e-Rally in support of Pakistan Team in Twenty20 World Cup Final

Pakistan Flag #PakCricketSunday evening the Pakistan Cricket team will face off Sri Lanka at Lords Cricket Stadium for the Twenty20 World Cup Final. Naturally our prayers are with the team, many supporters will actually be at the venue to support the team, while many will rally in front of their TV sets amongst friends and family, rooting for each four and each six that our team may hit against Sri Lanka or for that matter we shall celebrate each Sri Lankan wicket that does find its way into the dressing room.

In an effort to support the Pakistan Cricket team we Pakistanis have decided to initiate an e-rally in an attempt to make a global impact. Our effort is to concentrate around the trending topics of twitter.com. Trending Topics are a mere 10 most talked about items being discussed live on twitter.com at the very moment, if enough people mention a certain keyword enough many times it starts to feature on the home page of twitter.com

The last time we here in Pakistan managed to ‘trend’ was during the Long March with the keyword ‘#LongMarch’ I like many digital activists in Pakistan believe that this attempt serves many purposes, firstly the world notices that Pakistan is playing a crunch time cricket match, secondly it will serve to uplift the moral of Pakistan which has for sometime been ruthlessly battered amidst bomb blasts and terror strikes thirdly it is important to bring the patriotic spirit back into Pakistanis.

This campaign is NOT about one person, or one team but a true nationwide rallying support. We are aware there is a technological gap that needs to be fulfilled, as not many people are aware of what twitter.com might actually be, this mere inconvenience can easily be overcome.

  1. Signup to twitter.com using your chosen username and email address
  2. Upload any picture on your profile but at the moment we would appreciate if you can use this flag of Pakistan for until the cricket match is over [it would be nice if you can leave it one forever]
  3. Once you sign up all you have to do is type supporting messages for the Pakistan Cricket Team in the limited 140 characters, but in ever message please insert the keyword including the hashtag ‘#PakCricket

The best possible time is to use the Hashtag during the match sharing your comments and opinions with the world, quite literally you will have a live commentary feed to millions of people, more updates to follow very soon

Spread this message across Pakistan and the world and lets have all Pakistanis rally for the cricket team whereever they might be





9 responses to “e-Rally in support of Pakistan Team in Twenty20 World Cup Final”

  1. Hamza Zafar Avatar

    Just changed my Twitter Picture to that Pakistani flag.

    Inshallah our team will return home with the cup.

    Long Live Pakistan, Long Live Cricket!

  2. guY-sir Avatar

    Pak cricket team would be under pressure due to Lahore attacked at sri lankan team.

    Sri Lankan team might use Sledging to upset Pakistanis as being Terrorists or else….

    It would be good to see our team win but our team is inconsistent and uncertain team in the world and they are not fav as lankans are but it is good becuz there'd be alot of pressure on lankan team instead of pak team being a fav its always pressurize 2 perform.

    We all have been distracted by Entertainment, Sports and Trivia hope our cricket team would win this T20 WC for their nation who are sordidly sick by ongoing war.

    Twitter isn't working on my PPC as soon as it will i gonna sign up and do the rest define above.

    Pakistan Zinda-baad Its enemies Murda-baad.

  3. Paki supporter Avatar
    Paki supporter

    hey i made a twitter profile just to be part of this e-rally

  4. dr jawwad khan Avatar
    dr jawwad khan

    i am ready to support inspite my intense hatred for cricketers of pakistani cricket team and cricket but first assure me that satta will not come in the game and pakistani cricket team would play honestly.

    i am affaraid many cricketers of pakistani team will involve in match fixing.

    after all in the end money rules and rest is just a chit chat of emotiionaly fools like us.

  5. Abdulrahman Rafiq Avatar
    Abdulrahman Rafiq

    Thank you Awab coordinating this effort. I'll be tweeting from http://MirchiCafe.com at 7 am US/Pacific time. We, the Calfriends Social Club made special arrangements with the Cafe to open at 7am

  6. Teeth Maestro Avatar

    @Paki Supporter – awesome – whats your twitter username would like to welcome you into the Pakistani twittersphere

  7. Naeem Avatar

    Twitter outplayed all other social medias in this T20 Game.


    Every single shot, every single wicket pours in thousands of tweets as if twitter is their virtual cricket stadium and they did something very astonishing, an entire new trend – they changed their display pictures to Green.

  8. khurram Avatar

    I Love my team .Plz carry on yonus captancy.

    and win icc world cup 2011 for us and our pakistan.

    and plz solve players meters.

  9. stream world cup Avatar

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