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Shoaib and Shania: What have you unleashed!!

Am I the only one? (I hope not) Who has been disgusted by not only the overzealous coverage of the whole Shoaib Malik – Sania Mirza marriage? On the one hand it’s a brief and much needed distraction from all the pointless violence and even more pointless and unexplainable lack of governance that we have to watch parade before us on our television screens. On the other hand it’s also quite sad to see some of the actions and reactions of certain individuals. The army of politicians, personalities and well wishers all seem to be nothing more than opportunists trying to jump on the media dubbed, “Shania” bandwagon.

A piece in The News says “love would finally prevail no matter what the enemies did”. I wish the same PML-N protestors would show such support of all those young couple who marry out of choice and then have to face the spectre of banishment by their own family at best, or worse declared Kari and hunted down and murdered.

In another piece that was published in the Hindustan Times, the paper claims that “he has personally directed Pakistan’s High Commissioner to India, Shahid Malik, to keep a tab on the situation and collect information on the case.” If only our foreign minister would instruct our honourable High Commissioner to show the same amount of attention and concern regarding the many hundred of Pakistani nationals languishing in Indian jails even though they have served out their sentences in Indian jails. Further on the articles says that:
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