Shoaib and Shania: What have you unleashed!!

Am I the only one? (I hope not) Who has been disgusted by not only the overzealous coverage of the whole Shoaib Malik – Sania Mirza marriage? On the one hand it’s a brief and much needed distraction from all the pointless violence and even more pointless and unexplainable lack of governance that we have to watch parade before us on our television screens. On the other hand it’s also quite sad to see some of the actions and reactions of certain individuals. The army of politicians, personalities and well wishers all seem to be nothing more than opportunists trying to jump on the media dubbed, “Shania” bandwagon.

A piece in The News says “love would finally prevail no matter what the enemies did”. I wish the same PML-N protestors would show such support of all those young couple who marry out of choice and then have to face the spectre of banishment by their own family at best, or worse declared Kari and hunted down and murdered.

In another piece that was published in the Hindustan Times, the paper claims that “he has personally directed Pakistan’s High Commissioner to India, Shahid Malik, to keep a tab on the situation and collect information on the case.” If only our foreign minister would instruct our honourable High Commissioner to show the same amount of attention and concern regarding the many hundred of Pakistani nationals languishing in Indian jails even though they have served out their sentences in Indian jails. Further on the articles says that:

Pakistan Traders Action Committee chairman Siddiq Memon has threatened to launch a country-wide protest over the issue. Memon said that Indian goods would be boycotted at trade centres if any action was taken against the cricketer.”The Indian Government should provide security to Shoaib and remove the hurdles being created ahead of his wedding. Otherwise, Indian goods available at trade centres would be set on fire,” Memon said.

Given all the problems and challenges the country faces, to call out another strike, to stop production, to rob poor day-labourers from a days hard earned income so that they can show solidarity with Shoaib Malik? Second, there is no evidence that the Indian government is “creating” any hurdles to begin with? Why stir up emotive issues for something so pointless? Maybe Mr. Memon would share his concern and his willingness to sacrifice by encouraging the Pakistan Traders Action Committee members to pay their taxes, conserve electricity etc, rather than trying to put in their two cents worth out their on what is essentially tabloid fodder.

To top this all of the latest news that I have come across says that: “Burney, a former minister for human rights, said that he has been contacted by the Siddiqui family to help them in their legal battle against the beleaguered Pakistani all-rounder and would be flying to India in the next three to four days.” Yes Mr. Burney, as if there is a shortage of human rights cases to solve in Pakistan that your jetting off to Hyderabad? Are you the only one who can uncover the truth? Would your time and effort not be served better elsewhere?… perhaps in your own country!

Then we have the honourable Federal Minister of Population Welfare Firdous Ashiq Awan who has taken the opportunity to propose offering a “family planning kit” as a wedding gift. Granted, her suggestion of making “Shania” ambassadors for family planning is a good idea given the popularity (notoriety) the couple are enjoying, but perhaps rather than giving out statements in the paper, she should first actually talk to the couple first before putting them on the spot! Of course, not to be left behind she makes short change of inviting herself to their wedding: “Awan said she will be delighted to attend the couple’s wedding later this month”

However, the icing on the cake came from none other than Mr. Mehdi Shah who invited the couple to Gilgit-Baltistan for their honeymoon. Not only that, in the fashion of a true politician, a protocol obsessed individual sweetened the deal by:” both would be given official protocol in Gilgit if they decide to visit the region after their marriage, The Daily Times reports.” Ah, yes protocol! If you want the world to know that you have arrived all you need to do is to block roads and put a couple of flags up. The last time I checked it was pretty impossible for an Indian national to visit Gilgit-Baltistan, if an exception is being made for Sania Mirza then perhaps the government of Pakistan would perhaps like to do the same for all those family’s who are split either side of the border and are unable to get visas in time to attend weddings, births, funerals etc, let alone travel across the country.

The news of Shoaib Malik’s and Sania Mirza’s wedding was indeed welcome news. However, the orgy of media coverage that has followed, coupled with the embarrassing display of “ass kissing” by certain individuals in nauseating!

All this does is to clearly illustrate the divide between the haves, and have nots! Please political master! Don’t rub it in! if you can show as much concern and attention to the common citizen then please done come up on television showing how efficient you can be in spending tax payers money on national television!



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24 responses to “Shoaib and Shania: What have you unleashed!!”

  1. K. Shahzad Avatar

    This is all so true, this matter of personal nature is getting too much attention from media and politicians of Pakistan. Media is spending hours and coverage of every development on this.

    We can still have the soft corner for media, as they meant to cover stuff, but what about these politicians, do they not something to do regarding their country, they are not suppose to indulge or even give any statements of such personal matters.

    I have read this article in detail and fully agree to whatever written above!

  2. shobz Avatar

    Our Media played a horrible role in this whole affair. It's a pity that despite all the power given to them they choose to act like a bunch of d…s.

    1. Aamir Mughal Avatar

      I agree with you Sir, I don't know why the Media is concerned about somebody's private life [how many common divorces are given Breaking News Status in our TV Channels] – Media ethics Dawn Editorial Friday, 09 Apr, 2010

  3. Nazia Avatar

    Shoiab and sania

    veena and asif

    Wassen and shumistan sein

    Sarfraz and Rani,

    Mohsin and reena

    Now one should know what is exact reason of down fall of our cricket standard.

    The another thing common among first three are their match fixing scandals.

    So our last generation of cricketers were expert of playing 5 day matches with lot of patience and their showbiz like marriages lasted for few years. lets see from this breed of 20/20 matches ,how long they would take to get rid of each other after such a firy and controversial start of married life.

    Pakistani people and media have become hyper in this trivial matter.

    Both shoaib and sania have clear patches of immaturity and weak areas in their personalities.Time would sort such attitudes in better way.

    1. Aamir Mughal Avatar

      There is only one reason for fall of our Cricket or Hockey Standard and that is Lack of Practice and lack of advancement in developing future players or talents above all too much bureaucratic influence. Cricket or any other sport is to be taken like an sport but our people take it like a Ghazwa and that is not the professional attitude. It just a game! you lose some and you win some.

  4. Observer Avatar

    The aim is to divert the attenetion of the naive Pakistanis towards NON ISSUES.

    The PCB has been all too lazy and corrupt for many years, and the invented their own news to turn the attention towards the players.

    The news about Shoaib and Sania has reached even ridicolous heights. PPP must be happy for the relief and Pakistanis in general should feel ashamed of being so dumb and the media should go and kill themselves. What a disgrace. Shame on all of them!

  5. Nadir El Edroos Avatar
    Nadir El Edroos

    Just to add:

    Gilani to send "MPs" to their wedding? What! Why? why should the people of pakistan bear the cost of sending MPs to attend their wedding!! Doh!

  6. Aniqa Naz Avatar

    Every other writing on this subject starts with this sentence,'I am disgusted, we are disgusted, people are disgusted and likes of it', and then again more news and more veiws. So its not difficult to imagine that how deprived we are of entertainment.

    🙂 🙂

    1. kjjkl Avatar

      talk about disgusting ?

      The disgraced liar Jamshed Dasti has been appointed Adviser to the PM and to add insult to injury has been also given PPP ticket for by-polls

  7. MB Avatar

    very well written

    The media has gone nuts to over-cover the story. There is so much happening at other places but looks like this one was our "NATIONAL SECURITY" issue

    Kiyani seems to me to be the only one left behind to comment on SS story . .

  8. khalid humayun Avatar

    I agree, PM Gilani's name should not have come into appearance in this episode, specially so when his counterpart Indian PM name is nowhere in the picture. Media is giving a lot of coverage in their prime times that is but natural, they should have something that they deem is of public interest. However, the way this love story (some may differ) is being politicized, is concerning.

    And Mr. Nadir, please arrange fixing the spelling problem in the name "Sania" in the heading, it is not reflecting a good impression.

    1. Nadir El Edroos Avatar
      Nadir El Edroos

      oh well thats for the Shoaib and Sania merged "Shania" effect – off shoot of the Bradgelina effect

    2. Nazia Avatar

      PM has no other important job to do which can bring him in limelight of media so he got an opportunity to get popularity through such celebrities.

      Dont compare nawabzada gillani with humble manmohin singh.

      I think daily official expenditures of get up and working of our PM is almost equal to annual budget of Indian PM house.

  9. QuestforthePath Avatar


    Well this blog just added to their publicity 🙁

    1. abrar Avatar

      Yeah, first the media makes the trend then the bloggers follow and then the commentors comment 🙂

  10. Natasha Avatar


    You missed out the threats regarding a strike by the Punjab bar council if Malik was arrested.

    Awan associating herself with the issue being a 'Sialkoti' is such an embarassment to the city as well as Shoaib.

    1. Nazia Avatar

      There is no difference in mentality of shaoib and our ever green and fresh Awan.

      Both have diffferent way of expressions.

      She is toooooo expressive and shaoib acts like meessana

      Both are pure sialkotis and who handle this local class knows that to what extent they can go in their love and hate business.

      Sohaib since the age of 18 was looking for rich and big Indian beauty.

      Ayesha na shaee sania sahee.

      Sania would sooner taste real sailkoti touch and awan would help her to understand them in prompt way as she is planning to give them family planning kit as marriage gift.

  11. Nazia Avatar


    Here I wouldn't agree with you as all kind of modern facilities are available to our national heroes in cricket area.

    PCB is just like other corrupt departments where people even chief pattern have personal interests throughout his tenure.Nepotism and heavy bribes are common practice since the time of dr kidney.

    I know that almost all players belong to lahore are involved in match fixing and gambling deal before any match.

    Shoib akthar in his last era heavily bribed PCB members and in late nights it was decided that tomorrow he would be in national team.

    Juniors and players mostly idealize managers and follow the examples of seniors.

    After khans and rajas hardly any educated group of players passed out from university qualified for international national level teams.Natural talent surely give them entry ticket but to sustain excel one has to focus its energy toward his/her professional life other than private funs.

    In young age exposure to huge money also contributes to divert their attention from their professional goals.

    Recent acts of immaturity and weak patches of personalities of Asif and shoiab are showing their weak trends and our media is helping them to project their stupidities as our national identity.

  12. nota Avatar

    "On the one hand it’s a brief and much needed distraction from all the pointless violence and even more pointless and unexplainable lack of governance that we have to watch parade before us on our television screens"

    That is it. But what I found most disgusting was the fact that when Shoaib's (and his brother-in-law's) lie was caught– Ayesha produced the "stained" wedding night dress — ALL media celebrated it as:

    "ALL hurdles to Sania/Shoaib wedding removed",

    "Shoaib to wed Sonia on April 15", etc.

    Even before this, they seemed bent upon trying to condemn the victim and find way for the perpetrator (e.g. The News offered us "Shoaib’s ‘first marriage’ not valid under international law")

    1. nota Avatar

      And do check out that Jang had not one but two ads celebrating the wedding on its front age that day:
      (see bottom right)

  13. Nazia Avatar


    After seeing facial gestures of this cheap couple now you can write an another article under the topic like that

    arrogant sania and dabbu shoaib.

    Sania hardly gave a single friendly smile to any Pakis and its groups media who are chasing her like queen of Pakistan.

    The constipated smile of shoaib is nothing more than embarrassment.

    Whole family of shoaib has now started busy in reimbursement of marriage expenses by creating deals like selling of invitation cards to anyone on the price of 10000 and huge ticket money for media coverage.

    So both are showing their true colors in few days of this glamorous drama.

    1. HajiLahori Avatar


      Don't you get jealous of her and him? If the media think they are worth the coverage, so be it.

      I do have problems with PPP govt. for giving them $$$$ from Pakistani coffers, where as our poor people are tying to find work to earn the bread for the day.

    2. Nazia Avatar

      What is piece of jealousy in this kind of cheap publicity.

      God save all from such kind of humiliation just to cover our real weakness.

      Agassi and steffi were most talented and richest couple of sport world.They didn't bother for any kind of such filthy coverage for their long term relation .

      You mean to say that now people are lowering their professional standard for earning bread and butter in this moral deficient environment.

  14. readinglord Avatar

    I wonder at the bizarre show of euphoria on the marriage of Shoaib with Sania. Both the Government and the citizens of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan seem to have gone berserk on the event forgetting all moral degradation shown by this ‘kanjar -show’ (show by professional entertainers); the Government, by giving VIP treatment to the couple; Shoaib, by lying about his first marriage and Sonia, while being a ‘gher-mehram’, in supporting him in that lie, and thus all disgracing the very institution of marriage and making it just a ‘kanjar show’.

    It recalls to me the famous couplet from Sahir Ludhianwi’s poem ‘Taaj Mahal’:

    “Ik shaahenshah ne doulat ka sahaara lekar

    Ham gharibon ki mohabat ka urhaaya he mizaaq”

    I venture to slightly modify it to describe the Shoaib-Sania show with apology to Sahir:

    “Ik ‘kanjar’ (professional entertainer) ne doulat ka sahaara le kar

    Ham gharibon ki shaadi ka urhaaya he mizaaq”

    (A professional entertainer making a show of his wealth has made fun of the marriages of the poor)

    All kudos to Indian Muslims and the Teeth Maestro in taking notice of this 'Kanjar Show' of Shoaib and Sonia marriage which made a mockery of the sacred institution of marriage.