islamic Studies (conferred on March 17, 1995). The next degree that he allegedly pursued was a Masters of Arts in Islamic Studies (conferred on March 15, 2002) and amazingly 20 days later was awarded a doctorate, Doctor of Philosophy in Islamic Studies (conferred on April 5, 2002). All these degrees were awarded by Trinity College based out of Spain. The going rate for these ‘degrees by mail’ as published on the Trinity College website (link) is

Bachelors = $ 212
Masters = $ 332
Doctorate= $ 500
Or a one time deal all three degrees for a bumper price of $ 850

Trinity College on its webpage claims the following slogans “providing degrees based on your previous life” and the best slogan “No Residency or Attendance is required in Spain Everything by Mail

Dr. (Fake) Aamir Liaquat Hussain contested the National Assembly elections based on these degrees and successfully won, he stands to be disqualified for providing fake degrees to support his candidacy (which as you all recall was strictly limited to graduates). The Higher Education Commission Pakistan has also declare in a letter that Trinity College is not a authorized degree awarding university. How can it be since its just one of those online stores that awards these degrees. Check these pictures out as they sure are incriminating evidence.

Copy of Amir Liaquat Hussain's Bachelor of Islamic Studies from Trinity College & University
Copy of Bachelor of Arts in Islamic Studies from Trinity College & University

Copy of his Bachelors of Arts in Islamic Studies degree on 17th March 1995

Copy of Masters of Arts in Islamic Studies of Amir Liaquat Hussain
Copy of Masters of Arts in Islamic Studies of Amir Liaquat Hussain

Copy of his Masters of Arts in Islamic Studies degree on 15th March 2002

Doctor of Philosophy in Islamic Studies
Doctor of Philosophy in Islamic Studies of Amir  Liaquat Hussain

Copy of his Doctor of Philosophy in Islamic Studies on 5th April 2002

Provisionally Accepted Degree

Election Commissioner ‘provisionally’ accepting his degrees on August 24th 2002

Trinity College being listed as a NOT LISTED university

Higher Education Commission declaring Trinity College as a not listed university

Side by Side example of Sample Degree with Amir Liaquat’s degree

A sample degree issued by Trinity College (Side-by-Side)

Detailed report on SA Tribune
Get your fake degree –> Trinity College Website
I leave you with considerable evidence, for you to decide

Update 13th March: In a Google search of our fake Aalim I came across this interview from Daily Times

Daily Times: What are your predictions about the Pakistani politics?

Aamir Liaqat:I am really disappointed with the Pakistani politics. The biggest despondency is the involvement of Maulvis in the mainstream politics, who are raising local issues at national levels. I am not hopeful with the national politics. The politicians of my country fight only for their own interests. I request General Musharraf to give me a chartered plane, and I would take all the politicians to Iraq. Then I would ask all those who claim to be great Muslims to come out and fight against the anti-Islam forces. If I could not take the airplane to Iraq, then I will destroy it in the sea. I would sacrifice my own life for this noble cause.

I am foreseeing a bloody revolution. Sorry to say, the democracy would bring nothing better in this country. Pakistan needs a bloody revolution. A person is required here, who will eliminate all the politicians once for all, and then intelligent and young people of Pakistan will come forward to lead the nation. I fear that in revolution the geographical situation might also change.



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  1. Michael Avatar

    No, I have not read any such hadith anywhere, nor this things seems appealing that to donate for Hajj one has to have performed hajj first. If there is no hadith then forget about any Fatwa because in this period there are a lot of pseudo Aalims which according to our dearest Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him are the worst creatures under the heavens.

  2. rana nouman advo. Avatar

    according to my point of view you and your program only a ,DRAMA,and you are a big ACTOR,and you are a
    KHOONI ALAM and you did,nt know the power of
    [slogan of JAMAT I AHMADIYYA]

  3. yahya jamali Avatar
    yahya jamali

    hahaha all bulshit alim online chotya people host this programe dr.fake u will judged by allah.the most hatred person in my is dr.chota i mean dr.fake areee yar i mean amir liyaqat fooli8sh person in the world idont how people show this prograamm totally bulshit mullha dont issue ''fatwa'' dada ok it is my feeling frustration ok ''ghar main tu koi baat nahe sunta biwi see roz bitte huu agae janab ''fatwa'' issue karne

    1. irfan Avatar

      yaha u r ri8

  4. ShahZman Avatar

    If it is true that Aamir Liaqat's degrees ARE from the Trinity College & University Spain… these are indeed FAKE ONES which I myself bought from them 15 years ago when they used an address in London as well (a mail forwarding agency), but I never used those degrees in my professional or employment purpose. The price I then paid was $50 for a bachelor in cookery.

  5. Alvina Anis Avatar
    Alvina Anis

    i really dnt thnk tht dr.amir liaquat is a dr.FAKE!!!!!

    i mean c'mon if u r believing ths dr.awab alvi…i mean he showed u some pics….are u sure enuff tht the piccs he showed of his certificates are real??????? i myself hav edited many certificates nd wrote sum1 else's name!! dr.awab alvii can do tht 2!!!! i seriouslyy dnt get it y ppl in pak h8 him so mucchhh!!!!! i liv in dubaii nd i hv been seeing his showss 4 quite a long tym nd i m still in a delimma tht y do ppl h8 him so mucch!!!! i dnt find him wrong in anythng….srry dr.awab alvi bt thtz wat i feel lik!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. zubair Avatar

    I knew this guy was a fake from day one; cause i know lots of religions and have read numerous books on most of em and i know this guy was a prick cause the crap he talks bout is no more than just brain washin the already brainwashed ol skool ppl and it sickens me to see someone have such a prominent position in society cause i; mre personally loathe the dude he got no knowledge or acquires any realistic solutions for the quagmire we are in; this guy is a complete idiot and a half on top of it…………….

  7. OMER MIRZA Avatar


  8. Aamir Mughal Avatar

    Aamir Liaquat and Knowledge=Oxymoron:

    Aamir Liaquat Hussain's Love for Islam.


  9. Raza M.Qureshi Canad Avatar

    Dr Liaquet Aamir, Dr Baber Awan,Dr Fehmeeda Mirza,and many other figures in Pakistan including our president Asif Ali Zardari all have their degrees and qualifications are fake. They all are actors playing their roles in some film scene and making the nation fool, but in fact they all are damfools. We should ignore all these culprits and tried to take out our country from the hands of these " SHAITANS ".

  10. Jahanzeb Carpenter Avatar

    Aamir Liaqat is the biggest drama of the millenium. He has fooled other Islamic scholars. Even his parents had banished him once upon a time. The scumbag is a woman seducer.

  11. Adams Avatar

    Sorry for all Pakistani nation. I am non muslim and I was watching Aalim online. I am stdying Islam and I found most authentic person whose speaking has good influence. All there people have right to talk about him when they think that they have enough knowledge atleast 87% like him. Otherwise noone has right to talk like this, i never heard from him that he was doing publicity of bad things, He always took name of your Allah and your Mohammad (His nation is in great loss) and spread their words? isnt it. so anyone who is spreading Islam needs phd degree?