Stick Cricket

Stick Cricket

For those cricket fanatics who want to take the passion a step futher check this online game out. The game is flash based and very well made, you can compete at various levels, either Head 2 Head or in a tournament setting.

What I really enjoyed was the solid knock sound of a the bat when I hit a good shot off the center of the bat, I got creamed by the spinners bigtime still dont knwo how to handle them, fast bowlers are a walk in the park. My best score was 186/5 but the top scorer there is at a whopping 320/0. I must be dreaming. Try your luck and if possible post your best score here.







4 responses to “Stick Cricket”

  1. g3nu1n3 Avatar

    Looks like a very addictive link 😛

  2. devil0fdeath Avatar

    play with spins by waiting for the ball to bounce..

    learn in the practice mode..

    highest for me 254/1

  3. tim Avatar

    B j linkx

  4. s.macgill Avatar

    a game for cricket idiots