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Cricket Pitch Curation at Kolkata in Pakistan vs India T20 Match

Shoaib Malik almost says what he wanted to say “it’s not the curators fault — he can’t control the weather ”

But last two matches the ball was coming up and good, for seam, At the toss pundits were saying win the toss and bat first – but dhoni to the surprise of many opts to bowl first

While India plays spinners

It’s a match let’s play it, but historically ground curators have tweaked their pitches ever so gently to favor their own team 😉 #PAKvsIND – shared by Awab Alvi on Facebook

British Army lays claim to the Afghanistan Cricket Team in World Cup

So it seems that the British Army lays claim to the Afghanistan Cricket Team appearance in the World Cup?
Ironic that they bomb a country to hell under the garb of “War on Terror” only to rebuild a cricket team?
How thoughtful !!! is this English notion of Charity? Or laying the breadcrumbs towards a British Dynasty
— a Telegraph Ad


You Need Balls to Cheat

Zulqarnain Haider, Pakistan Cricketer who whistle blowed on the betting mafia talking to the mediaPublished in The Express Tribune, November 22nd, 2010

Like everyone, the devil inside me pushes the mind to cheat, be it in an exam or cutting a long queue at an immigration desk. Why I refuse to fall prey to the devil has little to do with my sense of righteousness, it is an overwhelming fear of being caught. Remove that fear, and I might end up cheating. The twist to this logic is that if I get away with it the first time, I’ll be bolder the second time; it’s human nature.

This is why in Pakistan the influential elite fearlessly waltz through every sense of order, blatantly challenging authority, knowing their elevated status in society prohibits them from getting caught. Lest they accidentally fall through the cracks, a few bribes are enough to get them back in action. Discipline is kept in check with the imminent fear of being caught, remove that fear and chaos will overwhelm the community.
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I Salute, Zulqarnain Haider for not selling Pakistan to Cricketing Bookies

In what may seem to have been a huge controversy yesterday just before the start of Pakistan vs South Africa‘s 5th and final One Day International in Dubai. Zulqarnain Haider a new wicket keeper for Pakistan quietly skipped out early that morning from Dubai taking to London. Amidst the massive match fixing controversy that has plagued Pakistan Cricket this last year, it seemed that Zulqarnain Haider may too have also fallen astray.

A day later after reaching London he briefly talked to reporters and was guarded in admitted to have been receiving threats from one un-named person to influnence the 4th ODI, which Pakistan spectacularly won two days earlier, and the pressure was on him again to influence the 5th ODI as a pay-back. The only way he thought best was to skip out of Dubai as he could not sell his country, to have said on cricinfo
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Shoaib and Shania: What have you unleashed!!

Am I the only one? (I hope not) Who has been disgusted by not only the overzealous coverage of the whole Shoaib Malik – Sania Mirza marriage? On the one hand it’s a brief and much needed distraction from all the pointless violence and even more pointless and unexplainable lack of governance that we have to watch parade before us on our television screens. On the other hand it’s also quite sad to see some of the actions and reactions of certain individuals. The army of politicians, personalities and well wishers all seem to be nothing more than opportunists trying to jump on the media dubbed, “Shania” bandwagon.

A piece in The News says “love would finally prevail no matter what the enemies did”. I wish the same PML-N protestors would show such support of all those young couple who marry out of choice and then have to face the spectre of banishment by their own family at best, or worse declared Kari and hunted down and murdered.

In another piece that was published in the Hindustan Times, the paper claims that “he has personally directed Pakistan’s High Commissioner to India, Shahid Malik, to keep a tab on the situation and collect information on the case.” If only our foreign minister would instruct our honourable High Commissioner to show the same amount of attention and concern regarding the many hundred of Pakistani nationals languishing in Indian jails even though they have served out their sentences in Indian jails. Further on the articles says that:
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PCB Disciplines Seven Cricket Players

My write-up on Cricket Blogger of Pakistan regarding the recent decision by PCB on Younis Khan, Mohd Yousuf, Shahid Afridi, Rana Navid, Kamran Akmal and Umar Akmal – Personally I applaud this decision and fully support the PCB for making a stand against indiscipline. What only concerns me is that it is the very same cricket board that tip-toed around Mohd Asif’s Dubai drug arrest, he should have been let to rot in prison in the UAE as he had utterly disgraced the nation – yet he was released from Dubai and allowed to play in the team, then how can we forget the favoritism for Shoaib Akhtar. Both also need to be ushered out of cricket along with these seven disciplined players. Indiscipline is a very worrisome issue for any sporting team and it must be dealt firmly from the very start to prevent future reoccurrances, we all are aware that these issue of indiscipline has more or left been left unchecked which has turned the Pakistan team into a roving team of lunatics. It finally time to hunt for new talent and time to make way for new young and motivated team of cricketers who might concentrate on cricket and cricket alone. Till then sadly we shall be found to rot at the bottom of the ICC rankings table

We Bite Cricket Balls to Win Matches – Shahid Afridi

As if the morale of the Pakistani nation could not be taken to another embarrassing lowest point on earth. Shahid Afridi was caught on TV actually biting the cricket ball, aka tampering to help his bowlers win matches. The 3rd umpire, Ranjan Madugalle caught the irregularity and instructed his on field umpires to confiscate the ball.

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We are the Twenty20 World Cup Champions !!!

Britain Cricket Twenty20 World Cup

Little words can express the happiness with which I celebrate the fact that Pakistan are the World Champions of the Twenty20 world cup. To have defeated Sri Lanka with a comfortable margin of eight wickets and many balls to spare. Pakistan erupted with a roar of celebrations heard not only in Pakistan but practically every corner of the world where Pakistanis were watching this match.

This victory in my opinion was not only a sporting victory but a godsend for a nation which has been bogged down for months of uncertainty and choas, if anything, the 11 players won it to revive the ailing heartbeat of an entire Pakistani nation, for which we shall be forever grateful.
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#PakCricket Appears on Twitter Trending

PakCricket as the 8th trending topic on twitterThe #PakCricket twitter rally started late Saturday night an attempt to rally behind the Pakistan Cricket Team when it was due to face the Sri Lankan Cricket team on Sunday in the Twenty20 cricket World Cup at Lords in London.

Simply having the team featuring in the Twenty20 Final was a godsend morale boost for a nation desperately on the look out for good news as it has been a long time have they been able to look beyond the haze of bomb blasts and terroristic attacks.

The digital sphere decided to rally behind a twitter keyword “#PakCricket” aiming to build momentum of patriotism. We finally achieved our goal at 4:30pm Pakistan time when the #PakCricket appeared on the sidebar of the home page of Twitter.com. Since the first time it was spotted it has already climbed to #8 position. Appearing on Twitter trending topic means that one of the most ten talked about topics amongst the millions of conversations on twitter.com is about Pakistan Cricket.
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e-Rally in support of Pakistan Team in Twenty20 World Cup Final

Pakistan Flag #PakCricketSunday evening the Pakistan Cricket team will face off Sri Lanka at Lords Cricket Stadium for the Twenty20 World Cup Final. Naturally our prayers are with the team, many supporters will actually be at the venue to support the team, while many will rally in front of their TV sets amongst friends and family, rooting for each four and each six that our team may hit against Sri Lanka or for that matter we shall celebrate each Sri Lankan wicket that does find its way into the dressing room.

In an effort to support the Pakistan Cricket team we Pakistanis have decided to initiate an e-rally in an attempt to make a global impact. Our effort is to concentrate around the trending topics of twitter.com. Trending Topics are a mere 10 most talked about items being discussed live on twitter.com at the very moment, if enough people mention a certain keyword enough many times it starts to feature on the home page of twitter.com

The last time we here in Pakistan managed to ‘trend’ was during the Long March with the keyword ‘#LongMarch’ I like many digital activists in Pakistan believe that this attempt serves many purposes, firstly the world notices that Pakistan is playing a crunch time cricket match, secondly it will serve to uplift the moral of Pakistan which has for sometime been ruthlessly battered amidst bomb blasts and terror strikes thirdly it is important to bring the patriotic spirit back into Pakistanis.

This campaign is NOT about one person, or one team but a true nationwide rallying support. We are aware there is a technological gap that needs to be fulfilled, as not many people are aware of what twitter.com might actually be, this mere inconvenience can easily be overcome.

  1. Signup to twitter.com using your chosen username and email address
  2. Upload any picture on your profile but at the moment we would appreciate if you can use this flag of Pakistan for until the cricket match is over [it would be nice if you can leave it one forever]
  3. Once you sign up all you have to do is type supporting messages for the Pakistan Cricket Team in the limited 140 characters, but in ever message please insert the keyword including the hashtag ‘#PakCricket

The best possible time is to use the Hashtag during the match sharing your comments and opinions with the world, quite literally you will have a live commentary feed to millions of people, more updates to follow very soon

Spread this message across Pakistan and the world and lets have all Pakistanis rally for the cricket team whereever they might be

Pakistan Women’s Cricket Team beats Sri Lanka by 57-runs in World Cup

pakistan womens-cricket-teamPakistan Women Cricket team has just trumped a 57-run win over Sri Lanka at the Women’s World Cup in Sydney.

Pakistan totalled 161-7 from their 50 overs and then bowled out Sri Lanka for just 104, with medium-pacer Qanita Jalil taking 3-33 from eight overs.

Sri Lanka never recovered from losing their first three wickets with only 28 on the board and although captain Shashikala Siriwardene made 58 from 11 balls, she lacked the support necessary to steer them towards their target. She was eventually run out by Javeria Khan and the game ended when Sana Mir, who had contributed an unbeaten 22 earlier in the game, had Sripali Weerakkody caught to finish with figures of 2-18.

Urooj Mumtaz the captains of Pakistan Womens Cricket team – blog post after the victor in the Girls Aloud Blog
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