PCB Disciplines Seven Cricket Players

My write-up on Cricket Blogger of Pakistan regarding the recent decision by PCB on Younis Khan, Mohd Yousuf, Shahid Afridi, Rana Navid, Kamran Akmal and Umar Akmal – Personally I applaud this decision and fully support the PCB for making a stand against indiscipline. What only concerns me is that it is the very same cricket board that tip-toed around Mohd Asif’s Dubai drug arrest, he should have been let to rot in prison in the UAE as he had utterly disgraced the nation – yet he was released from Dubai and allowed to play in the team, then how can we forget the favoritism for Shoaib Akhtar. Both also need to be ushered out of cricket along with these seven disciplined players. Indiscipline is a very worrisome issue for any sporting team and it must be dealt firmly from the very start to prevent future reoccurrances, we all are aware that these issue of indiscipline has more or left been left unchecked which has turned the Pakistan team into a roving team of lunatics. It finally time to hunt for new talent and time to make way for new young and motivated team of cricketers who might concentrate on cricket and cricket alone. Till then sadly we shall be found to rot at the bottom of the ICC rankings table



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4 responses to “PCB Disciplines Seven Cricket Players”

  1. guYasir Avatar

    Cricket headed by BUTT rest you can imagine. From where they think and make policies.

    PCB should have an independent dept there's no president of Pakistan should be involved in matters of cricket.

    If they come as usual is the case, Cricket or any sport like we saw in Hockey WC where Qasim Zia appointed by president. No sport will flourish.

    Cricket/Hockey won't be flourished if we don't apart it from politics else it will corrupt and politics will be rampant in btw players and officials and the downfall we are the witness.

    I can better rule my country. I can make better decision and can set thing straight in a jiffy but only corrupt get chance and they corrupted each and every institution of our country as we are the witness.

    Regarding, what they have done and have not done with Asif and Shoaib during their drug issue is kinda right but again its hypocrisy and double-standard and they have sold their souls to the devil and they know it.

    We will face one of the biggest downfall in Pakistan ever came on any nation in entire history. Zardari is an example.

    Saeed record also snatched by sachin nevermind record make for break.

    All cricketers must say sorry and Afridi and other must go and bite BUTT BUTT HOLE instead of BUTT BALLS

    Shame on our Pols and PCB. Allah he pochay ga in sey in ke kartoot k baray may. I reject and hate em all.

    For me they think from their Butts, make policies out from their butts and make us accomplice to their butty shitty and buttery system. They are sordid stinkers. Find one coolest pool in the world none but cesspool and put em in it forever and ever. If we wanna prosper else boom boom becomes our doom doom. Do you like boom or doom?

  2. dr jawwad khan Avatar

    i liked the way dawn reported this news:

    " Desperate times certainly call for desperate measures but certainly not by desperate people asking even more desperate people to manage the affairs."

    i believe the mess inside whole cricket structure can not be fixed without performance based evaluations and decisions on every level (cricketers and board officials)

    "tell us what is your performance in last 5 matches?" or

    "how much you contibuted in the victory of pakistan?" or

    "tell us why should you work at this post of PCB?"

    There could be easy formula to avoid chaos.

    Disciplinary problem (minor)- one year ban

    Embarassment for pakistan(eating the ball)-5 year ban

    grouping and match fixing – life long ban

    Also i believe that current board is the group of highly uncompetent people who can't deliver any thing. this board should also be banned forever.

  3. guYasir Avatar


    You're very much correct in your last paragraph. It should be board 1st banned than cricketers.

    Last year they were Hero when they won 20/20 and within a 9 months they turned Zero. What the hell? what kind of Nation we are salay?

    Whole world is seeing and laughing on us. Shaun Paullock also says that it won't help Pak cricket at all.

    20/20 WC is goin to snatch from us once again and Our govt and PCB are sole-responsible for this and they should wipe out 1st than cricketers.

  4. Nazia Avatar

    Ijaz butt like his boss zardari is still on mission of proving that last corrupt regime of Musharraf is far better than this zardari and CO.

    Nobody is taking responsibility of embarrassment and failures happening in field of crikcet but all are on front foot for receiving monetary benefits from miking cow like PCB.

    I have no doubt that from selectors to managers and then players all are corrupt and no nationalism is left in their blood after saturation in million rupees deals.

    Here in penalizing process the authority showed their power and sooner most of these players would grow 1 ft beard and join nearby tableeghi congregation in coming days.

    Right path to live in Islamic Republic of Pakistan.